1. Eva Angelina Realistic Vagina and Ass Vibrating Inflatable Sex Doll

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      1. Eva Angelina Realistic Vagina and Ass Vibrating Inflatable Sex Doll

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    1. Product Description

      With sensual breasts and inviting UR3 sex doll vagina and ass, this realistic love doll has a penetrable vagina and anus as well as vibrating bullets and tonnes of extra features. Beautifully detailed for ultra realism, fulfil your Eva Angelina fantasies.

      Made from seamed PVC with rubber-moulded head, hands and feet for ultra realism. Her nails are lovingly painted on both her hands and feet. With a beautifully painted face complete with individual, realistic eyelashes, her mouth is made from soft UR3 and is gently textured for extra pleasure.

      Eva's breasts are beautifully round and feature real-feel nipples, and her arms feature swivel joints which allow you to pose her in unique ways. Even Eva's signature tattoos have been replicated to make this one of the most realistic porn sex dolls on the market.

      Insert the removable UR3 pussy and ass into the canal and add lubrication to enjoy an intensely realistic sex simulation. Her pussy is moulded directly from Eva's gorgeous form with plump and juicy lips and defined clitoris. Measuring 6.25 inches in length with a diameter of just 0.75 inches that yields to accommodate your entire manhood, Eva's inflated body keeps sensations firm and tight.

      Eva comes with not one but TWO vibrating bullets, one wired to a control (requires 2 x AA batteries which are not included) and a wireless bullet with 6 LR44 batteries to keep the action going. The wireless bullet can be slipped into the back of Eva's head while the wired bullet can be slipped into either end of the UR3 pussy and ass for an intensified penetration or used to stimulate the testicles, perineum and anus while playing.

      Vital statistics:

      Hair - Brown

      Eyes - Brown

      Height - 5 foot 2 inches

      Breasts - 36 inches

      Waist - 24 inches

      Hips - 34 inches

      Key Features:

      • Lifelike inflatable Eva Angelina sex doll with realistic orifices for out-of-this-world satisfaction
      • Detailed with real-feel nipples, lips, vagina and anus for natural-feeling sensations
      • Posable arms enable you to experiment with a range of play positions
      • Intricately painted face with lifelike eyelashes and flowing hair add to authenticity
      • Removable real-feel vagina and ass moulded from Eva's body for accuracy
      • Comes with 2 x bullet vibrators for increased stimulation
      • Includes storage bag, foot pump, puncture repair kit and renewer powder to keep your love doll in tip-top condition

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    1. Customer Reviews

      Eva Angelina Realistic Vagina and Ass Vibrating Inflatable Sex Doll 4 4 out of 5 stars 4 out of 5

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      1. Eva Angelina Realistic Vagina and Ass Vibrating Inflatable Sex Doll
      2. Eva Angelina Realistic Vagina and Ass Vibrating Inflatable Sex Doll


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    1. Great way to experience/practice new pleasures

      Reviewed: 24 November 2014 by WelshGaz81

      Once you get over the stigma that this is a sex doll (it doesn't take long) you fully appreciate the benefits of her.

      This doll has a realistic face/hair and moveable arms so she can be positioned in any position desired. Also the UR3 vagina is a great extra and adds to the experience.

      I recommend spending extra on dolls as you really can tell the difference to the cheap novelty ones - who are the reasons why there is a stigma to them.

      The build quality is excellent and is easy to inflate/deflate.

    2. Overall Rating:
      9 out of 10 stars
      Realistic face, moveable arms and build quality.
      Would love nicer smells on her.
      Bottom line
      9/10, anyone in the market for fun should try her.
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    1. Better than initial impression

      Reviewed: 07 July 2014 by Stuburns, a Straight Married Male

      There is so much to talk about with this doll. I (we) was very happy to test this item.

      The whole package is quite large so expect to receive this in a large brown box. It is my biggest Lovehoney delivery to date. The main Eva Angelina packaging was tasteful, and really everything you need to know is written and shown in pictures on the box, but you really can easily figure it out yourself, so like all men do I just dove straight in.

      The doll comes with a puncture repair kit, a wired and wireless vibrating bullet (only the wireless came with batteries), small container of renew powder (for the UR3 vagina/ass), a pink storage bag, a two way pump (used to inflate and deflate by swapping the pipe over, you will easily see which inflates and which deflates) and the UR3 vagina/ass.

      I lay the doll out on the bed and fitted the pump to the valve which is located centre of the doll's back. Pumping takes no time at all but I would stop about halfway and fit the UR3 vagina/ass. This can be quite fiddly and found it is best to fit half-inflated. When fitted complete inflation. You will know when she is inflated just by visually checking the arms feet and breasts. Remove the pump from the valve, close the valve and push it back into the body.

      Now to check over the doll.

      Some seams do show, but overall there isn't really any sharp edges. The arms do rotate at the shoulder but stay in an outstretched manner. Her boobs are a great size and with her realistic-feeling nipples you can definitely feel them poking you as you lay on top of her. Her head is a hard rubber moulding as are her hands and feet. Her hair is long and dark and will require you to comb it to get her looking her best. Her facial features do have a slight look of Eva Angelina, but I wasn't expecting an exact copy. She even has eyelashes, which add a good realistic effect.

      Her lips certainly stand out and again are beautifully detailed. You really could mistake them for lips with a great shade of dark red painted lipstick. The UR3 material makes them feel soft and inviting and I did find myself kissing them. Her mouth certainly isn't for putting your penis in, but then again the doll doesn't advertise this as an opening. As for kissing they are good though.

      I put the wireless bullet in through the opening at the back of her head and then kissed her lips but for me I don't really know why this is a feature. It was much better without the vibration. My OH's lips don't vibrate when I kiss her, so this is quite pointless.

      Eva's (notice how I'm now calling her by name) hands and feet are quite dainty. Again, made from the same hard rubber as her head. She didn't paint her nails very well, though, and a much darker colour would be preferred, but hey you could paint them yourself whatever colour you like, she won't mind. Eva's head, feet and hands moulded certainly give her a more realistic feel, and I would certainly go for this option over the cheaper dolls for sure.

      As for her painted tattoos, can't say I really noticed.

      Now for Eva's best bit. The UR3 material is really soft and her vagina is really well sculpted. She needs quite a bit of lube on first use. I did find she was quite difficult to penetrate at first, but I let a little air out and this made her more accommodating. This may be just me because I am above average in that department, but after deflating the issue was gone. The UR3 was nice and very gentle. Turning Eva over for a little anal was a little more of a problem for me. Although the UR3 will stretch, the PVC seam for the ass opening will not. Still, even though it was tight, it wasn't a painful tight but for me it wasn't a realistic feeling as her vagina so my play centred on that. Again this is probably because I am above average.

      I also played with the wired bullet fitted into the spare hole at the back just above her anus. This made all the action happen a little quicker. Also her vagina and ass share the same single cavity. I also played without the UR3 insert fitted, and although this wasn't as nice it was still good and provided me another option. This, however, did not solve the anal entry issue.

      Cleaning can be quite messy. I would say deflate first but have some tissue handy. I guess it would be easier to wear a condom bet hey, she's yours and bareback certainly offers more realistic sensations.

      When finished, simply deflate using the 2 way pump to be sure to get all the air out and the fit her in to the storage back provided. Although I do think a more manly colour of bag would be better. Maybe a slightly bigger bag, too.

      I think a great addition to this doll would to be swivel legs similar to the arms because when inflated it's either both standing upright or both lay down. You just can't seem to get her in any other positions unfortunately.

      Still a great doll, though. Plus I weigh 14 stone and didn't get a puncture and she has had a thorough road test.

    2. Overall Rating:
      8 out of 10 stars
      Attention to detail, very well made.
      Limited positions. Seam for the anal opening.
      Bottom line
      Worth the money and very well made.
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    1. Experimenting

      Reviewed: 05 August 2016 by WelshGaz81

      It's always good to try new experiences so I tried Eva (despite the stigma).

      I found her a lot more realistic than cheaper models and loved her long real hair. She has plenty going for her with the customisation holes. She doesn't really look like Eva but isn't ugly.

      I found her good fun and a worthwhile experience

    2. Overall Rating:
      7 out of 10 stars
      Customisation, long hair and build quality.
      Unrealistic face.
      Bottom line
      Enjoyable experience.
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