1. How to have hot sex (when it's freezing outside)

    The nights are drawing in, the leaves are falling off the trees and if you're anything like us, you're planning to spend the next three months indoors with all the blankets.

    Some find this time of year romantic - after all, what is more charming than snuggling up to a loved one?

    But some of the drawbacks of this season include colds, forgettable TV programmes, stodgy food, mandatory time with relatives, less sunshine, roads becoming ice rinks and end of term assessments. Admit it, you're turned on already.

    A good way to shake off the funk is to climb into bed with your lover... Except as soon as the clothes come off, the cold air bites you in the nether regions (not in a good way either). You jump into bed, only to be enveloped by the glacial sheets. Brrr.

    Luckily, though, Lovehoney have a few items to turn up the heat (in more ways than one).


    I started writing for Lovehoney in late 2016 – and this remains one of the most entertaining, rewarding jobs I've ever had.

    Aside from making my browser history quite difficult to explain on occasions, writing about sex for Lovehoney has taught me a lot about sex toys, relationships and even myself.

    Here are 9 major things I've learned whilst writing for Lovehoney.

    position of the week: flip reverse

    What Will Be The Sex Trends of 2020

    It's not long until the new year begins (along with a brand new decade!) - but what will be the sexy activity we'll all be indulging in during 2020?

    In this lighthearted episode, Sammi is joined by comedians Lou Sanders and Adam Hess, along with sex and relationship expert Annabelle Knight, to look back at the top kinks of 2019 (and forward to what we'll all be doing between the sheets in the coming year).

    And of course, we cover our usual segments "You can never know enough about sex" and "Question of the week" where we share what we've learned about sex this week, and answer your sex questions.

    Just click 'read the rest of this post' to hear this festive special.

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    Position of the week: The Kite

    This Christmas season don't face getting stiffed by grandma in another rage-fuelled game of Monopoly, grab your lover and one of these sexy adult games and head to the bedroom.

    Far more exciting than Buckaroo, with enough skin-on-skin contact to put Twister to shame, everyone's a winner when you play one of these naughty games. Join Annabelle and Brenna, as they try out a few of their top picks and give you a couple ideas to heat up your Christmas.

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    Being part of a Secret Santa is that much more fun if the presents are sexy.

    No one really wants novelty socks or cheap-smelling hand cream when they could be getting the gift of an orgasm instead!

    Secret Santa doesn't have to be a tat-filled snooze fest. Give the gift of sexual happiness to your nearest and dearest this year instead!

    Here are 7 of the best sexy secret Santa gifts you can give to people you care about this Christmas.


    Put down those socks and step away from that rash-inducing-shower gel. Your other half deserves a Christmas present they really want, so treat them to better sex and bigger orgasms this fine festive period.

    Join Annabelle knight as she counts down some of her favourite couple's sex toys and discover the perfect gift for your lucky lover.

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    Nerve-wracking presentations, exams, endless essays...

    Surviving your studies can be a real pain, because completing all this work takes away from the time you could be spending in between the sheets.

    But what if we told you that sex could actually help you with the demands of your studies?

    If that sounds too good to be true, read on to find out 6 ways sex can help your studies.

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