1. How To Choose Lingerie For Your Favourite Body Feature


    What do you love most about your body?

    Whether it's your bum, your boobs or your thighbrows (come again?) we've got sexy lingerie to help you show your favourite bits off.


    If you love your... Boobs 

    Whether yours are itty bitty or big ol' bazoomas, there are plenty of ways to emphasise your breast (ahem) features.

    Create a come-hither cleavage with push-up cups, or opt for soft lace and sheer mesh if you want to make your nipples the focus.

    Feeling daring? Free the nipple in a peek-a-boo bra, or try an open-cup style to unleash your inner exhibitionist.


    If you love your... Bum 

    Blessed with a pretty great pair of cheeks?

    There are so many ways to show off your bum, from slipping into a simple thong, to bedecking your butt with embroidery, ruching and bows.

    Cage-back knickers frame your favourite curves, while cut-outs add an element of tease, and a bow above your butt turns it into a beautifully wrapped present.

    High-leg knickers reveal that super-sexy underneath-bit of your bumcheek and lengthen your legs at the same time.


    If you love your... Legs 

    If it's your thighs you love, high leg lingerie is a great way to make the most of them - especially if want to accentuate your 'thighbrows' (the line at the top of your thigh that forms when you bend forward).

    Got legs for days? Show them off in a timelessly sexy pair of stockings. Smoothing over your calves and sliding up over your thighs, stockings create a top-to-toe sexy look. Teamed with a suspender belt, they sex up a bra set in seconds.

    There are loads of styles to choose from - from everyday, sheer nylons to retro-style back-seams, patterned lace and wet look stockings that ensure your admirer will lover your legs as much as you do.


    If you love your... Waist 

    If you've got hourglass curves, go for lingerie with contoured panels, corset lacing and concealed boning to emphasise your narrowest point.

    A basque or corset will draw attention to your shape, but you can also go for a cutaway style.


    If you love your... Back 

    Showing off your back can be a highly erotic alternative to a plunging neckline, and it can be as subtle and suggestive or as overtly sexy as you like.

    Draw attention to the nape of your neck and curve of your back with eye-catching lace details or a set of criss-cross straps.

    For full-on sex appeal, go for a completely backless all-in-one with a revealing thong rear.


    If you love your... Shoulders & Collarbone 

    Dress up your décolletage with lingerie that features decorative choker-style details and fetish-look straps, or go for a Bardot-style neckline that leaves your shoulders bare.

    Harness-style lingerie is not only sexy AF, it also transforms a simple outfit, peeping out over the neckline of your dress, and suggesting there's something far more edgy and erotic underneath.


    If you love your... Stomach 

    From bra sets with low-slung knickers, to high-waisted styles that emphasise your belly whether it's round or flat, there are plenty of ways to show off your stomach.

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