5 Ways to Make Your Favourite Sex Positions Even Better

by Lovehoney

on 22 Feb 2019


Whether you like to change it up in the bedroom by contorting your body into a myriad of different positions or you depend on a handful of tried-and-tested favourites, making a few simple changes can elevate any sex position.

It's no secret that sex is best when you and your partner are both comfortable and present - it's more difficult to orgasm when you're busy thinking about other things (washing, dinner, work - delete as applicable).

Start by switching your phone to silent and telling your partner exactly what position you'd like to explore with them - you'll find that by saying it out loud it will definitely get you both in the mood.

Here, we've rounded up a few ways to make your favourite sex positions even better!


1. Warm Up

We know, we know - you're having sex not running a marathon.

While the idea of 'warming up' might conjure up flashbacks of standing in a school field in your threadbare games kit as your knees knock together from the cold, it's actually pretty helpful - especially if you're planning on having a particularly energetic sex session.

We're not suggesting you get dressed up in your athleisure gear and go out for a run around the block pre-intercourse, but a few light stretches while you're brushing your teeth won't hurt.

Eva 2

2. Incorporate Sex Toys

Many women need clitoral stimulation to climax, so if you're pretzeling yourself into a position that doesn't offer this, try adding a wearable sex toy into the mix.

A vibrating cock ring is a toy that both couples can benefit from - the ring can boost size, hardness and stamina for him while the vibrations provide clitoral stimulation for her.

Another option is Eva 2, an innovative hands-free clitoral vibrator that has been cleverly designed to be worn in the vulva during sex.

It makes sex simpler and more satisfying, allowing you to focus completely on your positioning instead of fumbling about trying to hold a vibrator in place.


3. Make a Few Simple Adjustments

Just because you're advised to position yourselves in a certain way, doesn't always mean it will work out perfectly for you.

If you and your partner are very different heights for example, a position that requires one of you standing while the other lies on the bed might not be suitable.

Instead - try and find another surface that accommodates for the height difference (hello, kitchen table).

Don't restrict yourself to the bedroom - as long as your having sex in a safe environment, get creative!


4. Use Props

If you're struggling to get comfortable or find that certain positions aren't quite hitting the spot (so to speak), it's worth repositioning yourself with the help of some specialist sex furniture.

The Liberator sex position wedge is an innovative tool that offers a 27-degree angle of elevation - meaning deeper penetration, more precise clitoral contact and increased support.

For standing positions, an over the door sex swing can make it easy for you to support your partner's legs.

It's also worth noting that a strategically placed pillow can help with balance and relieve stress on your knees or joints.

Enjoy Lube 250ml

5. Don't Forget the Essentials

Some things just belong together: chips and ketchup, Ant and Dec, sex and lube.

Whether you're using a toy or enjoying some skin-to-skin contact, a water-based lubricant can make sex even more pleasurable for both parties.

If you're looking to amp up your orgasms even further, try using a little orgasm balm.

Infused with peppermint and menthol to stimulate the nerve endings in the clitoris, a slick of this orgasm balm can make a new position even more, oh, oh, OH!

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