1. Tease by Lovehoney Luxury Bondage Kit (7 Piece)

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      If you're a bondage fan who's looking for their next kinky accessory, the Tease bondage kit has everything you'll need to further your BDSM adventures. Explore endless play options with a blindfold, flogger, feather tickler and set of 4 restraints.

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      1. Tease by Lovehoney Luxury Bondage Kit (7 Piece)

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    1. Product Description

      If you're a bondage fan who's looking for their next kinky accessory, the Tease bondage kit has everything you'll need to further your BDSM adventures. Explore endless play options with a blindfold, flogger, feather tickler and set of 4 restraints.

      We've carefully selected products that give you the freedom to explore harder BDSM, whilst offering a non-intimidating look and feel to your session. Each item is made from sensually soft, gorgeous purple material, from silky wrist and ankle restraints to delicately-fluffy teasing feathers, and offer comfortable, easy enjoyment for both partners.

      So if you and your lover have dabbled with slap-and-tickle fun and want to step things up a gear, drop everything and treat yourself to this luxury bondage kit from the Lovehoney by Tease Collection.

      Key Features:

      • A collection of bondage and spanking essentials for intermediate BDSM fun
      • Glossy pliable blindfold blocks light for exciting sensory deprivation play
      • Set of 4 satin-feel restraints offer comfortable, reliable arm and leg bondage
      • Delicately soft feather tickler awakens nerves for increased sensitivity
      • Faux suede and leather flogger for beginner's impact play
      • Part of the Tease by Lovehoney Collection
    1. How it feels

      • Fastening: Tie-up
      • Material: Satin
      • Contains latex: No

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    1. Tease by Lovehoney Luxury Bondage Kit (7 Piece)

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      Are you ready to take the next step in S&M play, but not sure how? We've compiled what we reckon is the best next-step bondage kits you're likely to find, to make BDSM progression easy. Includes blindfold, tickler, flogger and restraints.

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    1. Customer Reviews

      Tease by Lovehoney Luxury Bondage Kit (7 Piece) 6 4 out of 5 stars 4 out of 5

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      1. Tease by Lovehoney Luxury Bondage Kit (7 Piece)
      2. Tease by Lovehoney Luxury Bondage Kit (7 Piece)

        Only: €47.94

        RRP: €82.79 You save: €34.85 (42%)

    1. Tease by Lovehoney Bondage Kit (7 Piece) Purple

      Reviewed: 05 October 2015 by Onlyones, a Straight Married Male

      We were sent this kit as a tester product, so firstly thank you Lovehoney for choosing us to receive this kit.

      As complete newcomers to any form of bondage play we were a little unsure of how we were going to get on with this kit, but all I can say is thanks again Lovehoney as we both had a lot of fun and this kit will certainly be used again and again.

      This kit comes in a plastic bag which for me does not do the kit justice. I would rather have seen it in a box similar to the FSoG Submit To Me kit or at least include a storage bag. However, this is a minor point.

      The kit consists of :

      4 Restraints

      1 Blindfold

      1 Feather Tickler

      1 Flogger

      The 4 restraints are made from a soft satin feel material with slide to fit loops at one end. Personally I would rather they had double D-rings, but once they had been adjusted to fit they were fine and caused no discomfort. The only problem we had was finding something to secure them to. As we have a divan bed, we ended up tying them to the radiator, a wardrobe door, and the bedside cabinets, which was a bit of a performance but had nothing to do with the kit.

      The Blindfold is made from the same material with a mouldable wire for a custom fit that really helps block out all light. It is also very comfortable to wear and stays secure and in place.

      The Feather Tickler is a work of art. We were lucky enough to test this when it was a tester product on its own and our opinion of it has not changed. It is a nice weight. It is quite small, but not in a bad way. It means it does not look like something you should be dusting the house with rather than putting to a much better use in the bedroom.

      The handle is made from plexiglass with a chrome ball at one end and a chrome fitting closest to the feathers.

      The feathers are really soft and feel great on.

      The skin. My wife finds this tickler very relaxing when used for long slow sweeping strokes, which she prefers to a tickling motion.

      We were unsure about a flogger, but this one seems perfect for beginners or those happy at the softer end of bondage play.

      The handle is 6 inches in length and of a purple satin feel material tipped in faux leather with a neat little hanging loop. The tails are around 9 and a ½ inches in length and are made from a nice soft faux leather that is still quite capable of delivering a bit of a sting if required.

      We preferred using this more like a tickler and trailing the tails up and down the body, but as I said, we are complete beginners to any kind of bondage play, so I am sure we will be putting it to its intended use in the not too distant future.

      Overall, a great little kit if you are starting out and we are so pleased we were chosen to test it. Who knows where it might lead.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Everything. Items seem well chosen and are not at all daunting once you start.
      Would like to have seen it either in a box or with a storage bag.
      Bottom line
      A great introduction to the world of bondage play.
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    1. Like a puppet on a string

      Reviewed: 26 September 2015 by growler37293, a Straight Married Male

      We were very lucky to be sent this set as a review item, it was sent in the usual discreet Lovehoney packaging. This was very eagerly awaited by my wife as she was keen to explore bondage after reading the 50 Shades series, however I was rather more sceptical.

      The set itself contains a set of 4 satin ties for arms and legs a nice satin blindfold which has wires built in to make it more comfortable for long term wear. Also included was a faux leather flogger and small feather tickler all in the purple and black Lovehoney colour scheme.

      The ties are very easy to use with the benefit of a loop at one end which we found made them both more comfortable and extended the length that you could use them in one go. With the ties in place you really are at the mercy of your partner, then with the lovely blindfold it means that you can focus on the sensations which become much higher than normal.

      The flogger has a soft satin handle with faux leather strips which are soft and supple to the touch and can be used to stroke or whip if you want. My wife found this was a real turn on for her as once she was tied and blindfolded the sensations from this whipping her genitals really turned her on. The feather tickler adds such a twist to play when combined with the rest of the set that it almost made my wife cum when I used it on her in between the flogger.

      All in all it was very enjoyable. My wife got her very own piece of 50 Shades that she wanted for so long. After me teasing her for so long she then tied me down and rode me till she was exhausted. Would we recommend it yes we would as before this we had never done anything like this and it will be a firm favourite from now on as it adds such fun and variety into sex.

      However it must always be done for fun and we have to trust each other or else it would not work the way it does, that said for your own slice of 50 Shades fun this cannot be beaten. It's better than any sex toy we've tried so far. It also helps you to learn to trust your partner more and get to know each other more intimately than you do now.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Increased Sensation, Slice of 50 Shades fun, Great Fun.
      Bottom line
      Best way to spice up sex life and get closer to each other.
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    1. What a luxurious combo

      Reviewed: 16 October 2015 by BarginHunta, a Straight Married Male

      This kit is part of Lovehoney's new bondage range, and when it arrived - wow!

      Our first impressions of this kit was that every part of it just exudes luxury. From the rich purple colour of the satin to the deep black leather of the flogger, it is a gorgeous set to look at.

      Our kit was packaged in a clear plastic heat-sealed bag but, this did not detract from the beauty of the set, if anything it let it be displayed in all it's glory!

      Our kit contained 1x Tease blindfold, 4x Tease Silky restraints, 1x Tease Flogger, and 1x Tease Feather Tickler.

      The blindfold is made from the same purple satin as the rest of the kit with plenty of strap length for tying on. The actual eyemask section is possibly the best we have ever experienced; it is trimmed with a black non-slip material which ensures that it stays in place once fitted. It is also what can only be described as 'underwired' so once tied into position the eye mask can actually be shaped to fit your face perfectly. All these great features combined with the thick blackout feature of the eye mask means that once you are wearing this it not only fulfills its requirement as a blindfold, wonderfully blocking out even the slightest bit of light, it is also incredibly comfortable to wear.

      The restraints come as a set of four, and are of the strap variety so you are free to tie them however you wish. One end of each strap has a loop, so you can thread the strap through itself and only need to tie one end. This loop is not a metal D-ring, but rather just a section of the satin sewn back onto itself. At first we weren't sure whether this was a good thing or not, but in the end decided we liked it. It can be tricky to thread the strap through the loop as both the strap and the loop are so flexible, but once you've done it it does mean that the strap can be tightened around any limb without the discomfort of a metal ring pressing into you. If there was to be a downside to the ties it would only be that occasionally we found them a little short for our purposes. For convenience they could have done with being about 1.5 times the length.

      Next out of the bag was the tiny Tickler. This appeared small at first, but it turns out that it is actually perfect. The transparent handle with silver trim is aesthetically pleasing and actually has a surprising weight to it. This means that when you are tantalising your lover you have very good control of the tickler which I don't believe you would have were it as light as it looks! The feathers are securely fastened to the handle and have no ribs to them, meaning that the entire length of the feather is super soft and usable. Whether you want to barely make contact with your partners skin, or allow the feather to drape across them, this feels great!

      The last item out of the bag was the Flogger. This was something completely new to us and a little daunting for my wife when she first saw it! In itself it is another beautiful item, from thehandle tightly wrapped in purple satin to the faux leather tassels and leather trimmings. This is another item that easily passes the 'pull test' with the tassels firmly fixed to the handle. The flogger, like the Tickler, has a nice reassuring weight to it which actually worked well for us. Being new to it, I wasn't sure how much to 'flick' it, but the weight of the flogger works really nicely in this regard and almost carries itself through the movement. This is a great multi-purpose toy, we found it equally pleasurable to allow the tassels to gently drag across the skin or to use it as a whip flicking the tassels for that gentle sting! Being able to easily alternate between the two sensations makes for a great mix. This is great as a beginner toy because we found (as we got braver!) that you can actually 'whip' quite hard with it without causing pain - apparently a slight sting on impact, but nothing lasting. This is probably down to the lovely soft faux leather of the tassels. This suited us perfectly, but if you are into more pain in your play it may not be up to the job.

      Overall once we had discovered each of the items and 'tested' them, combined they made for a very entertaining and pleasurable evening! Great quality items, both in looks and feel, and we're sure that they will be out for many more uses in the near future!

    2. Overall Rating:
      9 out of 10 stars
      Everything feels top quality and is made to last.
      Bottom line
      A great introduction to bondage play.
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