1. Mystim Tickling Truman E-Stim USB Rechargeable Realistic Dildo Vibrator

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      Combine scintillating sensations and a pleasing kegel workout with the Mystim Tickling Truman. Designed for targeted stimulation, this realistic silicone vibe harnesses the power of vibration and electro stimulation for mind-blowing, climactic releases.

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      1. Mystim Tickling Truman E-Stim USB Rechargeable Realistic Dildo Vibrator

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    1. Product Description

      Combine scintillating sensations and a pleasing kegel workout with the Mystim Tickling Truman. Designed for targeted stimulation, this realistic silicone vibe harnesses the power of vibration and electro stimulation for mind-blowing, climactic releases.

      Using the same technology as TENS pain relief, this silicone vibrator features hidden conducive strips which tease you internally with mild electrical zaps. This not only feels amazing in itself, but also encourages your muscles to contract in pulses, just like they would during orgasm. This sneaky trick "fools" your body into thinking it's already climaxing, making it easier than ever to reach a full and satisfying orgasm. Perfect for women who struggle to climax using more traditional methods.

      A set of easy-press buttons make operation simple. Take advantage of the super-powerful, ultra-quiet vibrations for an oscillated orgasm, or switch to the E-stim mode and enjoy electro-climax fun. Can't decide? Combine the two for a truly unique (and satisfying) pleasure-session.

      Key Features:

      • Realistic silicone vibrator with smooth, curved shaft and E-stim capabilities
      • 2 extra strong motors deliver 8 vibration modes, each with 5 levels of intensity
      • 5.6 inch circumference for fulfilling sensations
      • 5 E-stim modes, each with 10 intensity levels
      • Special kegel exercise programme
      • Rechargeable, waterproof and super quiet
      • Easy-press buttons with LED strips make control easy, even in the dark
      • Arrives in a stunning zip-up hard case with internal pockets
      • Includes USB charge cable, case and 2-year manufacturer's warranty
    1. How it measures up

      • Length: 10.5 inches
      • Insertable Length: 6 inches
      • Base type: Handle
    2. How it feels

      • Material: Silicone
      • Flexibility: Flexible
      • Waterproof: Submersible
      • Contains latex: No
      • Contains phthalates: No
    3. Power and speed

      • Controller Type: Built in - push button
      • Vibration speed: Speeds and patterns
      • Power Type: Rechargeable

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    1. Mystim Tickling Truman Silicone Realistic Dildo Vibrator with E-Stim

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      Combine scintillating sensations with a pleasing kegel workout with the Mystim Tickling Truman. Designed for targeted stimulation, this realistic silicone vibe harnesses the power of vibration and electro stimulation for mind-blowing, climactic releases.

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    1. Customer Reviews

      Mystim Tickling Truman E-Stim USB Rechargeable Realistic Dildo Vibrator 6 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5

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      1. Mystim Tickling Truman E-Stim USB Rechargeable Realistic Dildo Vibrator
      2. Mystim Tickling Truman E-Stim USB Rechargeable Realistic Dildo Vibrator

        Only: €154.93

    1. Amazing

      Reviewed: 18 January 2016 by lingerielover4992

      My first time using a toy in my 28 years and all I can say is wow... what the hell took me so long!?

      I used the dong for vaginal penetration and placed the head of the dildo on my clit...

      came within five minutes and had the strongest orgasm that I've ever had!

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Nothing negative to say.
      Bottom line
      The only one I use now. 10/10
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    1. German Quality at Its Best

      Reviewed: 05 June 2015 by Briona87, a Straight Single Female

      Even though I actually purchased this toy several months ago, it has taken me quite a long time to get acquainted with it properly - and to be able to write a review that would cover everything (to try to do so, anyway). Seeing I am a total newbie to the world erotic electro-stimulation, this is not going to be an easy task - I have no other toy with this function to compare the Truman with. But considering the other extensive review for this toy comes from an experienced user, it may be refreshing to add thoughts and opinions of a person who is new to this kink. Here we go... And oh, if you want just the very basic summary of my opinion(s) on this toy, go directly to the “Bottom Line” paragraph, this electro-stim novice is going to write a very long review. If you have some time to read about this unique toy, grab a mug of tea and read on.

      Packaging and the Storage Case:

      The toy comes in a white and grey cardboard box with a photo of the Truman on the front cover, some smallish manufacturer logos and several paragraphs (that come in seven languages) of information on the toy itself and on the Mystim company - you also get reassurance that the toy has actually been made in Germany (German high-end toy producers take pride in this, considering it a proof of a real quality - and their customers seem to appreciate this). The box is stylish, it is of a similar quality as the Lelo or L’Amourose ones. Inside lies a sturdy, white zip-up toy case with an embossed Mystim logo - it is absolutely fabulous, you are likely to wish all your toys came with similar accessories. When you unzip it, you meet your new vibe, a USB charger and an instruction booklet.

      Instruction Booklet:

      The instruction booklet (that offers advice in seven languages) is fairly extensive - this is not particularly surprising, seeing there are so many functions. It explains the mysteries that lie beneath the six control buttons - how to control various vibration and electro-stim modes (and what patterns can you choose from), and also how to train your pelvic floor with the unique Kegel exercise programme.

      You learn about your Truman’s conductive surfaces as well as about charging and maintenance instructions. There is also a page dedicated to information on electrical stimulation (as I have already mentioned, I am an electro-stim newbie and while I am a cautious - particularly when it comes to safety and cleanliness - person with a (more or less) reasonable amount of common sense and a basic idea about safety concerns related to electrical devices, I do appreciate the list of things one must be always careful of. Don’t use electro-stimulation (without consulting your GP, anyway) when you have a heart condition (or even a pacemaker) or other electronic or metal implants, make sure you don’t stimulate areas near your heart, brain and throat (I believe the general “sensible” rule for safe enjoyment of electro-stim toys is to use them below the waist only), don’t use this function while pregnant or while suffering from any skin irritation. Warnings against using the toy near explosives and against trying to dismantle it are, I believe, something that actually applies to any novelty toys and gadgets of a vibratory persuasion.

      First Impressions:

      So, you have just clapped your eyes on the Truman vibrator for the first time. The first thing a history nerd like myself wonders about is whether the Mystim company decided to call this toy “a Truman” because it was to have extra powerful, “explosive” properties (as we know, the US President Truman had two atomic bombs dropped on WW2 Japan - well, I guess there might be a bit to this, and seeing the toy is also semi-realistic, it may be also a naughty play on words, the Mystim company seem to love little jokes like this). There surely is nothing “Little Boy” about this toy, though, being much closer to “Fat Man”, with its 5.6 inch diameter in the widest point of the shaft. Inappropriate and childish history references (the name just calls for them, though) aside, the toy looks very promising. It is fairly long, both due to a satisfying 6 inches of insertable length and to a longish white handle with six control buttons and a Mystim logo-shaped magnetic charging point.

      The shaft is made from smooth, platinum-grade silicone, black in colour, and has a semi-realistic, bulbous head (for the sake of comparison, I would say the insertable part looks very similar to Fun Factory’s Big Boss vibe - but the Truman sports many more functions and has silicone that is much softer and smoother to touch). On the sides you can feel (and see, should you have a closer look) two long, slim poles, patches made of a slightly different material - these are the conductive surfaces that can make your inner sweetspots tingling when you get brave enough to try the electro-stimulation. The only thing a spoilt customer can possibly grumble about is that - unlike some other luxury toys - the silicone is not seam-free. When you coat the Truman with plenty of water-based (!) lube, though, you are not likely to feel the seam.

      Maintenance and Charging:

      This toy truly oozes quality, it is very-well made and it does not have any off-putting smell or visible imperfection, you can keep it in tip top condition using water, mild soap and a good quality sex toy cleaner - and you do not have to be worried when giving it a wash, it is also waterproof, so no need to worry about killing it by drowning.

      To charge your Truman, click the magnetic Mystim coat-of-arms USB charger on top of the coat-of-arms point on the control panel of the toy, and plug it into your laptop (or the mains-charging adaptor you use for your smartphone when you have no USB port available). The Mystim logo on the charger lights up, becoming red in colour - once the toy has been fully charged, it switches to green. The clip does not have the unfortunate tendency to come off easily - a problem you know if you own a Tango or some of the Fun Factory toys.

      There is a minor niggle to the charging, though - sometimes, when you touch or tap the coat-of-arms while it is charging (during the time the light is supposed to be red), the colour of the light actually changes to green - when you tap it again, it goes red again (and so on). This may be confusing because it makes it harder to know when the toy gets fully charged. To avoid this kind of confusion, do not touch the charging clip when it goes red - when left alone, it will really change to green when it actually is fully charged. I suppose this issue is not a hugely serious problem but it would be nevertheless nice if the Mystim company did something about it - the Truman is a luxury toy, after all. (And the most bizarre thing ever is that this problem does not occur each time when I charge the toy, sometimes it happens, sometimes it does not happen, and the light only changes green when the charging process is completed. It is baffling and bloody mysterious…)

      The toy keeps its charge really well, even when left alone for a bit, its might does not wane.

      Once, when the battery went dead, I was unable to re-charge the toy - I was seriously considering contacting the customer care while giving the Truman its last chance to caught on. Trying to make sure I have covered all the recovery possibilities, I gave the charging clip a gentle wipe (even though I could not see any actual dirt on it) - believe it or not, this remedy worked and the Truman took its charge and buzzed into life once again. A bit odd, I thought - it seems the clip is far more delicate than you would expect.

      In Use - Shape and Size:

      The Truman is (for a luxury silicone item, anyway) relatively girthy, particularly around its bulbous tip. I do either use a slimmer toy for a bit of a warm-up, or I simply start off really slowly - it definitely needs a lot of lube to slip in without causing any discomfort. When you prepare yourself properly, however, the shape feels magnificent - the curve of the semi-flexible shaft and the thick head certainly hit the nerve endings in my inner walls in a truly delicious way. One could say the Truman is pretty good even without its special features - though it would obviously be ridiculously overpriced for a “mere” dildo.


      To switch the vibrations on, press the button with the embossed circles - a control light flashes on and your toy buzzes into life. You also use this very button to circle through vibration modes - there are 8 of them to choose from. The Truman sports two motors to provide you with your “vibe-pleasure”, one in the tip and one in the shaft. Some of the patterns involve both motors, others use only one of them - there are so many options to choose from. Do you like constant power? Do you prefer pulsations? Do you fancy a changing pattern of a tip-shaft-tip-shaft nature? Would you like to experience long pulses in the shaft coupled with short burst of vibrations in the tip? The Truman can cater to all your needs and wishes. To switch the vibrations off, press either a control button, or a corresponding minus one, and hold it for two or three seconds.

      The “plus” and “minus” buttons below the main “vibrobutton” are there to control the intensity - there are five levels and oh, my, the strongest can provide enough power to satisfy any power queens out there. Another great thing about the Truman is that it is surprisingly quiet, even the most powerful settings do not go with any infernal racket some vibrators are so apt at producing - I switched it on, cranked it up all the way and left it on my bed to test whether I could hear the vibrations through the closed door. Even though my hearing is pretty good, the only way to hear a faint murmur of the Truman was to press my ear against the door - and I did this experiment on a really quiet night (hardly any background noise). Even the softest, quietest music would disguise any noise this toy makes.

      The vibrations, coupled with the great shape of this toy (its head can nestle against my G-Spot in a very pleasurable way), are strong and deep enough to make me come without any extra clitoral stimulation - that is surely a hallmark of an excellent toy.


      This is the most difficult thing for me to review. I was incredibly curious about this kind of stimulation (Even though I hoped it would not remind me of a scene from one really famous Czech comedy that satirizes the life in the Communist Czechoslovakia in the 1960s - an eccentric and somewhat deranged teacher, a dedicated Commie who incidentally considers himself an expert on tantric sex, buys a Soviet-made Christmas gift for the son of his new girlfriend, an “endurance” game called “Hold-on, Brave Pioneer”, that runs strong electric current through the hands of anyone who holds the poles, the purpose of this game being to stay strong despite the pain. Unsurprisingly, he ends up shaking, and unable to drop the poles, begging the boy to switch the silly thing off.), though my curiosity could be filed under the “nevertheless a bit nervous about it” label.

      The Truman’s electro-stim functions go on when you press the (Impulse) button with the embossed ECG-like wave - the adjacent plus and minus buttons are there to control the intensity (there are 10 intensity levels available for each of its five electro-stimulation programmes). You get five patterns, a constant tingly feeling is the one to start you off, and you can move on (by pressing the Impulse button) to prickling that comes in flowing and ebbing waves, to constant pulsations or to a programme that lets you experience a stimulation that alternates between pulses and tingling. The sixth feature you can get to by pushing the electro-stim button is the Kegel workout programme - I will tell you about it a bit later on. To switch this feature off, press and hold either an Impulse button or a minus one.

      You can feel the tingling of the electro-stimulation only if you touch both poles (yep, this is kind of obvious) on the sides of the shaft. When you hold the Truman in your hand and turn the electro-stim on, you feel a faint prickling feeling - turning the intensity up quickly increases the sensation and by level 4 I was feeling a lot like the guy with the “Hold On, Brave Pioneer” kit. Ah well, I thought I would make sure to be very, very careful when trying the toy internally. Should things go wrong at level 1, I said to myself, I would definitely not be mad enough to barbecue my inner nerve endings.

      Having covered the Truman (I was quite familiar with its other features by the time I got brave enough to try the electro-stimulation) in loads of lube, I inserted it and pressed the Impulse button - yes, always make sure you have already inserted the Toy inside yourself before switching this feature on. I felt very faint prickling - for some reason, it did definitely not feel as intense as it had while I had been holding the Truman in my hand. Totally unexpected, I thought, deciding to be brave and turn the stimulation up a bit. While experiencing unusual tingling feeling of a slowly rising intensity, I got to level 6. The sensation was pleasant, it literally made me feel my vaginal nerve endings and muscles.

      Later on, I experimented with various programmes and intensities - the feelings are quite unique, unlike any other kind of stimulation I had used before. I rather enjoy them but frankly, they cannot make me climax - I need some extra stimulation to get to an orgasm. I have used them coupled both with the vibrating functions of the Truman (to get internal vibrations) and with a clitoral stimulation (either manual, or vibrator-y) - yep, that would make me come. And the electro-stim definitely enhances the feelings and the strength of my orgasm - it just would not do on its own, though.

      Kegel Workout Programme:

      I have noticed that even the “regular” electro-stimulation programmes cause my pelvic floor muscles to contract - when I pull the Truman out after an electro-stim session, I have to be more careful because my muscles tend to hold it inside me quite tightly (much more so than when I only use vibrations).

      To activate the Kegel Workout Programme, press the Impulse button to activate the electro-stim function, get used to the prickling (it is advisable to “acclimatize” a bit before jumping to the workout itself) and tingling, and then click on the Impulse button five more times - the otherwise white control panel light turns green after the last click. Congratulations, you have unlocked the last of your Truman’s secrets.

      The Kegel Workout Programme consists of waves of electrical pulses that stimulate your nerve endings and your vaginal muscles, followed by a resting period that allows your muscles to take a (metaphorical) “breather” before going back to the intense workout mode. When you get accustomed to the sensations, increase the intensity level (by pressing a “plus” button) as high as you are comfortable with - the stronger stimulation, the better results. (To switch the programme off, just press and hold the “Impulse” button.)

      I am sure I do not have to ramble about the importance of Kegel exercises - all of us know that having “well-trained” pelvic floor muscles is a gateway to better orgasms and to improved bladder control. The Workout Programme provided by my ol’ chum Truman does indeed make my vaginal muscles “stronger”, it feels quite pleasurable (do not expect the workout itself to make you orgasm, though, that would probably work only in the fantasy realm of erotica books) and it is a nice addition (a completely different and definitely more “advanced” one) to running about a-wearing jiggle balls.

      Use the Kegel Workout Programme regularly, you are definitely going to benefit from it!

      Bottom Line:

      I do definitely recommend the Mystim Truman - it is pricey but it offers many wonderful features.

      - It is a fairly large vibrator with a semi-realistic tip and a gentle curve to the shaft, its shape is ideal for gentle thrusting and G-Spot stimulation.

      - The vibrations are pretty strong, there are two motors and a number of scintillating patterns to satisfy even self-proclaimed power-queens. A big plus - this vibrator is fairly quiet.

      - The electro-stimulation is such an intriguing feature - and the Truman is brilliant at introducing (even slightly nervous) newbies to the worlds of pleasures associated with this kink. When you follow the instructions, it is perfectly safe.

      - The Kegel Workout Programme uses the electro-stim pulses to improve the strength of your pelvic floor muscles - it is powerful and more effective than “simple” jiggle balls.

      - The overall quality of the toy is excellent, it is made of premium grade silicone, which means it is non-porous - the cleaning is a breeze. Do not forget to use water-based lube with this toy, for your own comfort and for better conductivity when you use the electro-stimulation.

      - The toy comes with a gorgeous storage case, the most stylish one I have ever seen.

      The only niggle is charging, the charging clip is a tad unreliable - and should there be some invisible dirt on it, your toy might not get charged. You have to make sure you have wiped it clean before “clicking” it on and, if I may offer a bit of advice, do not touch the clip during the charging process.

      Otherwise, this toy is brilliant, it has oh so many wonderful modes you can experiment with, it looks incredibly stylish and it can double up as an electro-stim pelvic floor exerciser. It is not exactly cheap but when you splash out on it, you get a cartload of magnificent features.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Shape, material, strength of vibrations, electro-stim features, Kegel Workout Programme...
      Charging could be improved.
      Bottom line
      A brilliant, versatile toy. Yeah, it is expensive but well worth the money!
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    1. Truman is all mine

      Reviewed: 19 November 2014 by Wildcherry

      When I first found out about e-stim toys I was very intrigued. This isn’t my first e-stim toy by any means, as I’ve dabbled with and am now quite familiar with the ElectraStim range. So you can imagine my excitement when I first saw this and as a combined vibrator. Even more so when I discovered that it came with a Kegel programme.

      It’s like a girls perfect dream toy (or mine anyway).

      The Packaging:

      The Mystim Truman comes in a (fairly on the large side) sleek white and grey box, with an image of the Truman to the front and a little information to the reverse and sides of the box.

      Personally, I find the look quite simplistic, so there isn’t much praise I can give it. In fact, if I’m being completely honest, I actually don’t think its very luxury looking as it just seems to be missing that something special to give it that more “expensive” look.

      First Impressions:

      Something that is so amazing about this toy is the fact it comes with its own white, padded zip up case. Not only is this extremely discreet if you want to take it away with you (or accidentally leave it out on view) but it also comes with some handy storage pockets inside for lube sachets/cleaning wipes.

      Opening up the hard shell case, you are first greeted by the Truman, and it most certainly isn’t a small looking vibrator, that’s for sure! In a lovely black platinum silicone, it is smooth and soft to the touch whilst still remaining ridged, with a little “give” to it. It is amazingly girthy for a vibrator (that is, for me, anyway) and with a lovely bulbous protruding head, it makes it just perfect for insertion.

      At 10.5 inches in length, the Truman is insert able up to 6 inches, right down to the beautifully designed control panel, and here is where everything happens. To the top, in the shape of the Mystim logo, is the magnetic charging point that your USB charger connects to, and below this, 6 buttons (three for each mode) to control the separate settings.

      Last and most certainly not least, is the USB cable for charging of the Truman, which is specially designed and magnetic to attach to the point on your vibrator.

      Use of the Mystim Tickling Truman Silicone Realistic Dildo Vibrator with E-Stim:

      There are so very many points to address with the use of the Mystim, so I will try my very best to keep it brief.

      When fully charged, the little light on the charger turned from red to green (and I mean fully charged, this thing took ages and I was beginning to think whether there was such a thing as a green light). I prepared to have a little look at what the Truman had to offer.

      The buttons to start, were a little on the complicated side, to the point I thought I had a dud, but soon after I was able to release that you have to give it just the slightest of touches and it lights up. Another touch and it lights up further (amazing if you are in complete darkness), and with a third and final push it buzzes or hums into life.

      The Vibrator:

      With a quick push of the button, your vibrator turns into a buzzing joy. From the bottom 3 buttons you can control the vibrating aspect of the dildo. Either continue to press the round button to circle through each pattern (use a little time to do so as short pushes only light up the panel further) or use the plus and minus buttons. It is completely up to you.

      The beauty of this vibrator is the fact that it features two vibration motors (one in that lovely bulbous tip and one in the shaft). Both of these can operate together or alone, and that is divided between the eight vibration patterns.

      From pattern 3 to 6, the shaft only vibrates and ranges from a very low speed to a high. For the patterns 7 and 8 both of the motors vibrate in a sort of pulse sensation. Finally, this leaves 1 as the default mode that your vibrator starts on and 2 with the tip solitary vibrating on its own. Rest assured there is most certainly a pattern for you tucked in there, as I was just spoilt for choice.

      I have a few requirements when it comes to a vibrator, and that is it's deadly silent (even at max setting) and it packs a punch with its vibrations. I can happily say that the Truman does just this and more, with the added bonus of that lovely curved tip. It rests beautifully against my G-spot for stimulation or is perfectly curved if I was to fully insert.

      Overall the vibrations just hit the right spot for me and I was left more than satisfied.

      The e-stim:

      Use of the e-stim is much of the same as the vibrating aspect of the Truman, especially when it comes to using the buttons (but with a slight difference with the use of modes). Pressing the Impulse button for a short press, enables a different mode for your choice. There are 5 e-stim modes, each with 10 intensity levels, and finally a sixth Kegel mode (but I’ll discuss that further below).

      In brief and in order, you can choose from mode 1, a prickly sensation, 2 waves that increase with intensity, 3 constant pulsations, 4 a mix of gentle pulsation and waves to a high intensit,y and finally mode 5 a mix of waves, tingling and pulsation.

      For someone like me who loves her e-stim toys, my gosh, was I ever happy. Completely lost for words. Just wow. This vibrator is the gift that just keeps on giving. Stimulating my nerves to the point of ecstasy, I felt a beautiful pulsing current running through my pelvis and a deep tingling travelling into my labia. Let’s just say here, that these orgasms were intense and incredible.

      But a word of warning, make sure this vibrator is fully inserted before turning on or you might get a nasty shock!

      Use of Kegel Mode:

      Just when it is truly unbelievable that something like this could be so good, it goes and surprises me more, with its more than amazing Kegel mode. Truth be told, I’ve never actually owned a decent set of Kegels (that actually fit comfortable inside me, that is), so I was kind of excited about the prospect of using something that I didn’t have to clench myself.

      There are so many benefits of Kegel exercises, so I’m sure to not bore you, but the main ones being for, a little help with weak bladders, medical conditions and general tightening of the pelvic floor muscles for a more pleasurable orgasm experience.

      The beauty of e-stim is that when it is set at a high enough (but just comfortable not to be causing pain) setting it causes contractions of the muscles and nerve endings. These can be stimulated with e-stim pulses through the tensing and relaxing. With regular use, it can vastly improve strengthening of the pelvic muscles.

      To activate the Kegel mode, I found quite difficult at first so really had to sit down and take a look without “jumping in”. In the same method, turn on the Impulse mode. It's important here you don’t get to click happy as it takes a few minutes to avoid any shocks during play. After the fifth click your control panel turns green, enabling Kegel mode.

      This sensation is different to the other e-stim modes. It goes through a wave of pulses and finishes with a resting period, and then the cycle begins again. Again, much like the e-stim cycles, it gradually increases in its intensity to something that is manageable for the individual using.

      Care and Information:

      First a little care information. Being made of 100% medical grade platinum silicone, it is important to use silicone lube with Truman (I also think this helps not to insulate conductivity when using the E-Stim), but it’s completely and utterly the most easiest toy to clean with toy cleaner or anti-bacterial soap.

      Secondly and more importantly, perhaps, are the warnings and not to use this toy if you are pregnant, suffer with a heart condition, have a pacemaker, in your mouth (as this can cause the throat to close) or using on broken/unhealthy skin.


      Where do I start, I am completely and utterly head over heels in love with my Mystim Truman. In fact, if it was possible I'd marry him. Not only is he silent, but he’s also deadly, with powerful vibrations and a more than arousing experience with the E-Stim modes. From the choice of 8 vibration patterns, to the wonderful choice of the 5 e-stim modes, each with 10 intensity levels and finally the more than brilliant kegal mode, you are absolutely spoilt for choice, and hopefully like myself find it very difficult to choose a firm favourite.

      I have a solitary niggle, and that was the charger and charging time. It literally took an age for this thing to charge, and when it eventually did the light got a little messed on the charge and turned to a reddy green mess. I think I would of preferred something that fitted inside, like your usual charging methods.

      From beginners to intermediate users, this vibrator is perfect for all and I really don’t think I can sing the praises of the Mystim Tickling Truman enough. It is every toy I’ve ever dreamt of all in one. Not only that, but it comes with a lovely hard shell case that is almost perfect for myself as I can take it away with me.

      Minus its tiny niggle, I would highly recommend the Mystim Truman. This vibrator is just a must-have for any toy box or for anyone who is a fan of electrical stimulation.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Powerful, luxury and quiet, practically perfect.
      The charger, but the tiniest of things.
      Bottom line
      A beautiful, ultra powerful dual stimulator, with so many possibilities.
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