1. Lockdown may be a drag, but it sure has brought out our sexual creativity. Be it fantasy roleplay or sexy art classes, lovers all over the world are finding new ways to get down and dirty.

    Join Annabelle as she shares some of her favourite ways to spice up lockdown.

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    What will be hot in 2021? Flying dildos? Jet powered vibrators? Fleshlights which make you a cup of tea? Join Annabelle as she explores some of the emerging sex trends to watch out for.

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    Out with the old, in with the new. Goodbye 2020 (we won't miss you).

    Make 2021 the year of better sex and even better orgasms, with these six new sex toys. Whether you have a penis or a vulva we have a sex toy pick to suit you. Join Annabelle as she counts down her favourites.

    Feel like getting frisky this festive season, but worried about your kids wandering in? Well you're in luck. We've compiled a list of the best and worst times to do the deed this Christmas Day, allowing you to give your lover the gift they really deserve.

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    Whether you love Christmas or you're a modern day Scrooge, giving your partner something they love feels amazing. To make sure you give your lover what they really want this year, we've narrowed down our top 5 sexy gift picks.

    Spread a little love this Christmas and have a sexy new year!

    Step away from the novelty socks and put down that bath bomb, this year give the people you care about something they actually want.

    In this video, Annabelle explains why giving a sex toy gift is a great option for Christmas presents, birthday presents and so much more!

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    In the market for your very first sex toy? A classic vibrator may be just what you need. Join Annabelle as she discusses the benefits of this iconic sex toy, as well as one of her top picks for a buzzy night in.

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    Thinking about buying your very own masturbator? Well you may want to check out our range of Tenga Toys.

    Tenga are a world class sex toy manufacturer, they sell a range of awesome products for penises. In this video Annabelle talks us through 4 of their best options.

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    Confused about packing? Whether you're transitioning, fancy amplifying what you have, or are just curious about having your very own penis, packing dildos are a great way to boost your bulge.

    In this video, Annabelle shares a brief explanation about packers are and how to choose yours.

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    It's finally here! Discover what lies behind the doors of our 2020 Sex Toy Calendar. Join Annabelle as she shows you some of the things you get in Lovehoney's Best Sex of Your Life Advent calendar and get extra excited for XXX-mas.

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