1. foreplay-moves-you-may-not-have-tried

    COVID has really got me feeling like I'm stuck in a rut, and I'm sure I'm not the only one feeling this way.

    My days have felt repetitive since lockdown started in March, and inspiration has been hard to come by, particularly in the bedroom.

    So, I've had a good hard think to try and kickstart some bright and new energy into my sex life – hopefully this helps someone else out there too!

    Position of the Week: The Spider


    Like most of you, I've had more time at home than I'm used to. There are fewer things keeping me occupied, and I'm having to get more and more creative as time goes on while in lockdown.

    So, a recent activity has been ranking my sex toys and likening them to actual sex. Now, I'm not the kind of sex toy lover who requires my toys to feel like the real thing. So, this was an interesting little activity for me.

    I sent the penis toys to a friend to try out for me and give me feedback.

    Position of the Week: Stairway to Heaven

    Position of the Week: The Close-Up

    Position of the Week: Take a Seat

    Position of the Week: Pretty Pretty

    Position of the Week: Liberated Lover

    Position of the Week: Joy Ride

    Position of the Week: Pleasure Slide

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