1. Fetish Fantasy Shock Therapy Extreme Butt Plug

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      1. Fetish Fantasy Shock Therapy Extreme Butt Plug

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    1. Product Description

      Short sharp shocks unlock astonishing arousal power with Fetish Fantasy's e-stim butt plug. Crank anal play up a gear by using the mid-size plug's wired controller to send pulses to internal hot spots via 2 metal plates, for dazzling augmented sensations.

      Not for newbies, the electrocuting butt plug features a rounded tip with a 2.5 inch circumference, broadening to 6.6 inches at its widest point. A 43 inch wire allows for extreme versatility, as does the 2-way channel, which allows for stimulation of either the butt plug, or the remote itself, transforming it into a handheld anal massager.

      Please note: Electro-stimulation toys should not be used above the waist, and should always be used with a good-quality water-based lubricant or electro-conductor gel to aid conductivity and enhance pleasure.

      Key Features:

      • Electrosex butt plug and wired controller with 2-way e-stimulation
      • 2 x broad metal plates on the plastic butt plug for electrostimulation
      • Switch between slow and fast speeds of pulsation
      • E-stim can be switched onto the controller
      • Wide base of butt plug prevents travel

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      1. Fetish Fantasy Shock Therapy Extreme Butt Plug
      2. Fetish Fantasy Shock Therapy Extreme Butt Plug

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    1. Big Bad Butt Buzzer

      Reviewed: 17 July 2015 by OUCH! Thank you ;), a Straight Married Female

      I was elated when I received the email telling me this butt plug was on its way for testing, so thank you, Lovehoney! I will say here that the first one I received was faulty but a replacement was sent immediately, so top marks for Lovehoney customer services once again.

      When the replacement arrived I was happy to see the packaging wasn’t atrocious. With its white background, black text and product picture on the front it’s nothing spectacular, but in comparison to some of the other packaging Pipedream has to offer it’s almost a Dior gift box.

      My first peek at what lay inside this rather tame box was, in all honesty, a letdown. The butt plug is poorly made, and this is a disturbing thing in an insertable shocky product. Not only does it feel like cheap plastic - even the conductive plates seem to be metallic coated plastic and not actually metal - but there are gaps everywhere you look.

      For me, slivers of gaps are the stuff of nightmares when it comes to anal toys. I always wonder if it’s clean enough, if all the butt juice (sorry) has been scrubbed out. Having at your toys with a toothbrush for half an hour after use isn’t desirable, so for build quality I will have to mark this down.

      The controller is probably the best thing about this kit. It has a two-way channel, so you can have it set to pulse out - which awakens the plug if you have it plugged in - or you can have it set to pulse in, which then turns the controller itself into a fun, shocky little teaser.

      In use the first thing to note about the plug itself is the size. At 5” insertable length and a 6 ½” girth, this thing is pretty big! As a butt plug on its own it feels amazing during insertion and when my OH got a little thrusting action going the stretch and shrink was intense, so plenty of lube is essential. We used the Fetish Fantasy Shock Therapy Electrosex Gel.

      I found the neck was too short and too similar in size to the plug and was difficult to keep in during vaginal play. The base is enormous and became uncomfortable after only a short while, what with the hard plastic seams scratching away at my skin.

      Despite all of that, I wanted to feel those shocks, so my OH gave me the controller and I set it to pulse out. Turning the dial, I waited with excitement, but for a few seconds there was nothing. I kept turning the dial and just as I thought I had another dud on my hands I felt the first zap.

      It felt so good and once I hit full I was seriously writhing yet a little disappointed. I’d anticipated a little bit of pain and there was none. But my OH knows me and what I need from any given experience so he gripped the base of the plug and slowly slid it out until the conductor plates were just showing. There was my pain! Having the pulses right at my anal opening made my muscles spasm intensely and it bloody stung. I was elated and with a little clitoral stimulation I was a mess.

      Cleaning is exactly as I mentioned above; a nightmare for obsessive folk like me. I had had a good personal clean beforehand so there was no mess other than masses of lube, but those gaps where the metallic plates are sunk into the plug and the seams that join both halves together are bacteria magnets, so plenty of sex toy cleaner, wipes and a toothbrush were the only way to go.

      I’m kind of torn about whether or not to recommend this plug. On one hand it feels amazing in use, and for an inexpensive unit the shocks are quite strong, but on the other it’s very poorly made and I know it’s never going to feel clean enough. I would say if spending ages cleaning it doesn’t bother you, it’s definitely worth a punt, but do bear in mind that even though the shocks aren’t anything that could put a beginner off, the size of the plug makes it suitable for intermediate players and above.

    2. Overall Rating:
      6 out of 10 stars
      The shocks are strong and the little controller makes a great toy on its own.
      The build quality is terrible, especially for an anal insertable.
      Bottom line
      Does its job well but quality is a letdown.
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