1. Asscavator Large Anal Plug

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      1. Asscavator Large Anal Plug

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    1. Product Description

      If you're an expert in anal play looking for a huge new challenge, the monstrous Asscavator butt plug could be just the ticket. With a whopping 8 inches in length with 9.5 inches in girth, this massive butt plug is definitely not suitable for beginners!

      Only advanced anal plays need apply to play with this huge anal plug. With a thick shaft that narrows slightly at the tip and again at the base, full-to-the-hilt sensations follow every use of this massive anal sex tool.

      Weighty to hold and measuring in at a monstrous 8 inches in insertable length, this butt plug is relentless in its quest to drive you wild!

      The large flared base also acts as a suction cup, giving you hands free enjoyment. It's firm enough to stand upright when affixed to a surface. Just remember to approach with caution (and lots of lube).

      Key Features:

      • Huge rubber butt plug for intense anal play
      • Only suitable for very advanced butt plug users
      • 8 insertable inches with 9.5 inches in girth for full, stretched sensations
      • Tapered base has 3 inches in diameter
      • Suction cup base allows for handsfree fun

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      1. Asscavator Large Anal Plug
      2. Asscavator Large Anal Plug


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    1. Filled to Perfection

      Reviewed: 20 May 2015 by SissySlut303, a Bisexual Married Male

      I bought this behemoth as an experienced anal player and was still surprised by the size of it. Something about it's almost nihilistic appearance, and it's sheer, solid weight seemed to make it all the more foreboding. It looks more like a piece of artillery than a sex toy.

      The build is absolutely solid with a perfectly smooth finish and the tiniest amount of give. It's clearly a high quality toy and while there is a slight rubber smell it's not enough to be intrusive. The dalek-esque suction cup is massive and works very well. I tend to use an A3-size mirror placed on the floor. This gives a perfect surface on which to attach the suction cup and gives a pretty spectacular view to proceedings.

      Unlike the Doc Johnson Large Ball Shape Plug I had been using previously and which boasts roughly the same circumference, The Asscavator holds that width for its entire length, meaning once it's in you're going to feel that beautiful, agonising stretch until you pull it out.

      Be clear, this is not a plug which you can wear under clothes or out and about. It's neck only barely tapers, just enough to give you a sense of accomplishment if you do manage to swallow the whole 8 inches, and my word, what a feeling that is. The rounded head hits spots that regular tapered plugs leave untouched. The overall sensation is intense and causes your body to involuntarily push it out - the longer you fight this urge the more satisfying the relief when you finally ease yourself off it, leaving your stretched hole twitching and hungry to experience the same intense feelings again. It really is an addictive rush.

      The perfectly smooth finish does mean that any lube is simply pushed to the base during use, so it's essential that you keep topping up. I find a base coat of high quality silicone lube such as ID Velvet topped up with a thick water based-lube such as Lubrifist works perfectly.

      Overall, this is a great quality toy that perfectly bridges the gap between plug and dildo. Highly recommended.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Punishing size and unique shape hits spots you didn't even realise you had.
      Nothing of worth noting.
      Bottom line
      A super-size butt plug you can ride like a dildo: what's not to love?
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    1. Amazing

      Reviewed: 07 January 2014 by Ferdy, a Straight Married Male

      A must have for all serious stretchers.

      Although the rounded head my look a little daunting, it is deceptively easy to use if you can take a 3" plug.

      It's soft and smooth with a little give but built nice and strong so you can sit on it and it doesn't 'flop' sideways.

      I can't take it all yet but I'm working on it.

      It also helped me to take the 'man in a barrel' plug, which I couldn't fit for love not money. So if you're stuck on something a little larger like I was, I recommend this toy to help you stretch that little bit further.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      A little strong smelling at first, but soon goes.
      Bottom line
      Like I said, amazing!
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    1. Worship in the Bathroom?

      Reviewed: 02 August 2010 by lookslikefun, a Straight Single Male

      So, my neighbours think I believe in God?

      I purchased this overscale beastie a couple of months ago and upon opening the packing was confronted with the reality of its sheer size. I can read, but sometimes geometry has to be seen to be appreciated.

      It sits black, glossy and weighty in the hand, adopting a light, enquiring tilt of the head as it stands suckered to the bathroom floor. The sucker holds well, though with a plug of this weight and its parallel sides, if you're well lubed it will hardly need pulling out in the way that many of its smaller brethren do.

      So, getting to know it: Well having warmed up with other members of the Lovehoney range, it was time for some mind- and ass- expanding company with my new playmate. The sheer heft, its simple bulk, not flopping in the middle and hanging like many larger toys are simply intimidating, but in a mechanical way as its shape is so simple.

      With lots of lube on top of the plug and inside me, I lowered myself tentatively down. Its relatively quick expansion to full diameter means that it is a real act of strength for that first penetration. Rocking, twisting, raising and lowering while still maintaining a steady hard downward pressure gave me a great workout, a huge stretch and serious cause for concern; 'What had I bought? What had I done?' And then 'Whoaah! God!' In it goes. Containing myself, I lowered a little further and then withdrew... and relax.

      An amazing, exciting, and yes painful, deliciously painful, first encounter with this brute.

      Over the next few times, fascinated, appalled, I have managed more and more depth, culminating today in brief, orgasmic butt-to-base contact. Each time extracting barely stifled cries to Him upstairs. I'm sure my 'retired' neighbours are impressed at my newfound exalted cries to The Lord.

      So, yes I am a fan, and this is an acquisition that requires committment, patience, a little technique, lots of lube and a certain tolerance for pain, which as we know is so close to pleasure and the whole point. The mixture of satisfaction, exaltation, and sheer stretched fullness make this a great buy. The Asscavator has earned its name, it's certainly more a cave-ator than anything you could describe as a traditional plug.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      It's simply BIG.
      It is a little blunt while getting started.
      Bottom line
      Sheer stretching satisfaction.
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