1. Sex Games Pocket Sex Guide

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      Everyone's a winner with the Sex Games pocket guide, which features 27 invigorating activities for couple's play to inspire exciting and provocative new experiences. Sized for travel, take the handbook out and about with you to add spice to nights away.

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      1. Sex Games Pocket Sex Guide

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    1. Product Description

      Everyone's a winner with the Sex Games pocket guide, which features 27 invigorating activities for couple's play to inspire exciting and provocative new experiences. Sized for travel, take the handbook out and about with you to add spice to nights away.

      Illustrated throughout with colour photographs, each game features notes on basic setup, rules and tools, before describing the scenarios for 2 levels of play. Choose to keep things sweet and safe, or indulge in hot and spicy techniques - and escalate things further using the 'Up the Ante' suggestions.

      Featuring everything from strip poker to phone sex games to flight attendant role play, this pocket guide is a non-intimidating introduction to sex games with your lover.

      Key Features:

      • Guidebook featuring 27 sex games
      • Each game offers 2 levels of play, plus additional suggestions for continued play
      • Fully illustrated with colour photographs
      • Petite and portable size ideal for travel
      • Perfect for couples looking for playful new bedroom activities
      • 112 pages
    1. Essential info

      • Format: Hardback
      • Publisher: Quiver
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      1. Sex Games Pocket Sex Guide
      2. Sex Games Pocket Sex Guide

        Only: €7.45

        Hurry! This discontinued item won't be restocked!

    1. A surprise behind every page

      Reviewed: 20 February 2016 by KLeigh., a Straight Married Female

      Best for:

      - Beginners looking for inspiration or help with scenarios for roleplaying (contains all the popular ones).

      - Experienced couples looking for inspiration on building their ever-exciting love life!

      - Figuring out what each other like! Telling OH what runs through your head can be tricky, so I fount this put him most at ease to show it's all completely normal!

      - Those just looking to have fun! This little book can open a whole new world to anyone, regardless how experienced!

      The book itself is actually appealing. Glossy hardback cover of a ladies silhouette in shades of red, nothing cheesy or vulgar, so if accidentally left out wouldn't be too bad!

      The images inside remind of my old science book on 1 or 2, had a bit of a giggle admittedly, but sex games should be fun? Perfect handbag size as well!

      The book contains 27 "activities", ranging between games to roleplaying scenarios and much more!

      Each activity begins with the "sexy setup" giving you an insight to what the games entail. If that catches your fancy, it then follows on to "rules and tools" and then two levels of kink in which it can be carried out. Each gives you lots of information of how to follow through or inspire you to create your own little fantasy - and ends with a "up the ante". This is more extra ideas. For example, "Hop on top of washer, the vibrations help pull you closer together". Again, this section has around 4 bulleted ideas on each game.

      Without giving too much away, it has "new destinations", or if you’re not ready just yet, it informs how you can re-enact these at home, including mile high! The rest is a fun surprise behind every page. For any reason you have, this will have answers! I scrolled the internet for weeks with not half as much creative, inspiring and reassuring info as this book!

    2. Overall Rating:
      9 out of 10 stars
      Well informed without sounding like a chore!
      Bottom line
      Perfect for anyone's experience level or sexual confidence levels!
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    1. Good for beginner's

      Reviewed: 02 September 2015 by moi..., a Straight Going Steady Female

      It arrived rather quickly, as always with LH shipping, and in discreet packaging so no one would know what was inside.

      It is a small hardcover book with a simple silhouette of a woman with her hands restrained. Inside there are things such as different sex positions, games with instructions such as strip poker, and different roleplay scenarios. There are photographs illustrated throughout to demonstrate what things should be looking like. Not quite pornographic, but also not far from in my opinion. Let's just say rather steamy.

      I think overall it is a good little book for couples who are just starting to explore the different sexual options and opportunities out there and to give a basic idea of where to start.

    2. Overall Rating:
      8 out of 10 stars
      The size, not too short and not too long, just right.
      There could have been more games that people might not have known about.
      Bottom line
      Not a bad little book.
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    1. Uninventive and disappointing

      Reviewed: 17 April 2015 by Boogaloo, a Straight Going Steady Female

      I took a chance on a forum thread, and was lucky enough to be chosen to review this 'Sex Games Pocket Guide' for Lovehoney. Thanks, Cazz!

      My OH and I are very experimental in the bedroom, so we're always looking for new things to try (especially when it seems like we've done everything already!). I was hoping this mini book of sex games would provide some novel ideas, but unfortunately we both found it to be extremely uninventive, and disappointing in a number of ways.

      First Impressions:

      As the title suggests, this is a handy little pocket guide and is the perfect size for taking along on cheeky getaways. It features a hardback cover, with a fairly tasteful photograph of a naked woman on the front. The cover art is very simplistic, and looks okay, but could be a lot more eye-catching in my opinion.

      When I first opened the book I was already put off reading it. As the blurb suggested, this book contains "sensual images" to accompany the games, which appear to be almost pornographic in some cases. I appreciate that for some people this will be a big turn-on, but for couples who don't view porn (such as ourselves) these images made us feel quite uncomfortable and made the book seem really tacky. We both feel that the book would have felt much more inviting if it had used cartoon illustrations, in order to look attractive without being too graphic.


      The way the book is written is very simple and easy to follow. Each game has a short introduction, followed by a double page spread to explain the rules clearly and concisely. What I did really like is the fact that you're given 3 versions of each game to choose from, depending how far you want to take it. These consist of 'Sweet & Safe', 'Hot & Spicy', and 'Up the Ante', with the latter being the most extreme rules for the game.

      However, the biggest disappointment for us was the actual games themselves, which are supposed to be the main selling point of this book! Many of these aren't 'games' at all, and it baffles me how they've made it into a publication like this.

      For example, 4 of them are just very common sex positions (i.e. face sitting, sex standing up), 8 of them are cliché places to have sex (restroom, swimming pool, plane, etc.), 6 are popular role plays (i.e. Dom/sub, maid), and so on. As for the rest of them, they're fairly unimaginative ideas which I suspect most couples have already tried/are aware of, such as eating food off of each other or having phone sex.

      You might wonder how the rules work in scenarios like this, and the short answer is this: they don't.

      An example of this is the scissoring position, whereby the 'Sweet & Safe' rules involve a lesbian couple scissoring as normal, the 'Hot & Spicy' rules swaps one of the women for a man, and the 'Up the Ante' rules implement a double-ended dildo in the lesbian scenario. It is nice that the book provides variations of each idea, but I wouldn't consider these as rules for a 'game'.

      Furthermore, of the 27 'games' in the book the majority are targeted only to one gender. For example, the rules in some are only instructing a woman how to please a man. You can of course modify any of the games to suit your needs, but for some crazy reason the author has decided to assign (usually heterosexual) gender roles in every single one.

      Bottom Line:

      Sadly, my partner and I were unable to find anything in this book that we hadn't tried already, or that we wanted to try. We were really hoping for some kinky bedroom games, rather than just general sex scenarios and positions. I feel that if this book was titled along the lines of "27 Sexy Tips To Spice Up Your Love Life" then perhaps it wouldn't have been such a disappointment, but to say that these are 'sex games' is misleading.

      Overall, this is a clearly and well written pocket sex guide. However, it does not supply what it says on the tin for us. We would have liked it to contain less graphic illustrations and more inventive sex game ideas. However, some couples may find this suitable for general hints and tips to spice up their sex life.

      To quote my partner: "This book looks like it's designed for a certain type of person, and we're not it."

    2. Overall Rating:
      4 out of 10 stars
      Written clearly and concisely, nice basic sex tips, 3 variations for each scenario, pocket size.
      Tacky photographs throughout, no actual 'games', unimaginative ideas.
      Bottom line
      Good for couples wanting basic sex tips, but this is not a 'sex games' book!
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