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  1. How to Give an Erotic Massage

    Foreplay doesn’t just have to be a kiss and a cuddle within the confines of the bedroom. In fact, erotic massage is the perfect way to connect physically and emotionally.

    The majority of our everyday communication is non-verbal and body language plays a huge part in how we communicate and understand other people. It should therefore make sense that massage, one of the most intimate kinds of touch, is a good way of communicating with your lover. Each caress, stroke and rub can be used to say anything from “I adore your body” to “I hope you had a good day at work”.

    Finding tense spots in your partner’s neck, shoulders and back then kneading and massaging them with your hands will not only remove physical pain, but it can help unblock their mind as they focus less on the pain and the stress associated with it.

    A massage can be a simple stroking of the hands or a good going-over of the whole body. Whatever you decide to do, you’ll soon realise the benefits to your heath, your body, your relationship and your sex life.

    Erotic Massage: Essential Equipment

    You can give a massage using nothing except your hands! However, this always seems quite clinical and reduces intimacy significantly.

    To get the full effect, you’ll want to set the right mood for your massage. Start by making the room you want to do the massage in warm - your partner will probably be naked or at least semi-naked so to stop shivers, turn up the heat.

    You’ll also want to dim the lights or light some candles. Harsh lighting can be an uncomfortable distraction during massage so bring in a little bit of romance with some fairy lights or tea light candles.

    Massage Lotion

    Lovehoney Oh! Vanilla Lickable Massage Oil 30mlOne of the most important parts of your massage is a slippery oil or lotion that will let your hands glide across their body and leave their skin feeling smooth and nourished.

    The Lovehoney Oh! Vanilla Lickable Massage Oil 30ml (£5.99) is perfect for this as the delicious smell will fill the room and get you both in the mood for some fun.

    Pour some oil onto your palms and gently rub to warm the lotion before running your hands over your lover's body in sensual, long strokes.

    Massage Candles

    Lovehoney Oh! Vanilla Lickable Massage Candle 60gIf you fancy trying something a little different, combine soft lighting with a massage oil in the form of a massage candle. Choose from erotic vanilla, strawberry or cherry.

    Light the wick and when the wax melts, the candle will turn into a warm liquid that can be safely poured on to the skin for a sweet-smelling massage.

    Massage candles are wonderful for setting the mood and adding a little ceremony to your sensual massage experience.

    Massage Accessories

    Tools like massagers, massage rocks and hot massage packs make giving an erotic massage a cinch, even if you've never done it before. Check out our favourite products to help you cheat your way to top-notch sensual back rubs.

    How to Give an Erotic Massage

    No matter what part of the body you are massaging, there are some simple techniques that apply almost everywhere. Be careful not to press too hard or cause any pain when you’re giving the massage and take time to check in with your partner to find out which parts they enjoy most.

    When massaging your lover, try to keep your bodies as close as possible and always maintain body contact. This will not only help you keep warm and stop your lover wondering, "Where did they go?" mid-massage, but it’ll also give you both a connection that really sparks your eroticism and romance.

    A massage book is a great way to learn the art of massage as it is clear and concise, but here are a couple of techniques to start you off:

    Initial Touch

    The first few touches you make should be long, lingering and purposeful. Psychologically speaking, firm contact will reassure your partner and make them feel safe (think of how a strong handshake makes an impression on a business partner, and you’ve got the gist).

    Use this time to apply the massage oil or lotion to their body and get their skin warmed up. Your hands should be flat but your fingers should be relaxed, allowing them to splay and follow the natural contours of your partner’s body.


    Massage doesn’t have to be intense and deep, in fact, doing the opposite can be both soothing and exciting at the same time. Using your fingertips, trace the contours of your partner’s body.

    Run your fingers through their hair, gently graze their neck with the pads of your fingers or follow the smooth curves of their lips with your thumbs.

    This soft touching will give great results and allow you to move your touch from one area of the body to another fluidly.

    Kneading Thumbs

    Pressing, kneading and rolling the thumbs against the body is a great way to workout tension in the muscles. Press your thumbs against any body part and smoothly move them away from you, using the full extension of your thumbs. Moving each thumb, one after the other creates a continuous rolling sensation that will really get rid of knots and tight spots. This works especially well on the back, shoulders, feet and thighs.

    Durex Play Massage 2 in 1 Soothing Personal Lubricant 200mlGetting Intimate

    If you hope that your massage will lead to something intimate, use a massage lotion that's safe as a personal lubricant and condom-compatible. Oil is not recommended for use as a lube, and it's not compatible with latex condoms.

    A specially formulated massage lube like Durex Play Massage 2 in 1 Personal Lubricant (£8.99) or any of our silicone lubricants are ideal because they will keep you slick and sensual all over and you can go seamlessly from massage to sex.

    Need more help?

    You can Contact Customer Care, who will be able to help you find the right massage tools. You can email, telephone or live chat to an experienced advisor 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    The other great place to look for people's advice on foreplay and massage candles is on the Lovehoney Forum, where our community is on hand to give their opinions and tips.

    Contact Lovehoney Customer Care | Visit The Lovehoney Forum

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