1. Sexy Latex Red Underbust Spanking Dress with Soft Lining

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      Finally. A latex dress that doesn't need dressing aids. Unlike most latex clothing, this innovative spanking dress is lined with soft fabric to make wear and removal easy and fumble-free. No more awkward rolling or peeling - just seamless sexy reveals.

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      1. Sexy Latex Red Underbust Spanking Dress with Soft Lining

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    1. Product Description

      Finally. A latex dress that doesn't need dressing aids. Unlike most latex clothing, this innovative spanking dress is lined with soft fabric to make wear and removal easy and fumble-free. No more awkward rolling or peeling - just seamless sexy reveals.

      A completely ingenious design, this bold red dress is made from a material called Datex. Formed of a latex outer and fabric lining, it stretches and clings just like latex, without being difficult to put on or take off. Plus the lining gives the fabric added durability for worry-free wear.

      Polish it up with a silicone lube and accessories with nipple tassels or clamps to complete your ensemble.

      Please note: This garment is not suitable for those with a latex allergy.

      Key Features:

      • Latex pencil dress with soft lining for a comfortable, seductive latex look
      • Soft lining enables easy wear with maximum comfort, even without talc
      • Underbust front leaves breasts alluringly exposed for teasing fun
      • Cut out bottom reveals bum cheeks - perfect for spanking play
      • Buffs to a high shine finish with latex polish or silicone lube
    1. Essential info

      • Contains latex: Yes
      • Washing instructions: Hand wash only
    2. How it feels

      • Material: Latex
    1. Customer Reviews

      Sexy Latex Red Underbust Spanking Dress with Soft Lining 4 4 out of 5 stars 4 out of 5

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      1. Sexy Latex Red Underbust Spanking Dress with Soft Lining
      2. Sexy Latex Red Underbust Spanking Dress with Soft Lining

        Only: €44.95

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    1. Datex - A Revolution

      Reviewed: 12 May 2016 by Sxrxh

      Purchased this product as a birthday present to myself. And I was definitely not disappointed.

      I absolutely adore latex, but as anyone who has worn latex before will tell you, it is such a pain to get on/off and does get rather hot and sticky through a hard night of partying.

      What intrigued me about this was the 'soft lining' description. I thought surely it must not be 'proper' latex if it has a soft lining. Sounds too good to be true. Regardless, I decided to buy it and test it out.

      It arrived today and I eagerly unwrapped it to try on. Yes, as all latex garments, it did smell a bit funky, but it's quite excusable once you put it on.

      It FEELS like latex on the outside. But the inside is actually a soft woven material. It's a tad hard to describe. I slipped it on with absolute ease. No nasty tugging and smoothing and rearranging. Just slips right on. The heavy seams are stitched instead of glued like traditional latex, some may see this as a negative, but I think it's brilliant.

      Heavy duty. Definitely no tearing. Seams lay flat against the body so are not overly obvious or distracting from the overall look. The dress came with a little card explaining about the material 'datex' and had a website to visit offering other products they've made. I used the complimentary latex shiner, and wow, fantastic.

      Absolutely love this dress. It is super flattering. I hope that Lovehoney gets more of this brand to sell through their website as I will happily be purchasing other items like this one!

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      The smell, but no big deal.
      Bottom line
      Worth it! Latex without the hot and sticky feeling.
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    1. Absolutely brilliant

      Reviewed: 24 December 2015 by snoopy_84, a Bisexual Single Female

      I loved the look of this dress as soon I saw it on this website, but I was concerned that it would be uncomfortable. I couldn't have been more wrong. This dress is easy to get on and off, and is very comfortable to wear.

      I didn't feel constricted at all and I did not feel hot or uncomfortable. The dress seems to show off your shape, but hold you in a little as well. I felt very sexy wearing it and I would wear it all the time if I could get away with it.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Comfortable and very sexy.
      Slight rubbery smell, but that is not the end of the world.
      Bottom line
      It's a great buy, 100% recommend.
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    1. Latex without the fuss

      Reviewed: 04 October 2015 by Lovebirds_x

      As someone who loves latex but is less than in love with the hassle of putting it on, telling me that latex that is as easy to put on as regular clothing exists is basically telling me miracles can happen.

      The miracle lessens when you open your package to find a tiny square of very annoyingly stuck together latex. It took me a long time to peel the dress apart, but then I was being very careful to make sure I didn’t actually pull a seam apart or tear it. It has a rather nasty, chemical smell which I really don’t know how to describe. It smelled a little like rotten eggs mixed with strange rubber. Not nice!

      Thankfully, the smell has gone away after washing the dress and hanging it up for a week. The dress still has a scent, not the usual latex smell but not a nasty one either. It hasn’t stuck itself together again either, even when lazily rolled off and left on the floor (oops), so I think that issue is one I can forgive as a packaging flaw and nothing more.

      The build quality on this dress is pretty good. The seams are sewn rather than just glued, which adds a lot more durability. They are all straight and lie flat against the skin, so they’re comfortable. The edges haven’t been cut the best, the bottom of my dress is quite noticeably cut in a wavy line. Well, noticeable on the hanger, not so much while wearing.

      I love love LOVE how easy this dress is to put on! They're not kidding when they say no need for dressing aids. Thanks to the innovative lining, slipping into this sexy number is no more difficult than slipping into a bodycon style dress. Of course you should still take care not to over stretch the latex, but the way it simply slides on is just amazing. This is nothing like putting on regular latex, if you have struggled with wearing latex in the past (or are intimidated by the thought) but still want the look/feel I would urge you to give Datex a chance. It is rather magical.

      The soft lining also means you don’t have to deal with getting sweaty if you wear it for extended periods of time. I am sure it’s not breathable anymore than regular latex is, but it sure feels that way and it really adds to the comfort of wearing it. I’m sure latex purists would say it doesn’t feel quite the same, but to me the difference is negligible compared to just how much ease of wearing and dressing the lining provides.

      The ease of wearing combined with the comfort level makes this hands down the best piece of latex I’ve had the pleasure of wearing. It feels so natural, like a second skin. You feel comfortable, slinky, sexy. It’s great!

      The fit is spot on. I am a size 10 on the top and 12 on the bottom so got this in a medium, which is listed as 10-12. I can happily say the fit is true to size, it fitted perfectly everywhere with nowhere feeling stretched, too tight or too loose. Slimmer size 10 ladies and curvier size 12 ladies shouldn’t have a problem with it as it does stretch and cling to fit your body perfectly.

      I definitely felt slimmer in this dress. It has a bodycon effect, smoothing your silhouette and sucking in softer areas. Once you get it all shined up you look even slinkier. You’d think you need a perfect body to wear something as skin tight as latex, but you really don’t; the latex is very kind in flattering and smoothing your shape. It’s a great confidence booster!

      On me, the cut out on the back of the dress sat in such a way that it exposed both my entire bottom and the top few inches of my thighs. I like that it acts almost as a safety guide/educational tool by covering the kidney/tailbone areas you would want to avoid spanking, pretty neat feature for BDSM beginners, not to mention that it leaves you a lot of area to spank rather than just a tiny patch of bum.

      The bust cut out sat well on me too, framing my bust nicely and obviously leaving it exposed for play. I’ve teamed the dress with a nice bra too for a little more cover, the cut out accomodates this just fine.

      Overall I think this is a great buy for those new to latex or those who have struggled to put it on comfortably in the past. It lets you have the look and feel of shiny latex without the time consuming or awkward fumble to get it on. I love that I can just whip this dress on and be ready to go, rather than have to tell my partner to wait half an hour while I get ready. The initial smell and struggle to pull the dress apart sucks and is pretty off putting, but this seems to be a one time only problem. Stick with it, it gets better! :)

    2. Overall Rating:
      8 out of 10 stars
      Dressing couldn't be easier/quicker, comfortable to wear, perfect fit, seems durable, great for spanking!
      Arrives stuck together and with a strong, nasty smell. This goes away, but still.
      Bottom line
      Great dress for those who want the latex look with quick, hassle-free dressing.
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