1. Position of the Week: Cheek to Cheek

    Position of the Week: Cheek to Cheek

    Oh boy, oh boy, is he going to love this one. Do a flip reverse on the traditional forward facing blow job position and gain full access to titillation of his most explosive spots - his penis, balls and anus. Now there's a triple whammy to write home about.


    He positions himself in a horizontal facedown position, with his hips resting on a sturdy pouffe or padded footrest and his arms on the floor in a press up position. She kneels behind him and prizes apart his bum cheeks and thighs to perform delicious licks and sucks on his penis, balls or anus... or all three.


    Facing away from the action, he'll need to put absolute trust in her and take on a slightly submissive role when it comes to her choosing which areas she's going to pleasure first and how. This creates a thrilling element of suspense for him and the sensations that await him, and gives her the thrill of being in charge.


    She can slip a vibrating cock ring onto him to surprise him with intense vibrations, while she licks, sucks and tickles her way around his pleasure zones. A squeeze of flavoured lube will make the oral extravaganza into a delicious experience for her, and the added lubrication will feel sensational for him.

    Make it even better

    He can put a blindfold on during the oral session to explore the Dom/sub relationship further and to play on the element of surprise as to what's coming next in the pleasure stakes. The position is a fantastic starting point for exploring soft bondage and the roles of giver/receiver can be easily switched to explore different narratives.


    Everyone's a winner in this position - it's perfect for female-female and male-male couples as well.

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    • Rosemary: March 21, 2020 19:20
      Does men like women to be dominant in the bedroom