1. Lovehoney Photo Rules

    Please follow these guidelines when you're uploading your sexy snaps.

    Yes please - allowed!

    • Cleavage
    • Lingerie
    • Bums
    • Legs
    • Faces

    No thank you - not allowed!

    • Penises
    • Testicles
    • Vaginas
    • Labia
    • Anuses
    • Nipples
    • Sexual activity
    • Erections visible through clothing

    All photos must be approved before they go live on your profile. We'll try to do this as quickly as possible. If your picture is too revealing or doesn’t meet the guidelines below, it won't appear on your profile - sorry!

    When your picture has been approved, it will appear on your Lovehoney profile page and some photos may also feature on the relevant product pages. All photos featuring Lovehoney products will automatically be entered into our Model of the Month competition to win a £100 prize at Lovehoney. Check out previous winners on the Lovehoney Blog.

    Please upload your photo at a reasonable size - and remember to make sure it's turned around the right way!

    1. Pose showing your outfit clearly

      Lovehoney Photography Dos: Pose showing the product
    2. Hide your face in inventive ways 

      Lovehoney Photography Do: Hide your face in inventive ways
    3. Use natural light wherever possible

      Lovehoney Photography Do: Use natural light where possible
    1. Use close-ups for details

      Lovehoney Photography Dos: Use close-ups for accessories or details
    2. Try new and exciting things

      Lovehoney Photography Do: Try new and exciting things
    3. Use black and white for drama

      Lovehoney Photography Do: Use Black and White - if appropriate
    • Tidy up before you take photos: a messy background is distracting. Double check the background for things like your children’s school photos or anything else you don’t want the world to see. Remember you’re showing off the lingerie, not your home decor!
    • Be subtle, sexy and tasteful with your posing. Overly explicit photos (e.g. open-legged shots) won't be approved.