1. 9 Rabbit Vibrator Hacks You Need To Know


    So you're the proud owner of a rabbit vibrator, and we bet you can't wait to bounce around the bedroom with your brand new bunny.

    Once burrowed deep in the drawers of a select few, these vibes are now nearly as prolific as real rabbits. And for good reason - they're great.

    While the iconic ears stimulate all sides of the clit, the girthy shafts provide intense internal stimulation.

    But did you know your rabbit is capable of a whole lot more than that? Gasp.

    We've put together a handy guide to help you explore your vibe's many play possibilities.

    1. Lovehoney Classic Mains Powered Magic Wand Vibrator
    2. 1. Start slow

      Jumping in at the highest setting can be a bit scary.

      Start at the lowest and let your body get used to the sensations. When you’re ready, and only if your body tells you so, work up to more intense speeds or patterns.

      What Lovehoney customers say:

      "It makes the vibrating sensations so much more powerful if you learn to use the lower settings as much as the higher ones." -bex1213

      1. rabbit-blog-2
      2. 2. Use it on other areas

        Just because it has rabbit ears and an insertable shaft, doesn’t mean its usage is exclusive to your nether regions.

        Use the tip of the shaft or ears to caress your nipples and other sweet spots first, building anticipation before moving on to the main event.

        What Lovehoney customers say:

        "I like to use my vibes on my nipples... adds a little something different to the situation!" -wildflower

      1. Happy Rabbit Vibrator
      2. 3. Don’t go all in

        Position your vibe 3/4 of the way in, so the bit that wiggles most is at just the right part of the opening - where all those nerve endings are!

        What Lovehoney customers say:

        "Find the right position. Sometimes toys just demand you to find what position works." -squirtypanda

      1. rabbit-blog-post-1
      2. 4. Turn it around

        While the pleasure from dual clitoral and G-spot stimulation is undeniably excellent, try turning your rabbit around while it’s inside you and let the long flexible ears provide super stimulating anal pleasure.

        Add a blindfold or handcuffs to the mix and take turns to tease one another with the vibrations.

        What Lovehoney customers say:

        "Turn the rabbit the other way round when it's inside you and let the long, flickering ears tantalise your backdoor." -annalee

      1. Lovehoney Jessica Rabbit 10 Function Triple Rabbit Vibrator
      2. 5. Mix it up

        Play with the settings.

        Some dual motored rabbits allow for independent patterns in the shaft and ears – try experimenting with one motor on and one off to experience acute and intense sensations for more exciting play.

        What Lovehoney customers say:

        "Sometimes the best rabbit play involes running the clitoral vibe and leaving the shaft static for a bit." -vanessa8

      1. rabbitt-blog-3
      2. 6. Explore oral possibilities

        Many men find vibrations incredibly stimulating.

        On a low setting, try using the shaft of your rabbit against your cheek while giving oral sex to your partner. If they have any reservations about sex toys, this is a surefire way to help them come round.

        What Lovehoney customers say:

        "Holding a vibe on the tip of your penis or partner's penis while performing oral or giving a hand job makes things more intense." -lil_known69

      1. Durex Play Tingle Personal Lubricant
      2. 7. Lots of lube

        Of course lube makes everything better.

        Why not kick things up a notch with a warming, cooling or tingling lube to make your points of stimulation as sensitive as they can be? Try the Durex Play Tingle Personal Lubricant to give you that tingling feeling where it matters most.

        What Lovehoney customers say:

        "This lube is my all-time favourite and it intensifies my orgasms so much! The sensation is something else!" -lovelylumps

        1. rabbit-blog-4
        2. 8. Share the pleasure

          You don't have to keep your toys to yourself.

          A rabbit can really spice up couple's play. Something like the Mantric Rabbit Vibrator is non-realistic, non-intimidating and great for stimulating the prostate and perineum.

          What Lovehoney customers say:

          "At first I just ran the tip over my balls, shaft and head, as you would with a wand, and this got me really hard. I can't describe how good this felt and came close to climax several times doing this." -misterE82

        1. Tracey Cox Supersex Rabbit Ears Clitoral Vibrator
        2. 9. Portable pet

          If you love the sensations of your rabbit, but want something a little more portable, or something easier to incorporate into your lovemaking, try a rabbit-ears only clitoral vibrator.

          Try the Tracey Cox Supersex Rabbit Ears Clitoral Vibrator. Under 5 inches in length, it's the perfect pocket-sized play partner.

          What Lovehoney customers say:

          "Perfect for solo or couples play thanks to its nifty, sleek size. Foreplay or climax, we always find a use for this one. Very quiet too, even on the higher settings." -mr happy fiance

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