1. Bondage Boutique Adjustable Tweezer Nipple Clamps

      Average customer review 4 out of 5 stars13 reviews

      These sensational adjustable nipple clamps offer tailored thrills for nipplegasmic fun, no matter your experience level. Whether you like a little pain, or a lot, treat your twin peaks to a pinch of pleasure.

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      1. Bondage Boutique Adjustable Tweezer Nipple Clamps

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    1. Product Description

      These sensational adjustable nipple clamps offer tailored thrills for nipplegasmic fun, no matter your experience level. Whether you like a little pain, or a lot, treat your twin peaks to a pinch of pleasure.

      An innovative slide-to-fit feature allows you to customise the strength of each nipple pinch and graduate to more advanced levels of intensity. Simply place each PVC coated tip on either side of your nipple, then slide the ring inwards until you feel a satisfying pinch at a level you are comfortable with.

      Enhance sensations further by tugging or adding weights to the metal connecting chain.

      Key Features:

      • Adjustable tweezer nipple clamps for all levels of nipple play
      • Slide-to-fit tweezers offer a customisable pinch
      • Increase sensitivity for subsequent licks, flicks and touches
      • Connected via a metal chain for added weight and stimulation
      • PVC tips for extra comfort
    1. How it measures up

      • Length: 20 inches
    2. How it feels

      • Material: Metal
      • Supplier Material: Metal

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    1. Bondage Boutique Adjustable Tweezer Nipple Clamps

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      Delve into the world of sensory pleasure with these Bondage Boutique Nipple Clamps. Squeeze the tweezer-style clamps apart and release them over each nipple for a delectable combination of pleasure, pain and intense eroticism.

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    1. Customer Reviews

      Bondage Boutique Adjustable Tweezer Nipple Clamps 13 4 out of 5 stars 4 out of 5

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      1. Bondage Boutique Adjustable Tweezer Nipple Clamps
      2. Bondage Boutique Adjustable Tweezer Nipple Clamps

        Only: €8.95

    1. Aesthetically pleasing

      Reviewed: 09 May 2016 by James X, a Straight Married Male

      To any prospective buyer:

      Whilst my wife and I do not need any toys or erotic clothing to make passionate love, we like to spice things up from time to time with fun, loving, erotic, fantasy, bedroom games. We play a variety of different sorts, but one revolves round the notion of domination and bondage, where I am 'dom' to my wife's 'sub'.

      We made a relatively large first purchase of items from Lovehoney, of which this item formed a part, and were pleased we did. Lovehoney's customer service is commendable, next day delivery of all items ordered, easy refund policy in the event that an item does not suit, explanatory videos ... I could go on. Other sites where similar items can be purchased did not 'feel' to us as secure and customer friendly as this. So rather than spreading our purchases over more than one supplier, we restricted them to Lovehoney. There is much variety to be found here in sex toys and clothing.

      In the world of domination, where the exertion of pain acts as an erotic stimulant, nipple toys are an interesting addition. My wife finds them to be so when I apply them to her. My aim is to sexually please, and if she is aroused and satisfied, I am too.

      Some 'nipple clamps' that are available for purchase can in our eyes, have a rather 'industrial' look, adjustable screw type clamps, very heavy chain. Perhaps that might appeal to those who are attracted to heavier bondage, but not to us.

      Whilst 'string' or rather 'loop' nipple toys may be easy on the eye, we have found them often to be more difficult to get off than to put on.

      This item, however, we both found aesthetically pleasing. The simplicity of the adjustable mechanism, by sliding the little metal band tighter to a suitable level of 'pain' also made it very user-friendly.

      Perhaps it is stating the obvious, but for those who do not know, arousal prior to usage is often important when using this nipple toy or indeed any such items, floggers, spankers, whips, riding crops, paddles, designed to deliver pain. Without arousal beforehand, they can just be painful, rather than the pain creating further arousal.

      Of course, one of the joys of clamps and these too is to tug on the chain to increase the stimulation. However, if too loosely worn, they will come off easily. Further tightened, they may survive many hard or prolonged tugs. In that area, these work well.

      In terms of critique, it is helpful for customers writing reviews as I am to be balanced in their likes and dislikes, pros and cons of any item. My wife and I found the customer reviews helpful on Lovehoney in choosing the items in our first (but by no means the last) order.

      In this case, my wife and I agree this toy proved to be exactly what we wanted and there were no downsides on its first use or any subsequent.

      If you prefer the more aesthetically pleasing end of bondage toys, rather more than the heavy duty, then we would heartily recommend this item to you.


    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Easy on the eye and effective.
      Nothing to dislike.
      Bottom line
      A nice addition to any collection of 'bondage' toys.
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    1. Perfect

      Reviewed: 09 April 2016 by MrsNJ

      Another amazing, well made product swiftly delivered discreetly by Lovehoney.

      Many would think for such a low price that the product would not be to very high standards, but as usual Lovehoney provides a perfect product at a fraction of the price of many companies.

      The product is weighty and feels well made. The materials feel great and you definitely would not believe that this product is retailed at under £10! I would expect to pay double for a product of this standard.

      They are easy to use, no fiddling around and great to be enjoyed by both men and woman.

      I decided to buy these tweezer clamps after purchasing clip clamps - which were a little tough on my nipples (being a new user), so decided to try tweezer clamps instead.

      I found that the tweezer clamps were a thousand times better and far more easier on the nipples, without taking away from the pleasure. I would highly recommend these clamps to those who have not used clamps before and want to start small and work up to the heavier/extreme models.

      Highly recommend these clips to anyone wanting to dabble in nipple play. :)

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Well made, expensive feel, teasing, sexually arousing, great for male and females.
      These are perfect, no faults!
      Bottom line
      Top notch product, highly recommended!
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    1. Tantalizing and Terriffic

      Reviewed: 14 March 2016 by The Nightmare Stag, a Straight Going Steady Male

      These were some of the first items me and my partner purchased of Lovehoney, a brilliant place to start.

      Whilst not only looking great, the product sufficiently caters for the sexually experimental and teasingly timid.

      They are easy to take off, which is one of the surprising features. When you take them off it leaves you very sensitive for teasing.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Works for both of us providing new experiences.
      Bottom line
      Aesthetically pleasing whilst being a real turn on for gentle foreplay or more serious bondage.
    3. Was this review helpful to you? Yes