1. Emperor Extra Quiet Rotating Realistic Vibrating Dildo with Suction Cup 6.5 Inch

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      1. Emperor Extra Quiet Rotating Realistic Vibrating Dildo with Suction Cup 6.5 Inch

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    1. Product Description

      Experience erotic stimulation unlike anything you've felt before with this rotating, vibrating, realistic dildo. With a tantalising lifelike finish and wide rotating shaft, you can savour each swirl as it massages your G-spot with climactic precision.

      The strong suction cup base makes it suitable for hands-free play, as well as strap on fun. Operate 12 modes of whisper-quiet vibration and rotation with the ergonomic 2-button wired controller. Take full command of your pleasure and build yourself up to a satisfying orgasmic release.

      To get the most from your new realistic sex toy, slather it generously with your favourite water-based lubricant before play.

      Key Features:

      • Super-realistic whisper-quiet rotating vibrator for thrilling lifelike play
      • 12-function shaft simultaneously rotates and vibrates
      • Wide circling shaft massages your G-spot with ease
      • Wired controller with easy-press buttons
      • Strong suction cup base for hands-free play
      • Suitable for vaginal and anal play

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      Emperor Extra Quiet Rotating Realistic Vibrating Dildo with Suction Cup 6.5 Inch 4 2.5 out of 5 stars 2.5 out of 5

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      1. Emperor Extra Quiet Rotating Realistic Vibrating Dildo with Suction Cup 6.5 Inch
      2. Emperor Extra Quiet Rotating Realistic Vibrating Dildo with Suction Cup 6.5 Inch

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    1. Could have been perfect

      Reviewed: 21 April 2015 by Lupina

      I am half and half on this toy as on the one hand the dildo was great. It felt and looked good, even if it was a little big for me! But it was the vibrations that let it down, and the remote attached to it. It's so annoying because I want to give it an amazing review on behalf of the dildo, but the vibes and remote were such a disappointment!

      This dildo was made with some amazing real skin material, which I loved. I have one similar but that just had the inside feel and not the outer velvety cover too which was lovely! Great feel on the outside and in, and stayed that way when wet. It was easy to clean, with no cracks in the material for anything to get stuck into, which is also always a sign of good quality.

      It is big and I struggled, but then I struggle with most things so I'm not the best judge for that! My eyes are always too big for my vagina!

      However, the remote just wasn't up to the same quality. I couldn't help but feel like all the budget was spent on the dildo so they had to get a pound land remote and vibe for inside. As a dildo on its own it would have been brilliant. Very luxurious and high quality materials used. The hard plastic remote just made it feel a lot cheaper and tackier plus it was harder to clean!

      Overall, it was perfectly fine as it was without the vibe and remote, but if they did really need to include this they should have put in just as much effort as they did with the dildo.

    2. Overall Rating:
      7 out of 10 stars
      The dildo itself.
      The vibe and remote.
      Bottom line
      The vibe and remote really let it down.
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    1. Grind into me

      Reviewed: 08 April 2015 by fantasia fairy, a Straight Single Female

      When I first saw this toy come up on the ‘what’s new’ page, I instantly decided that I had to have it no matter how long it took me to save up for it and how long I had to wait.

      Once again my order arrived on time and in discreet packaging. I left it packaged up until I got home from work because I knew for a fact once I opened it I would want to use it right away! Upon returning from work I literally flew up the stairs two at a time and ripped open the box to find my toy inside.

      My first thoughts were ‘oh….is that it?’ For the price of this toy, the packaging is terrible. I have very cheap vibes that come in much better packaging that this. The clear plastic instantly made me think that this toy was nothing worth the price I paid.

      Anyway, I know from experience that the packaging can mean nothing about the toy itself, so overlooking this detail I opened the toy.

      The battery compartment was not too bad. The batteries held firm and stayed in place, although I was expecting something more posh looking. This would be fair enough if in a cheap toy, but for a toy of this price it’s not great. I was worried a lot that the wire would fall out too. It didn’t seem to be very well attached and looked as if it didn't seem to fit.

      The actual toy itself is also I slight disappointment. It has a slightly off-putting smell and is covered in a powdery substance. The smell, however, and powder did go after it was cleaned for the first time.

      I think the shaft could have also been a bit more realistic in terms of looks. This does not look real, even more so for the price.

      I do, however, have good points to make about the design which I feel are important to mention as I’ve done nothing but put this toy down so far! This toy does feel very realistic and like skin, and the size is good. It’s not to big nor is it too small.

      The colour is bit odd. I would be worried if I got into bed with someone that colour!

      Turning the toy on, I was impressed to find it was as quiet as it was said to be. If you are looking for a quiet toy, this this one would be the way to go. The rotations are also very strong, although unfortunately the vibrations are not. There are also some more gentle rotations for nervous players.

      Due to the not so great material quality, I used a condom on this toy as well as lube. I was kind of worried that this toy could cause some hygiene issues otherwise. The suction, I must say, is great. This really could withstand a lot of force if that's what you wanted to do with it.

      I did like the sensations this toy gave and it was pleasant, although nothing like that I thought it would be. I was expecting screaming orgasms. I did cum eventually, but not as hard as I normally do.

      However, it was different and it did manage to hit all the spots it was meant to. With previous rotating rabbits I’ve owned I found that the rotation did nothing for me whatsoever. At least with this toy you could feel it moving inside you. On some settings this toy did slow down, though (with some of the patterns), which was a slight letdown.

      I also found that this toy goes sticky after its first wash.

      I don’t think I would advise this toy for beginners, but it would certainly be suitable for intermediate upwards.

      I’m happy I got a chance to try this toy out, but at the same time I was disappointed at quality of the toy. After paying nearly £50 for something, you expect to get better value for your money.

    2. Overall Rating:
      6 out of 10 stars
      The 'real feel'.
      Not very good quality considering the price.
      Bottom line
      Great and different but not what I was wanting.
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    1. Realistic letdown

      Reviewed: 02 May 2015 by Toina, a Bisexual Going Steady Female

      Firstly I must recommend Lovehoney for their discreet speedy service. Delivered within 48 hours and not a clue what's inside! Brilliant!

      This product certainly feels soft. It comes with a velvet powder-like coating which keeps it feeling lush. However, once this has worn off it does not feel as nice (I can recommend Lovehoney's sex toy renewal powder to combat this).

      The shaft itself is average at best. Not thick, not thin, feels nice going in. The detail on the dildo is also average, not what you expect from a toy at this price range... There are veins which seem to lack definition and I can't exactly say they add to the feel of the dildo as I could not feel them, which was a shame. The veins do add to the overall look, though, which is nice.

      The dildo I got was a strange brown colour, not flesh coloured anyway, which didn't bother me. I can't see it when in use anyway!

      The balls are realistic and have that sagging skin detail, which is also nice. They feel good against your skin if you're into grinding the toy.

      Now the rotations themselves I cannot say are the best... I struggled to feel them and usually I can feel them from a toy, so this was disappointing!

      The vibrations were pleasant but not mind-blowing. No screaming orgasms here, but would be good for a beginner to toys as they are not too much to handle.

      I likes the controller being on a wire. Made usage easier as I hate it when you have to reach around the base to press buttons. Much easier with a separate wired remote anyway!

      The suction cup of this product was good! Withstood quite a lot of vigorous testing anyhow! Although, I did stick it to my mirror to shock the other half and it fell off in the middle of the night one night!

      It isn't loud. It also isn't whisper quiet. I'd only buy it if you don't need to be too discreet!

      Overall, for the price, I expected more. I really tried to test this in as many ways possible and I just couldn't orgasm off it. Very disappointing.

    2. Overall Rating:
      5 out of 10 stars
      The feel of the material and suction cup.
      Rotations, vibrations... detail.
      Bottom line
      Disappointing for experienced users. Good for beginners?
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