10 Erogenous Zones You Never Considered

by Lovehoney

on 15 Aug 2018


4 Toys to Arouse Hidden Erogenous Zones

1. The Scalp

We all deserve good head – the kind that starts with the scalp! Your scalp is covered in nerve-endings, making it super responsive to touch.

Giving your significant other a sensual head massage, or even washing their hair for them, will simultaneously release tension and get them in the mood for romance.

2. The Stomach

The stomach does not initially sound like a prime erogenous zone.

A destination for delicious food, yes. But an erotic region?

It turns out that the stomach is more than capable of turning you on AND digesting that late-night kebab (though perhaps not at the same time!)

Your stomach exists tantalisingly close to your genitals, making it ideal for foreplay.

Lightly stroking and kissing your lover’s stomach is a great way to build delicious anticipation before the main event.

3. The Back

If you’ve dimmed the lights and started settling in for a steamy session, the back is a great place to start.

Not only does a back rub or massage help to relax your partner, it creates incredible intimacy.

Try Lovehoney Oh! Vanilla Kissable Massage Oil if you want to move seamlessly from a luxurious massage to lusty sex.

4. The Perineum

It may be a small area, but don’t let that fool you into thinking this isn’t a prime pleasure zone!

The perineum (the region of skin that exists between your anus and scrotum/vulva) is covered with nerve-endings, making it incredibly receptive to touch.

Your perineum can play a sensual supporting role if you enjoy a good bit of rimming (see Rimming 101 for a full how-to guide), or you can simply enjoy the sensation of a finger, tongue or toy stimulating this area alone.

5. The Balls

I’m saying it louder for the people in the back – balls don’t get the credit they deserve!

Your testicles are covered by a thin layer of muscle that extends towards the abdomen, so the right type of ball game can send a wave of pleasure coursing through your entire body.

Try cupping or ever-so-gently tugging on your partner’s family jewels. You can also use a whole range of testicular toys to get the most out of this erogenous zone.

6. The Chest

You may not have boobs, but this doesn’t mean your chest isn’t erotic. Chest and nipple stimulation can be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of gender.

Slowly kissing or lightly raking your fingernails over your lover’s chest are both great ways to turn up the heat in bed.

If you want to take things to the next level, there are loads of amazing toys out there that are perfect for chest and nipple play.

7. The Thighs

Your upper thighs are pretty much your penis or vagina’s next-door-neighbours.

Just as with the stomach, the sensation of your thighs being caressed can be a great way to stoke the flames of desire!

Try stroking, kissing or even gently blowing on your partner’s thighs as a sexy precursor to mind-blowing oral sex.

8. The Feet

Some people LOVE making feet a part of their sex lives, while other people remain loyal to Team ‘Don’t-Ever-Touch-My-Feet-Or-I-Will-Instinctively-Kick-You-In-The-Face’.

Both preferences are totally normal.

If you’re a fan of feet, then you won’t be surprised to learn that foot play is a big turn on for many people. Start with a heavenly foot massage and see where the evening takes you.

9. The Ears

The ears can be sexy in more ways than one. Just as we are often turned on by the words and sounds that we hear, so too can we be aroused by having our ears touched and kissed.

The ears are covered in sensory receptors and, unlike a handshake or a hug, there aren’t many social situations where another person purposely touches our ears.

This makes it a very intimate act when done in the bedroom. Try touching one of your lover’s ears as you kiss.

Lightly stroking or tracing the outer edge of their ear is a good place to start. If they’re into it, you can progress to kissing or even gently blowing their ears.

And for seasoned lovers of aural sex, a tongue in the ear is hard to pass up!

10. The Brain

Don’t accuse me of being cheesy, it’s true! The brain is one of the most erotic muscles we possess.

Giving your brain permission to fantasise allows you to get in touch with what truly turns you on as a person.

Sexting, role play, dirty talk – none of these activities would be half as fun without your brain in the driver’s seat, inspiring you.

If you feel like you’ve become a bit too crotch-focused of late, then these 10 erogenous zones are all great places to start shaking things up.

We are all complex people and we each have so many different sensations that we find pleasurable – so, why not try them all?!


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Originally published on 15 Aug 2018. Updated on 10 Dec 2021