1. Fifty Shades of Grey Trust Me Adjustable Spreader Bar and Cuff Set

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      Submit to your lover with this adjustable restraint set. The Trust Me Adjustable Spreader Bar and Cuff Set draws legs wide open before locking them into position, leaving your most intimate and sensitive areas entirely exposed.

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      1. Fifty Shades of Grey Trust Me Adjustable Spreader Bar and Cuff Set

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    1. Product Description

      Submit to your lover with this adjustable restraint set. The Trust Me Adjustable Spreader Bar and Cuff Set draws legs wide open before locking them into position, leaving your most intimate and sensitive areas entirely exposed.

      "'The good thing about the spreader is, it expands,' he murmurs. He clicks something on the bar, then pushes, so my legs spread further." - Ana Steele

      Inspired by the Fifty Shades of Grey book series, the Spreader Bar and Cuff Set offers a thrilling vulnerability for subs while keeping their arms free for use. The deluxe set features a metal bar with faux leather overlay, plus two cuffs. A blindfold is supplied with the set to further restrict the sub and heighten excitement.

      Simple to assemble, slot the 2 sections of the spreader bar together and secure to your chosen width using the two pins provided. Now the Dom can wrap their partner's ankles in the soft cuffs, securing them with Velcro to ensure they stay spread. When not in use, the spreader bar can be dividing back into two sections for easy transportation and storage.

      Soft faux fur lines the inside of the cuffs for comfortable and enjoyable restraint, while their exterior is covered in luxurious satin. The cuffs are detachable for use without the spreader bar or with other bondage restraints.

      Part of the Fifty Shades of Grey The Official Pleasure Collection approved by author E L James. Supplied with a Fifty Shades of Grey branded blindfold and door hanger, this restraint set has everything you need for thrilling bedroom bondage play.

      Key Features:

      • Adjustable Spreader Bar and Ankle Cuffs set
      • Bar is adjustable between 21-31 inches for customisable exposure
      • Detachable ankle cuffs can be used on their own or with other restraints
      • Deluxe set features faux leather overlay and faux fur cuff lining
      • Supplied with Fifty Shades of Grey branded blindfold and
      • door hanger
      • Part of the Fifty Shades of Grey collection, approved by EL James
    1. How it measures up

      • Length: 31 inches
    2. How it feels

      • Fastening: Velcro
      • Material: Faux Leather
      • Contains latex: No

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    1. Fifty Shades of Grey Trust Me Adjustable Spreader Bar and Cuff Set

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      Surrender to your partner with this adjustable restraint set. The Trust Me Adjustable Spreader Bar and Cuff Set draws your legs wide open before locking them into position, leaving your most sensitive and intimate areas entirely exposed.

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    1. Customer Reviews

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      1. Fifty Shades of Grey Trust Me Adjustable Spreader Bar and Cuff Set
      2. Fifty Shades of Grey Trust Me Adjustable Spreader Bar and Cuff Set

        Only: €79.94

    1. Spread 'em

      Reviewed: 19 June 2015 by Sarahgee, a Bisexual Married Female

      This beautifully presented spreader bar is my second item from the Fifty Shades collection. And it does not disappoint!

      As with the other item in this range I received, the quality is outstanding. I will be honest, I wasn't expecting much from this range, simply because it has been inspired by the movie. I really thought it was going to be a cheap made brand, with high price tags, simply because the name would sell itself.

      I was very wrong!

      Inside the box, you not only get your gorgeous spreader bar and cuffs, but you also get a nice little black blindfold and a laminated door hanger, much like a 'do not disturb' sign you would find on a hotel room door.

      The bar itself is adjustable, so your partner can easily keep you widely spread and exposed, anticipating their actions. It is very sturdy, clearly good quality, and not flimsy in the slightest.

      On the shortest setting. I was still able to close my legs from the knees up. Giving you the feeling of being shackled. but not so exposed.

      The cuffs attach to the bar using clips similar to those you would find on a dog's leash. They are padded for comfort and they fasten with Velcro - very strong Velcro. There is no escaping these cuffs, without using your hands. You cannot wriggle yourself free. I did try this to the best of my ability without any success.

      You can use these with existing restraints you already own - rope, tape, cuffs or metal cuffs. All can be used to bind your arms to the spreader. If you want to do this and do not already own restraints, you will need to buy some or at least spare cuffs as this bar only comes with one pair.

      I am looking forward to ordering other items in the range.

      So far? Pure luxury. Thank you, Fifty Shades. And most of all, thank you Lovehoney. :)

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Bottom line
      Quality product worth buying!
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    1. Kinky luxury

      Reviewed: 07 June 2015 by lustyjoy, a Straight Married Female

      My secret tester arrived in discreet packaging. When I opened the box, it was packaged in a high gloss box in dark shades of grey and black with a picture.

      On opening the smooth gloss box the excitement peaked as there was another black box to open. The anticipation of wishing for a spreader bar and wanting to see this was so exciting. I was like a child at a 'pass the parcel' party and haven’t felt this much excitement with a parcel for years.

      The mysterious presentation had me hooked. Instead of ripping the box open, I opened the second layer very carefully expecting to see a much wanted spreader bar. Oh the glee, still the anticipation built as each part was wrapped in white foam.

      At this stage, all I could see were the silver grey ankle cuffs with a discreet Fifty Shades of Grey tag, a black elasticated blindfold and a door hanger - “Mr Grey is busy” and “Mr Grey will see you now.” Oh my gosh, I wish every gift was presented like this. There was more unwrapping as I still hadn’t seen the spreader bar.

      Undoing the foam surrounds, I gasped. It's not a plain bland spreader bar, but is soft black leather padded on both ends, with the metal interconnecting bar and lock keys.

      Everything about this gives a feeling of expense and luxury.

      No instructions are needed. It is so simple to put together. Slide the metal pole between the two leather sides, choose a size anywhere between 55cm to 85cm, and insert the position lock keys with a good push the ankle cuffs clip onto the rings both sides of the bar.

      The black leather bars and silver cuffs screamed to me, but I had to wait another 2 days until my partner was home. I packaged it all up again, so he would feel the same excitement when he saw it.

      The testing night arrived. I was so excited, I changed the clocks in the house an hour forward, so I could get the children to bed early. I then presented the re-boxed spreader bar to my other half.

      As he opened all the layers of packaging a smile crossed his face, “You had better be very very good.” “Yes Sir”. It was going to be a good night. Being a man he then squashed all the packaging - men never get the same thrill as a woman in presentation, and he also disposed of the door hanger.

      As we are not fans of the books or films, that was fine by me and I rather have my Mr B any day over Mr Grey. He even joked maybe we should copy that and say “Mr B is busy or Mr B will see you now." So I now have homework for another day. Inspirational.

      The spreader bar was ready to go in seconds and I was soon following orders with it strapped to my ankles. Needless to say, it was an amazing night and even brought life back to some old wrist restraints, which were at one stage also attached to each end of the bar.

      It was amazingly comfortable to wear and looks so inviting to use. This is my most favourite restraint in the world. I even joked that I’d take it to my grave. “It had better be a large coffin then” was his reply.

      Who would like this? Anyone who ever wanted one, but wary, anyone advancing in BDSM. If you are buying for a female this is the one, as she will appreciate the layers of packaging and the girl in a sweet shop syndrome. Would I recommend this - well what do you think? Absolutely.

      I have no idea of the cost, but it definitely looks and feels a high end purchase. It's also shown me to expect a great product when it comes to the brand of Fifty Shades of Grey. As I write this review I still can’t believe how lucky I am.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Quality, feel, and the packaging was so exciting.
      Bottom line
      If you ever wanted a spreader bar, this is the one.
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    1. Spread 'em

      Reviewed: 25 June 2015 by pinkanimal, a Straight Married Female

      I have always wanted to try one of these, so you can imagine I was super excited to read I was receiving one!

      The bar came in the usual grey box, FSOG packaging, the same as all other items in the range. Inside the cardboard outer, I expected to see a nice box containing the bar and cuffs.

      I was wrong, it was just in a flimsy cardboard box, nothing special. It doesn’t come with a storage bag like most of the other FSOG items do, which was disappointing.

      The bar comes in three parts, the two ends and the middle. It's really easy to put together and pop the pins in the holes at the desired length.

      Once constructed, just attach the cuffs at each end and you’re good to go.

      The middle part of the bar is silver and each end of the bar is black padded faux leather.

      The cuffs are silver grey and soft inside, they Velcro shut to keep you in place securely, but it’s also easy to escape, if you need to.

      If you have another set of cuffs similar, like I do, from another FSOG set, you could use them on the key rings at the end of the pins in the middle to convert it to a completely secure bar - securing your wrists and ankles to it!

      I really liked this bar. It was easy to construct and use, and you could use it during foreplay, spanking or even sex, if you were careful! Me on my on back with bar over hubby’s shoulders was the easiest!

      All in all, it's a nice little addition. I have no idea how much it would cost as it’s not live yet, but it’s worth it!

    2. Overall Rating:
      9 out of 10 stars
      Easy to construct/use.
      Disappointed with the packaging, that has been better with other items in the range.
      Bottom line
      Nice little addition to the bondage toy box.
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