Best Subreddits for Sex Advice

by Lindsay

on 29 Aug 2019


Sex advice: it's everywhere.

You can get sex advice from loads of places, including Lovehoney (that's us!), doctors, sexperts and people like you, who may have experience with the very situation you're wondering about. In cases like that, an easy way to connect with other people is by joining a forum to ask the question. Our very own Lovehoney forum may be your first stop, but if you're looking for even more information, enter Reddit.

Reddit is the largest, most popular forum on the internet. Gone are the days when forums were all specific, separate websites: Reddit is a conglomerate of communities (called 'subreddits') where discussions are happening all the time.

Subreddits can be as general as r/Advice and r/NoStupidQuestions, where you can ask any question that tickles your fancy, or as specific as r/WhatsThisBug, where users post pictures of unidentified insects and the community entomologists will label your critter.

Since we're the sexual happiness people, we've explored Reddit to find the best subreddits where you can get sex advice.


We'll start with the basics, right at r/Sex. This popular subreddit has over 1 million members and an extensive FAQ that addresses many of the most common sex questions and concerns, including body image issues, sexual techniques, first times, pregnancy and STIs.

With new posts coming up all the time, it's a thriving community that offers an inclusive, respectful experience with all things sex.

Start with: r/sex's Frequently Asked Questions

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If you're looking back on your first time from a distance or you're hoping to narrow the community to a more relatable group, r/sexover30 the subreddit for you.

While not as busy as r/sex, r/sexover30 does offer more support tailored to folks over the age of 30, and focuses on issues they may experience more frequently than younger Reddit-goers, such as mismatched libidos between longterm partners and how sex lives may change post-pregnancy.

Start with: r/sexover30's Suggested Reading

Our favourite threads:

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While not strictly a sex advice community, there's no denying that feeling great about how your body looks can boost your confidence and improve your sex life.

A Bra That Fits is a community dedicated to helping people with boobs get them into bras that really fit. That means bras that are comfortable, supportive, and make you look and feel awesome.

Start with: r/ABraThatFits Beginner's Guide

Our favourite threads:

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Written by Lindsay. Lovehoney Editorial Team
Lindsay has been Lovehoney's specialist sex toy writer since 2018.
Originally from Canada, Lindsay loves to champion diversity, support the LGBTQ+ community and celebrate all things sexuality.

Originally published on 29 Aug 2019. Updated on 5 Aug 2020