1. Sexy Wedding Anniversary Gift Guide

    1. Weddings and wedding anniversaries are steeped in tradition but in the modern age it can be difficult to maintain a sense of traditionalism when it comes to gift-giving. Paper, lace and leather might not seem like the most inspired choices, but the traditional wedding anniversary gifts have vast potential for creative thinking and fun gift-giving.

      Celebrating your wedding anniversary as a couple is about celebrating your union as a loving, inseparable partnership and choosing something that better represents your love for one another shows forethought, consideration and also sends the message that you’re still deeply attracted to your husband or wife.

      To make your wedding anniversary traditional, romantic and sexy, check out these suggestions for alternative sexy gifts to celebrate your marriage and rekindle some of that wedding night passion.

    1. 1st Wedding Anniversary Cotton - Bondage Boutique Cotton Rope

      First wedding anniversary - cotton - bondage rope

      Bed linen is commonly given for the first wedding anniversary, but a length of soft cotton bondage rope like the Bondage Boutique Cotton Rope (£9.99) is much better poised to make your anniversary a memorable one. Maybe the in-laws can buy the new bedding instead.

    2. 2nd Wedding Anniversary Paper - Fifty Shades of Grey by E L James

      Second wedding anniversary - paper - erotica

      Leave gifts of money for the family and turn your attention to writing your partner a sexy love note slipped inside an erotic book like Fifty Shades of Grey (£7.99). The letter adds a personal touch to an intensely titillating read.

    3. 3rd Wedding Anniversary Leather - DOMINIX Leather Heart Slapper Paddle

      Third wedding anniversary - leather - bondage

      Shoes, handbags, belts? There's much more fun to be had with leather on your wedding anniversary. With so many bondage accessories out there like the DOMINIX Deluxe Leather Heart Slapper Paddle (£24.99), you'll find something to tickle (or spank) your fancy.

    1. 4th Wedding Anniversary Flowers - Icicles Butt Plug with Flower Base

      Fourth wedding anniversary - flowers - flower plug

      Whether it's your fourth wedding anniversary or not, there had better be flowers on the cards. You can make your floral offering more exciting with a sex toy in a botanical shape like this Icicles Flower Base Plug (£29.99).

    2. 5th Wedding Anniversary Wood - Sex & Mischief Mahogany Flogger

      Fifth wedding anniversary - wood - spanking paddle

      Giving your partner wood or receiving wood is a wonderfully rewarding experience, but giving it in the right way makes all the difference. Put down that wooden statue of a cat sleeping and pick up the Sex & Mischief Mahogany Flogger (£14.99)

    3. 6th Wedding Anniversary Sugar - Candy Bra or G-String

      Sixth wedding anniversary - sugar - candy bra

      Avoid the temptation to wrap a 1kg bag of sugar, your partner probably won't find it funny. Instead make sugar sexy with rude food. A Candy Bra (£5.99) is a sugary treat that can be eaten off the body and for a more interactive experience, try a chocolate willy moulding kit.

    1. 7th Wedding Anniversary Wool - Bondage Boutique Black Rose Pleasure Handcuffs

      Seventh wedding anniversary - wool - Lovehoney fleece

      OK, we admit it. Wool just isn't sexy. Nor are sheep. So what do we do about wool? The only thing we could come up with is either knitting some intimate wear for your partner's privates (don't… just don't) or treating them to the lined Bondage Boutique Black Rose Pleasure Handcuffs(£16.99).

    2. 8th Wedding Anniversary Salt - Sliquid Oceanics Natural Lube

      Eigth wedding anniversary - salt - Sliquid Oceanics Lube

      Ready salted crisps, rock salt and sushi are probably the best you could come up with for this one. That’s all we managed until we remembered Sliquid Oceanics Lube (£24.99) which is infused with natural marine extracts, making a salt-themed anniversary infinitely more erotic.

    3. 9th Wedding Anniversary Copper - Fancy Dress Police Hat

      Ninth wedding anniversary - copper - police outfit

      The stuff that pennies and tuppences are made from, but also a sexy roleplay suggestion. Would you rather receive some metal that tarnishes swiftly that you'll be cleaning forever or a half-dressed sexy police officer yielding handcuffs?

    1. 10th Wedding Anniversary Tin - Massage Candle

      Tenth wedding anniversary - tin - massage candle

      Once again, refrain from gifting your now long-suffering partner a tin of beans for giggles. A beautifully presented massage candle not only presents itself as a romantic gift, it comes with the promise of loving attention and intimacy so is bound to be a winner. The Lovehoney Oh! Vanilla Lickable Massage Candle (£6.99) is lickable too - yum!

    2. 11th Wedding Anniversary Steel - njoy Pure Stainless Steel Dildo

      Eleventh wedding anniversary - steel - njoy dildo

      Stainless steel is rather underrated as an attractive metal, perhaps because it's not precious. It's attractive, highly reflective and doesn't cause allergic reactions and this makes it the perfect material to make sex toys from. Try a metal dildo like the njoy Pure Wand (£129.99) as a sexy alternative to a cutlery set.

    3. 12th Wedding Anniversary Silk - Tease Silky Blindfold

      Twelfth wedding anniversary - silk - silk blindfold

      A luxurious fabric that begs to be touched and stroked, how can you possibly resist the chance to gift something erotic? A silky blindfold like the Tease by Lovehoney Blindfold (£4.00) offers a soft and romantic experience that you can take it in turns to share, enhancing your trust and increasing your sexual anticipation for one another’s touch.

    1. 13th Wedding Anniversary Lace - Lovehoney Unwrap Me Black Babydoll

      Thirteenth wedding anniversary - lace - lace set

      Been looking forward to this one? The lace wedding anniversary is practically begging you to invest in sexy lacy lingerie, but did you know it can be a two-way thing? We have a wide range of lacy underwear for men as well (and it gets absolutely amazing reviews!).

    2. 14th Wedding Anniversary Ivory - Lovehoney White Lace Spaghetti Strap Body

      Fourteenth wedding anniversary - ivory - bridal lingerie

      Enjoy a cruelty-free ivory wedding anniversary by staying away from the real deal and focusing on the colour instead. Our top suggestion would be to have a snoop around the bridal lingerie section and go for something pale, pretty and reminiscent of your wedding.

    3. 15th Wedding Anniversary Crystal - Crystal Clit Clamp

      Fifteenth wedding anniversary - crystal - clit clamp

      Leave the more traditional gift of crystal ornaments and champagne flutes to well-meaning relatives and opt for something sparkly to twinkle in the bedroom. Nipple pasties are a fun way to surprise your partner on your crystal anniversary but more adventurous lovers might want to try a Entice Rose Gold Crystal Clit Clamp (£12.99).

    1. 20th Wedding Anniversary China - Zhang Xiao Yu Male Masturbator

      Twentieth wedding anniversary - China - Utensil Race Proof 005 Zhang Xiao Yu's Realistic Pussy Masturbator

      There’s not much sexy about teacups and who needs yet more ornaments to dust? Utensil Race Proof 005 Realistic Pussy Masturbator (which is modeled after China's top sex symbol, Zhang Xiao Yu) is an on-theme gift for your china wedding anniversary and it comes with the promise of intense pleasure for him, allowing you to explore a new bedroom accessory together.

    2. 25th Wedding Anniversary Silver - Ben Wa Balls

      Twenty-fifth wedding anniversary - silver - ben wa balls

      There’s nothing quite as desired in silver than a pair of jiggle balls. Since the release of Fifty Shades of Grey, silver balls like our Oriental Ben Wa Balls (£9.99), are seriously hot property. Not only do they feel great for her to wear, he’ll enjoy the benefits of her feeling tighter, more toned and experiencing more intense orgasms too.

    3. 30th Wedding Anniversary Pearl - Pearl Thong

      Thirtieth wedding anniversary - pearl - pearl thong

      30 years of marriage is quite a substantial accomplishment, but that doesn’t mean you have to crack out the pearl earrings and twinset or opt for an embellished shaving brush. The Cottelli Pearl Thong (£12.99) is a wonderful stimulating gift for her, and watching you get hot under the collar will tick his boxes too.

    1. 40th Wedding Anniversary Ruby - Lovehoney Wild Romance Red Basque Set

      Fortieth wedding anniversary - ruby - satin chemise

      Gift your partner luxuriously silky bedroom wear like the Lovehoney Wild Romance Red Basque Set (£29.99) which features gorgeous lace-up detailing and shimmering scarlet satin – a beautiful alternative to jewellery.

    2. 50th Wedding Anniversary Gold - Lelo Insignia Soraya 2 Luxury Vibrator

      Fiftieth wedding anniversary - gold - Lelo Soraya 2

      Nothing says luxury like the Lelo Soraya 2 Waterproof Vibrator (£199.99). The elegant Swedish-made vibrator features exquisite gold detailing along the smooth shaft, as well as impressive pinpoint stimulation. The ultimate in high-end seduction, this gift certainly won't disappoint.

    3. 60th Wedding Anniversary Diamond - Julian Snelling Swarovski Butt Plug

      Sixtieth wedding anniversary - diamond - Julian Snelling Rosebud Stainless Steel Large Swarovski Crystal Butt Plug

      Finding something as unique as your 60 years of marriage is going to be a challenge. If you want something extra luxurious to mark the occasion (without splashing out for a diamond ring), try the Julian Snelling Rosebud Butt Plug (£64.99).

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