1. Bondage Boutique Advanced Rattan Cane

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      Thank you, sir, may I have another? Whether you're looking to introduce some public school discipline into your pupil/teacher role play or want to add supplementary sting to bondage sessions, this traditional corporal punishment tool is just the job.


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      1. Bondage Boutique Advanced Rattan Cane

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    1. Product Description

      Thank you, sir, may I have another? Whether you're looking to introduce some public school discipline into your pupil/teacher role play or want to add supplementary sting to bondage sessions, this traditional corporal punishment tool is just the job.

      With its smooth plastic coating offering sharp, painful stings, this flexible rattan spanking cane offers a more intense feeling than most floggers, whips and crops.

      Gently build up the force of your spanks to slowly increase pain levels - hitting someone's bum at full force will cause eyes to water as well as some seriously impressive (but temporary) marks.

      The plastic coating not only ensures enhanced sensations with every spank, it also prevents damage or splintering.

      Key Features:

      • Flexible rattan cane for effective whippings during bondage play
      • Effectively administer sharp and painful stings
      • 27.5 inches in length with a 0.25 inch diameter
      • Coated in smooth plastic to heighten intensity of each thwack
      • Suitable for seasoned bondage players looking for the next step up in quality, pleasure and pain
    1. How it measures up

      • Length: 27.5 inches
    2. How it feels

      • Material: Wood

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    1. Bondage Boutique Extreme Wrapped Rattan Cane

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      Thank you, please, may I have another? Whether you'd like to introduce some public school discipline into your pupil/teacher role play or simply want to add a sting to bondage sessions, this traditional corporal punishment tool is just the job.

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    1. Customer Reviews

      Bondage Boutique Advanced Rattan Cane 66 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5

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      1. Bondage Boutique Advanced Rattan Cane
      2. Bondage Boutique Advanced Rattan Cane


    1. So awesome it'll bring you to tears

      Reviewed: 24 July 2017 by Skitty, a Bisexual Going Steady Female

      In usual Lovehoney style, this item was sent in discreet packaging and by a tracked delivery method so you know exactly when it will arrive.

      I bought this as a gift for my Dominant because He had it on His wishlist. Honestly I bought it not really knowing what the fuss was about, and when it arrived I was a little underwhelmed. It arrived in clear plastic bag, so nothing fancy but it does have a tag attached to the end of it. I thought it looked so unimpressive that I tied a little bow around the end of the cane which made it look a little bit more special but it’s the sort of thing that really doesn’t look exciting and doesn’t feel like it’s going to be worth the price tag until you actually use it and realise that it totally doesn’t matter what it looks like, it feels incredible.

      The first thing I’ll say about this cane is that it’s really discreet. I took this out in public with me and it’s just not at all obvious what it is which is really useful for storage because you don’t need to worry about hiding it.

      I’d read the reviews on this cane and was partly excited, partly afraid, after hearing how it’s the sort of thing that you don’t really need to put much force behind to do some damage with. The first time I was hit with it was in public and so I knew that it was very likely that Sir was going easy on me with it but wow, it still hurt. It’s a very stingy pain that lasts quite a while. I love the sort of pain that takes a while to fade away so it’s probably why I like it so much.

      The cane is very swishy so if you enjoy the theatrics of having your Dom whip a cane through the air to absolutely terrify you before actually hitting you, this is a great one for that because it makes such an evil-sounding noise.

      The first time Sir hit me across the ass with it, I had to try really hard not to just say “orange” straight away in the hope He would ease off. It took me a while to get past the idea that I didn’t like the pain and that I couldn’t stand it. I’m glad that I tried hard to endure it because I love the feeling after the initial hit, and once I could focus on that I knew that I wanted to be hit more, and started to be able to present myself, keeping my body in place. When I moved away, I would move back into position to be hit again.

      After Sir reminding me that He is a sadist, I tearfully asked Him “Do you like hurting me Sir?” and He answered “let’s see” and hit me more, concluding “yep, that was fun”, as I cried.

      It really is the sort of thing that could probably cause as much pain as anyone could want it to. It brings me to tears within a few hits and I’ve been beaten with it until I had to call “red” – but it’s a toy that I will always feel excited by when it’s brought out. I can be hit with it, be begging not to be hit again while I’m feeling how much it hurts, but within a few seconds generally my response will be “Please may I have another, Sir?”

      It’s really versatile too - because it’s so thin and lightweight, it’s perfect for using on precise areas like soles of the feet, although it does take some practice to be able to aim it well and even then it’s hard to get exactly where you mean to. I’ve had Sir trying to hit me in the same place 3 times in a row with it and it just never happens before I curl up into a ball.

      If you enjoy marks, this cane is amazing for that. I find that on me it leaves some really angry red marks and welts almost immediately, which then bruise over time. I’m always really pleased with the kind of reminders it leaves.

      This really is an awesome cane and I’m so glad that I bought it. It may not seem like anything special at first but it’ll give you all the stingy pain you could want. Depending on how you use it, you can deliver gentle taps or the kind of pain that seems unbearable at the time. Sir always seems happy to make me cry with it and that’s just about the best endorsement it could have.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Lightweight, flexible, discreet. It hurts. It hurts. It hurts.
      Bottom line
      "It hurts!" ... "Would you like me to hit you again?" .... "Yes Sir."
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    1. Very pleasing toy

      Reviewed: 04 July 2017 by Jude_Harmon

      For anyone into impact play, this cane will be a very welcome addition to the toy box. It arrived in unobtrusive packaging, and the first thing I noticed was how comfortable the grip is, due to the covering over the rattan core.

      In use, the cane is very flexible, produces a satisfying (or ominous - depends on which end you're on) swish, and delivers a sharp, stinging impact. Care needs to be taken in use - welting and bruising appeared swiftly, and some serious damage could arise at the hands of an overenthusiastic wielder - but I found it one of the most effective canes I've ever had the pleasure to encounter.

      Highly recommended.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Comfortable grip, excellent flexibility.
      Bottom line
      A must for lovers of the cane.
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    1. The best spanking of my life

      Reviewed: 14 March 2017 by Trixylicious

      This product is slim but comes sharp with little effort and is guaranteed to make you feel like a very very naughty girl, or man if you like it too.

      It's very quiet so if you want a spanking good time without annoying the neighbours then this product comes highly recommended but also warning it does leave bruises so be prepared to feel it when you sit down afterwards hehe!

      Hope you have as much fun with this product as I do, happy spanking.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Everything it's thin, sharp, quiet and does exactly what you expect it to.
      Nothing, it's amazing!
      Bottom line
      Literally the best spanking of my life.
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