1. Bijoux de Nip Feather Adjustable Nipple Tweezer Clamps

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      1. Bijoux de Nip Feather Adjustable Nipple Tweezer Clamps

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    1. Product Description

      Gratifying nipple play is yours with this set of gorgeous feather-tipped nipple clamps. With a slide-to-fit design that offers tailored stimulation for any experience level, scintillating pinching pleasure and enhanced sensitivity has never been so easy.

      Finished in an all-black colourway, these clamps look as good as they feel. While soft coated tips pinch your nipples and provide all-over body tingles, super-soft feathers stroke and tickle your surrounding skin and create seriously arousing sensations.

      Not to mention you lover won't be able to keep their eyes off your bountiful bosom once these beautiful, erotic accessories adorn them. Wear before and during intimate play to enhance arousal, sensitivity and overall sexual satisfaction.

      Key Features:

      • Adjustable nipple clamps with feather tassels for arousing nipple play
      • Slide-to-fit design offers tailored pinch for customised sensation
      • Lightweight feather embellishments enhance visual thrill and stimulation
      • Silicone coated tips cushion sensation for progressive pinch
      • Beautiful and erotic - a wonderful kinky gift

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      Bijoux de Nip Feather Adjustable Nipple Tweezer Clamps 2 2.5 out of 5 stars 2.5 out of 5

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      1. Bijoux de Nip Feather Adjustable Nipple Tweezer Clamps
      2. Bijoux de Nip Feather Adjustable Nipple Tweezer Clamps

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    1. Stylish and sexy

      Reviewed: 04 March 2015 by JM88, a Straight Married Female

      I was a complete newbie to the world of nipple clamps until I received these lovelies! Eagerly awaiting the postal delivery, I was expecting the clamps to arrive in a padded brown envelope so I was surprised to hear a knock at the door, and receive a brown box!

      The overall length of the clamps is actually larger than I was expecting and they do initially look too long! Rest assured though, when worn they are the perfect length. The packaging does seem quite bulky for what they are, and I do think a long bag with maybe a card backing would suffice, as the plastic packaging was hard to get into and serves no purpose once you've opened it.

      The clamps are as pictured, black 'tweezer' style with black silicone tips, and black feathers. The underside of the large feathers has a green/purple/blue shimmer to it which I think looks quite nice when it catches the light. The only downside with the appearance was that on the back of one of the clamps, the black had a chip that revealed the silver metal underneath. If you have long nails, when moving the ring you should be careful not to scratch the clamps otherwise the paint will scratch away. Again, be sure to store them carefully for the same reason.

      I admit I was quite nervous when it came to putting the clamps on as: a) I was worried about the pain, and b) my nipples are rather small and flat so I was skeptical that these would even work! Luckily it was cold when I put them on so that helped my nipples emerge enough for the clamps to have something to grab on to! If you’re like me I would recommend either using something cold, or stimulating the nipples first (although once you start clamping the nipples seem to respond to that stimulation so it’s all good!)

      Slowly, again emphasising that - slowly - I slid the ring up the tweezers thus making them tighter. On my first attempt I wasn't looking for pain so I didn't force them shut too much and settled for a secure but painless fit. You definitely need two hands for this as I found the ring to be quite tight but any forceful moves could mean the ring would move too quickly hence really tightening the tip! It took me around 15 minutes to get the clamps on and secure. They looked fantastic! Alluring, sexy, sensual - everything you could want from a nipple accessory. I tugged a little on them and they stayed in place and I could definitely feel the pull in a good way. I kept them on for around 15 minutes with no problem at all.

      Taking them off is simple - just hold the tweezer and pull down on the ring and it will release your nipple. I found that after wearing the clamps my nipples were hard and pointy and extra-sensitive to touch! I guess this is why they rate so highly among people who love having their nipples played with!

      I tried the nipple clamps on again with the intention of keeping them on during sex but I found that even though they were secure when I was standing and could withstand downward tugging, when I bent forwards they pinged off! Even when I tried tightening them to a slightly painful degree, I still had the same problem. I’m putting that down to my small, flat nipples rather than the clamps but that’s something you should consider before buying. This doesn't put me off the product though, as I can wear them during foreplay for something like a sexy dance, or any activity that I can remain upright for! By removing them just before sex the nipples will still be highly sensitive so I can still enjoy any stimulation be it with fingers, tongue or a vibrator!

      I thought that before I reviewed the clamps I should probably leave my comfort zone and experience a bit of pain, and these sure can pack a punch! I’m a total wuss so only managed to put one on tightly - and it really did pinch! I would say that if you were looking for something with mild pain then these are definitely a good choice. If you've never used them they are great because you can start off pain-free and work your way up to the higher pain settings! At such a reasonable price they are a good first-time buy to get yourself acquainted with nipple play!


      1. They look and feel gorgeous.

      2. Easy to use, especially if you've never tried them before.

      3. I like the colour.

      4. They feel good quality. The clamps have a little bit of weight to them and the tips are smooth and soft.

      5. The price.


      1. The black enamel can easily scratch off of the clamps. There’s no storage bag provided to keep them in good condition.

      2. If you have non-pointy, small nipples then the clamps may slip off with too much movement or if you bend over.

    2. Overall Rating:
      9 out of 10 stars
      Colour, feel, adjustability.
      Can take a while to put on securely.
      Bottom line
      Great purchase, especially for a beginner to nipple clamps!
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    1. Look pretty, but are rubbish

      Reviewed: 06 May 2015 by bluedaisy

      These clamps look pretty on and aren't as visually scary as some other clamps Lovehoney sells. They were my first clamp purchase.

      The have a good amount of "nip" to them, but given the small tweezer-like ends, I found them a bit niggly as opposed to the larger clamps I now use.

      These clamps are very difficult to adjust when on. The tightening action is not smooth, meaning you can over-tighten very easily and potentially damage skin. The construction is really poor.

      After one use, the feathers had all fallen off and the black paint along the clamps was flaking off. In addition, I'm allergic to latex and I'm not convinced the ends are latex free as stated as my skin started to react to them. Bad ouch!

      Needless to say, they are being returned. I got a pair of DOMINIX Extra Wide Clamps from Lovehoney instead, which I'm very happy with.

    2. Overall Rating:
      1 out of 10 stars
      They're pretty.
      I think they contain latex, poor construction.
      Bottom line
      Not the best purchase.
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