1. Utensil Race Fame Realistic Vagina and Ass

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      1. Utensil Race Fame Realistic Vagina and Ass

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    1. Product Description

      When it comes to solo fun, don't paint yourself into a corner. With 2 completely separate canals to explore, the Fame vagina and ass masturbator blows playtime wide open with an amazing range of realistic nodules, ripples and bumps.

      Unlike most masturbators, Utensil Race's 'zero diameter' canal constricts when empty just like a real vagina, giving you the sensation of pushing through layers of vaginal muscle with every thrust. The masturbator is close-ended for that lifelike, never-ending feel.

      Lube up and plunge in to feel the soft vaginal folds enveloping your shaft, while the sleeve is created as a direct imitation of the female anatomy. For a tighter sensation, the constricted-yet-stretchy textured anal passage is sensually structured to provide the pleasure of anal sex with minimum effort.

      For the most realistic experience of a wet vagina, slather your masturbator and penis with water-based lubricant before use.

      Key Features:

      • Utensil Race realistic male masturbator with 2 canals
      • Features both vaginal and ass openings for a choice of sensation
      • Zero diameter design constricts when empty for an extra-authentic experience
      • Close-ended masturbator gives a totally lifelike feel
      • Sturdy enough for hands-free use

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    1. Utensil Race Fame Realistic Vagina and Ass

      Savour the feeling of being caressed and squeezed to satisfaction inside the vagina or ass of this Utensil Race Japanese male masturbator, a stunning design with a textured tight internal sleeve. Unbelievably realistic, this toy is one of a kind.

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      Utensil Race Fame Realistic Vagina and Ass 3 4 out of 5 stars 4 out of 5

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      1. Utensil Race Fame Realistic Vagina and Ass
      2. Utensil Race Fame Realistic Vagina and Ass


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    1. Wow, best sex toy I have bought so far

      Reviewed: 03 May 2016 by sk1010, a Straight Going Steady Male

      Well, this is the new era of sex toys, far better than Fleshlight.

      It is 3D, and 'zero diameter' so feels like pushing into a real pussy. The pussy feels unbelievably real, and the ass is different and tighter, just like real life. If you submerge in hot water for 15 mins it is hard to tell the difference from the real thing.

      I love this toy.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Amazingly real internal canals, both pussy and anal openings replicate what they are very well.
      Wore it out after 6 months but I'm quite large and wide so worth it.
      Bottom line
      10 out of 10.
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    1. Unexpected surprise

      Reviewed: 20 January 2017 by JamesWatdong, a Straight Single Male

      My girlfriend bought this for me and surprised me one night.

      The super tight anus was difficult as first but with plenty of lube, I was in there no problem. The vagina was super realistic and felt amazing with the ribbing and bumps.

      It's a great little package and will be with me for solo time away.

    2. Overall Rating:
      9 out of 10 stars
      The feel and look.
      Bottom line
      Great package and worth it.
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    1. Feels amazing, but build quality disappointing

      Reviewed: 15 July 2014 by Fluffbags, a Straight Going Steady Female

      Utensil Race is a Japanese range of male masturbators, most of which are designed to look and feel realistic. The Utensil Race “Fame” is one of the larger masturbators in the Utensil Race collection. Please note that this sleeve is not to scale and is not life-like in size, but it is big enough to often require two hands to hold it steady during use. It weighs approx 600g and is designed to look like a smaller version of the pelvic area on a female. It comes complete with belly (including a little belly button), vulva, vagina, anus and two round buttocks. The Fame actually comes with two orifices, both independent of the other and both with different textures inside, which means each hole feels different from the other.

      The Utensil Race Fame is made from an incredibly soft, squishy material that closely resembles the material used to create the Fleshlight Sleeves. It squishes, squashes and stretches with ease (seriously, you can spank its bum and watch it wobble like a jelly), and because the Fame does not have a plastic outer sleeve like the Fleshlights do, you can manipulate it during use to create different sensations, such as squeezing it to make it feel tighter.

      Unfortunately, I cannot find much information about the material used to create the Fame, other than it is called “super real feel”, but it feels quite similar to Fleshlight material, with just a few differences. Firstly, the Fame gives off a chemically, oily smell (the Fleshlight does not give off this smell) that I associate with cheaper masturbation sleeves. This smell has lingered for the amount of time we have owned it so far (two weeks approx) and although it is not overpowering, it can be slightly off-putting.

      The material also leaves a greasy feeling on my hands after handling it and it leaves the aforementioned smell lingering on my hands until I wash them. Again, this is a little off-putting. My personal opinion therefore, is that the Fleshlight material (Fleshlight most closely matching Utensil Race in price per item and in feel) is superior to the Utensil Race material because it does not smell and it does not leave a greasy sensation on the skin. I am also going to guess that the Utensil Race material is porous (as is Fleshlight material).

      Our Experiences with the Utensil Race Fame:

      The Fame is not a small masturbation sleeve. Don’t get me wrong, it is not life-sized, like some anatomical designs can be, but it is big enough that, if my partner lay on his back, it most often required two hands to move the Fame up and down his shaft. When used this way, it felt a little bulky and arm ache would begin to set in reasonably quickly. Of course, lifting it up and down is just one option and I soon discovered that I could hold the Fame around the belly area and gently rock the toy back and forth, which creates some enjoyable sensations and plenty of in-out movement, despite not lifting the Fame at all.

      One thing I love about the fame is that its size and weight make it suitable for thrusting into. I had wanted a toy that he could thrust into, hands free, for quite some time. The Fame sits perfectly well on a flat surface and is just heavy enough that he can thrust in and out gently, hands free, without the toy sliding away or becoming attached to your penis and lifting, like a smaller sleeve would. For faster thrusting, he had to hold the Fame with one hand, but this was not an issue because he chose to do this anyway. He enjoyed squeezing and compressing the sides of the Fame to produce different sensations during use.

      Another fantastic thing about the Fame is that the texture starts immediately inside the entrance and continues throughout the whole sleeve. This means that you are stimulated constantly from the moment of insertion. If you have a smaller penis and often get frustrated by masturbation sleeve designs that place all the amazing textures deep within the sleeve, you will be pleased to note that the Utensil Race Fame does not have this problem.

      Despite claims that the Fame feels super realistic, my partner said that it doesn't feel exactly like a real vagina/anal canal, but to be fair, he owns many masturbation sleeves and is yet to find one that does. The Fame has two separate canals to penetrate and each one feels different. The Fames vaginal canal has some enjoyable texture, including some pronounced ridges and ripples which brush and stroke against the penis in a very stimulating way. The anal canal is similar, but this canal contains more of those ridges and ripples. It also seems to feel slightly tighter. Overall, the anal canal feels more intense, while the vaginal canal stimulates him to orgasm in a more teasing, softer kind of way. My partner described the sensations overall as being slightly more intense than his Fleshlights, but less intense than his TENGA Flip Holes, so the Utensil race sits somewhere in between those two brands when it comes to intensity.

      One great advantage to masturbating with the Fame though, is that it can be manipulated from the outside, to provide more stimulation inside. My partner would often squeeze certain areas of the Fame, which would make the internal texture feel more pronounced and the canal feel tighter. We did wonder if the lack of air hole at the back would cause issues such as being pushed out, or loud “trapped air” noises during use, but there was never any issue along those lines. If anything, the Fame was quieter than most of our sleeves. Mind you, cleaning is slightly more difficult because water does not just run in one end and out the other. Instead, you have to allow water to run in and out the same hole.


      Unfortunately we did discover a quite major and disappointing downside to using the Utensil Race Fame; the entrance to the anus tore quite dramatically after just two uses. Imagine the circumference of a pen; this was the size of the anal opening when we first got the Fame. Two uses later and it has a split that measures 1.5 inches in length and due to the softness of the material, I believe this split will continue growing. My partner is of average proportions in the pants department and we used plenty of lubricant, so I can’t even say this tear was caused by being huge, or through vigorous, dry use.

      Luckily, the Fame is not a complete write-off and despite this tear, it can still be used and thrust into as before and my partner can still enjoy the sensations from within, but it has lost some of that tightness that initially felt so good. So far, the vaginal canal is holding up well, but I do not think the materials are build to last forever. I did expect a lot more from such a pricey sex toy though and this has put me off purchasing more from the Utensil Race range because this is a chunky sleeve. I can only imagine how much more fragile the thinner sleeves would be.

      Cleaning and Care:

      The Utensil Race Fame does not have an opening at the back of the sleeves, which made the product a little harder to clean. We found the best method was to apply some mild soap to our fingers and insert them into the canals, then allow water to continually rinse the canals out as best as possible.

      The material used to create the Fame is very delicate and it does damage easily. Any sharp objects stored besides the Fame (and even fingernails) could cause marks, tears, or even penetrate the material. One thing we liked about the material though, is that it only goes slightly tacky when wet. When we compared this material to the Fleshlight material, we discovered that the Fleshlight material becomes much stickier when damp, whereas the Utensil Race material was only mildly tacky at best. You can use cornstarch (cornflour) to remove this tackiness if you wish, but once dry, the Fame is not tacky at all.

      Due to the nature of the material, I recommend sticking to water based lubricants only, because I have a feeling that oil based and silicone based lubricants may cause the material to become sticky over time.


      The Utensil Race Fame has lots going for it. Both canals feel absolutely fantastic and this sleeve provides a lot of sexy visuals for those who enjoy watching their penis sliding into something anatomical (I really liked this aspect). I really like that it offers you the choice of two different canals, with two different sensations in each and we had no complaints about the looks or sensations this toy provided, but we did feel disappointed in the build quality. I was not too keen on the smell, or the greasy sensation on my hands and the material was a little too fragile, tearing quite dramatically after just a few uses. I didn’t expect this from such an expensive sex toy. Unfortunately, for those reasons, I would not purchase another item from the Utensil Race range, because although it feels glorious, am hard pushed to recommend it if it is liable to fall apart so quickly.

    2. Overall Rating:
      6 out of 10 stars
      Feels amazing during use.
      The material is just too delicate
      Bottom line
      Feels amazing, but ultimately the build quality let us down.
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