1. Adrien Lastic Spartacus R 4 Action Vibrating Double Cock Ring

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      1. Adrien Lastic Spartacus R 4 Action Vibrating Double Cock Ring

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    1. Product Description

      Give your erection the ultimate upgrade with Adrien Lastic's Spartacus R Vibrating Cock Ring. With an extra-large clitoral stimulator, 2 vibrating bullets and a stretchable penis sleeve and ball loop, prolonged play and intensified pleasure is yours.

      Beautifully crafted from seamless silicone, this hypoallergenic sex toy stretches over your appendage for comfortable, satisfying support. While the penis sleeve grips your shaft, a stretchy ball loop helps to keep the toy in place, and delay ejaculation for longer-lasting fun.

      Share the thrilling sensations with your partner and take full advantage of 2 ergonomically located, whisper-quiet bullets. One bullet sits under the penis to stimulate his shaft and balls, and the other is encased in a pronounced clitoral stimulator for her satisfaction.

      Always use a good quality water-based lubricant to assist wear and enhance arousal.

      Key Features:

      • Vibrating, stretchable cock and ball ring with penis sleeve
      • Extra-large textured clitoral stimulator
      • 2 motors each with 3 thrilling speeds
      • Erection enhancing penis sleeve
      • Stretchy ball loop helps delay ejaculation
      • Hypoallergenic, waterproof and whisper-quiet
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      1. Adrien Lastic Spartacus R 4 Action Vibrating Double Cock Ring
      2. Adrien Lastic Spartacus R 4 Action Vibrating Double Cock Ring

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    1. Bit of a disaster

      Reviewed: 25 March 2015 by Battle Cat, a Straight Going Steady Male

      With a title like Adrien Lastic Spartacus R 4 Action Vibrating Double Cock Ring, and seeing the pictures of it, there was an immediate declaration of "I must have that!"

      Look at it! It's crazy! It's added to my Wishlist.

      With two vibes too, one designed for her pleasure and the other for his, this really was something to get excited about.

      So I guess you could say I was very pleased to receive this. Probably more so than my OH, who was intrigued but I think somewhat concerned.

      The packaging is great, nicely designed, which helped make receiving the item an event. The product rests in a clear plastic moulded tray inside, so there's no fiddly trying to get the thing open.

      Rather handily, batteries are already included with this product. All I had to do was take the vibes out of their homes, unscrew the top and remove the little piece or circular paper that rested on the top of the batteries. Very convenient.

      Right then, after replacing the vibes I was ready to give this crazy thing a go. All seemed fantastic so far. I was even relishing the soft feel of the silicone. Great start!

      First off, it swiftly became apparent that lube was needed to assist in donning the thing. Everything is stretchy enough to just about get it on without it, but I found using a small amount of water-based lubricant really useful. Undeterred by this initial fumbling around, I reached for the loop that goes around the balls. Dear gods, be careful with this! Especially if you've got a bit of ever-so useful lube on you.

      My first fail was letting it slip out of my fingers after stretching it around, and it certainly caused a moment of wincing. Once on, though, it was tight. Not uncomfortable, but I couldn't see myself wanting to keep that bit on for any great length of time, which as it turned out I didn't need to worry about.

      Unfortunately the ball loop didn't want to stay on for any great length of time either. It kept pinging off. This therefore didn't help keep the product in place ,and the pain it caused was something of a mood killer.

      Bravely we soldiered on, and it was reported to me that the rings holding the shaft were "a bit uncomfortable, can we do something else instead please?"

      On the plus side, whenever the product was correctly positioned and I was holding very still, to avoid the ball ping situation, the vibrations were really rather pleasant. I could feel both of them quite well.

      Sadly I haven't had the greatest time with this item, which is a real shame because it had so much going for it. I hope other people can have a better experience.

    2. Overall Rating:
      4 out of 10 stars
      Good vibes, soft feel.
      Ball loop would not stay in place.
      Bottom line
      An interesting item! One for a rainy day perhaps.
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