Word of the Week: Temperature Play

by Violet

on 12 Aug 2022

Get your tongue around some new sexual terminology with this week's Word of the Week...

Word of the Week

Temperature Play

The act of using cool or warm objects to stimulate the body and genitals.

Temperature play is commonly practised with metal or glass sex toys, as these can easily be warmed or cooled in water.

In this week's Word of the Week we take a look at temperature play.

Temperature play is the art of using different temperatures to create varied sensations over your whole body for sexual enjoyment. Whether you fancy adding heat, or a touch of chill, a sudden change in temperature can be thrilling in the bedroom.

So, why does playing with temperatures feel so good? Well, there are a few reasons.

For one, the sudden change in temperature activates our most sensitive sensory glands, which can help to heighten sexual stimulation. The sensation can also be tailored to your sexual taste, for instance in the BDSM community, temperature play is a really fun way to explore the fine line between pleasure and pain. While on the slightly less extreme end of the scale gentle warmth relaxes muscles, so is a wonderful way to get nice and relaxed during foreplay.

Some people choose to use an ice cube, or a mouthful of a warm drink to delight their lover, but there are many ways to explore temperature play. For instance, toys made from metal or glass are great conductors of temperature, meaning just a few minutes in the fridge can transform the sensation of your metal dildo or glass butt plug.

For those just starting out their temperature exploration you can keep things even more simple with a warming or cooling lubricant. These ingenious lubes contain active ingredients which create the sensation of warmth or chill, without even having to step near a source of heat.

While temperature play is a brilliant way to heat up your intimate play, there are definite guidelines you need to follow to keep you and your lover safe (and burn free). Read on to discover our top tips.

Toys for temperature play

Want to try temperature play?

Temperature play is fun and easy way to spice up your solo and couple's play. However, because it involves heat, or sometimes extreme cold, there are right and wrong ways to go about it.

To make sure you stay safe, follow these tips.

  1. If you're just getting started with a spot of temperature play, try warming or cooling lubes. These lubes are totally safe and ultra beginner-friendly.

  2. If you've warmed a toy to use on yourself, or your lover, always test it on the crook of your arm before using it. Metal and glass toys can get very warm, so it's always best to test before putting them somewhere ultra sensitive.

  3. Never put an ice cold toy directly onto your or your lover's genitals. Remember than scene from Dumb and Dumber when they lick the icy pole? Yeah, it'll be like that, but with your bits.

  4. If you're using temperature to explore pain play, always make sure you and your partner have a safe word.

  5. To easily and quickly warm or cool your toys, pop them in warm or cold water. If your toy is glass or metal it shouldn't take long for them to reach your desired temperature.

  6. For incredible temperature play oral sex, try keeping a cold or warm drink nearby. Just a mouthful of tea is enough to warm your mouth right up and treat your lover to an incredible warming sensation.

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Written by Violet. Lovehoney Editorial Team
Violet joined Lovehoney's writing team in 2019 as our lingerie aficionado.
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Originally published on 12 Aug 2022. Updated on 2 Mar 2022