1. Fetish Fantasy Shock Therapy Pleasure Probe

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      1. Fetish Fantasy Shock Therapy Pleasure Probe

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    1. Product Description

      Are you looking for a toy that tickles and pleases without vibrations? Look no further. The Shock Therapy Pleasure Probe houses 2 electro-conductors for tantalising e-stim tingles wherever you want them. Customisable intensity for 100% satisfaction.

      Quite literally putting the power in your hands, the wired controller enables you to set the intensity and pattern of electric pulsation to suit your desires, and even features a 2-channel switch to change the direction of current. Set the switch to "OUT" and insert the 3 inch probe vaginally or anally for spine-tingling internal pleasure, or flick it to "IN" to send power to the controller for external massage.

      Please note: Electro-stimulation toys should not be used above the waist, and should always be used with a good quality water-based lubricant or electro-conductor gel to aid conductivity and enhance pleasure. Includes 1 x CR2032 battery.

      Key Features:

      • 2-way e-stim pleasure probe for electric vaginal and anal pleasure
      • 2 speeds of pulsation with multiple intensities
      • Twin probe conductors offer widespread internal sensation
      • Single power unit conductor provides satisfying external tingles
      • Includes eye mask, 1 x CR2032 battery and wrist loop for quick set up and easy use

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      1. Fetish Fantasy Shock Therapy Pleasure Probe
      2. Fetish Fantasy Shock Therapy Pleasure Probe

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    1. Shockingly Good

      Reviewed: 16 June 2015 by Shadow Collector

      After months of considering Electro Play and being too chicken to make the first purchase, I was lucky enough to be given this intro level probe to test by the wonderfully generous people here at Lovehoney. I cannot thank them enough!

      I was really nervous about the prospect. Electricity usually gets a bad rep, and I had no idea what to expect. But as soon as it arrived, I relaxed. Apart from slightly garish packaging, there was nothing intimidating whatsoever.

      The probe arrived in a small box, exactly as pictured. It is smooth to the touch and fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. It also comes with an attachable wrist loop that ensures you don't lose the controls. This allows for quick adjustment of the settings if anything becomes too much internally. The chrome metal is beautiful - I'm always amazed that they can make sex toys look so classy!

      There are two setting controls and one intensity control. The settings are 'in' and 'out', and 'slow' and 'fast.' Both of these are controlled by separate buttons along the side of the controller. They are easy to locate and adjust at will. The slow and fast determine the space of time between shocks, and the in and out determines which surface will be conductive - the probe or the controller.

      It's a pity that there is not an option of using both simultaneously, but there is plenty to go around with only one, even at the absolute lowest intensity, so I'm certainly not complaining. The power of the shocks is controlled by a wheel at the bottom that allows for very sudden or very subtle changes as you see fit. The wire connecting the probe to the controller is long enough so as to not limit your positions - whatever you want to try, the probe won't limit you.

      The sensations took a bit of time to get used to. As a complete newbie, I couldn't work out if I liked it or not to begin with. But as the idea of putting an electrode inside me became less stressful, this went away.

      The feeling can be anything from ticklish to painful and I was able to truly enjoy it. With such a range of possible intensities, it can be altered for whatever mood your in to have the desired effect to provide powerful and yet silent stimulation. Yes, silent. This toy is the Ultimate in subtlety. Provided your family/friends don't go through your drawers, there's no chance of them discovering this. Huge Bonus!

      I will say this, though - invest in some water-based lube, or even better, the Shock Therapy Electrosex Gel. Trust me, it makes everything better.

      My only real complaint is the type of battery used. I can imagine them being a pain to find again, though Lovehoney do stock them. Mind you, with a toy like this, I think I'd happily go out of my way for more obscure batteries. I'm no engineer, I'm sure there's a perfectly good reason why electro toys cant take AAA batteries, but it's a little annoying nonetheless. Worth it though. Worth it one hundred percent!

      So, if you're tired of the same old vibrators like I was and want to try something new, go for it!

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      A brand new sensation.
      Bottom line
      I cannot imagine a better introduction to electro play.
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    1. Plug me in, baby

      Reviewed: 17 July 2015 by OUCH! Thank you ;), a Straight Married Female

      I’d wanted this probe from the minute my eyes fell on it, but I was told I had to wait (sob-sob cry-cry). But then by a stroke of luck I got one and now I’m a happy little bunny.

      The packaging is the same an all the rest of the Shock Therapy range - not at all offensive yet still slightly cheap looking. But as it is with people, it’s what’s inside that counts, right?

      Well, inside this box is the Pleasure Probe, control unit, a battery to get you started and an info leaflet. Oh, and the ever present Fetish Fantasy crinkly black blindfold. I’d rather have a storage bag with every product, to be honest, but that’s just me.

      The probe itself is far superior in build quality to the Shock Therapy Butt Plug I recently reviewed. There are ridges around the conductor plates (which feel and look like actual metal, unlike the butt plug), but they’re minimal and the rest of the thing is smooth, shiny plastic. The cable is a good length and fits the control unit tightly, allowing position changes without you getting tangled or disconnected.

      My only gripe build wise is that there are two holes where screws have been fitted in the base of the probe which are about half a centimetre deep and they get full of gunk. These should have been filled in or covered in some way and I think it’s lazy that such a simple step wasn’t taken. Nobody wants unhygienic insertables and those holes concern me.

      The first time we used this probe I was restrained and spreadeagled. My hubby made sure I was ready before using a lube applicator to insert a splodge of Fetish Fantasy Electrosex Gel inside of me. He coated the probe too and slipped it in. It’s quite small and I admit that I was worried it would be lost up there. I was convinced that the plates wouldn’t touch the walls and I’d be disappointed.

      I can happily report that I was wrong.

      He had control of the handset and he held my eyes as he turned the dial so he could see when it hit. Nothing... nothing... nothing... then all of a sudden every muscle between my bikini line and thighs contracted and there was the softest pulsing sensation as they clenched and released with no effort from me. It was like having an orgasm without the orgasmic rush, which was one of the strangest feelings I've ever known.

      By the time he had the dial turned all the way around I was groaning past my gag, shamelessly begging for more. The shocks weren’t all that intense (it's only powered by a single cell battery after all), but pressed against my G-spot they were mind-blowing. I didn’t squirt, but I managed to have two mid-strength orgasms before he had to use a bullet on me, and when he finally let me come from the combined stimulation the orgasm seemed to last for ages longer as the pulses kept my muscles contracting. I’d have happily slept like a baby after that if it hadn’t been the middle of the day.

      I've a mind to try using this probe as a Kegel toner. It feels like it should work in the same way as Tens-type toners. The way I see it, the worst that can happen is I'll have an orgasm and I ain't ever gonna complain about that.

      Cleaning is pretty simple, apart from those holes I mentioned earlier. A toothbrush is still a necessity for the gaps around the connector plates but that’s the worst of it. A damp cloth and sex toy cleaner sorts the rest of the probe out and the control unit can be wiped with an almost dry cloth.

      As I said, the shocks aren’t hugely intense but this is a beginners unit so it can be forgiven that. What it’s done for me is rekindle my desire to have a bigger, better e-stim set again. My Xmas list just keeps on growing and if you’re new to electric play I would recommend that you write this Pleasure Probe on your Xmas list immediately. You need one.

    2. Overall Rating:
      9 out of 10 stars
      Shocks are strong, controller is fun and I came hard. What's not to love?
      The little finicky holes in the base that are a pain to clean.
      Bottom line
      Perfect for beginners but will leave you hungry for more.
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