1. Limpy Soft Packing Dildo 6 Inch

      Average customer review 4.5 out of 5 stars53 reviews

      Get an eye-catching bulge in your underwear that looks and feels almost indistinguishable from the real thing. An amazingly authentic flaccid dildo, Limpy cuts a convincing bulge and lets you discover the fun of a flaccid fondle.


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      1. Limpy Soft Packing Dildo 6 Inch

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    1. Product Description

      Get an eye-catching bulge in your underwear that looks and feels almost indistinguishable from the real thing. An amazingly authentic flaccid dildo, Limpy cuts a convincing bulge and lets you discover the fun of a flaccid fondle.

      Ultra-realistic TPE is temperature responsive for creative play and 100% flexible for comfort. With a full head, shaft and balls, and a flat base to sit flush against you, the 6 inch long dildo is a delight to behold.

      Please note: The Limpy is totally floppy and not suitable for penetration.

      Key Features:

      • Soft packing dildo for realistic bulges
      • Made from ultra-realistic, soft, temperature-responsive TPE for a lifelike look
      • Natural-looking head, shaft and balls for complete realism
      • Soft, flat base for comfortable prolonged wear
      • 100% flexible to create a convincing bulge
    1. How it measures up

      • Base type: Flat
      • Circumference: 4 inches
      • Length: 6 inches
    2. How it feels

      • Contains latex: No
      • Contains phthalates: No
      • Flexibility: Floppy
      • Material: Realistic Feel
      • Waterproof: Submersible
    3. Essential info

      • Harness Compatible: No
      • Has balls: Yes

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    1. Pink Limpy Packer Small Flesh

      An ideal gift for that special person in your life, the soft, strokable Limpy is totally and unashamedly floppy.

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    1. Customer Reviews

      Limpy Soft Packing Dildo 6 Inch 53 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5

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      1. Limpy Soft Packing Dildo 6 Inch
      2. Limpy Soft Packing Dildo 6 Inch


    1. I always thought I should have a cock

      Reviewed: 24 August 2017 by MsKitty9Lives

      It came the next day as Lovehoney is right on the ball with delivery.

      The packaging was in a little box and sealed in a bag.

      Why did I buy it? I have always had a secret desire to be a cross dressing Greta Garbo in a tux with a packet, and I didn't know such things existed until my special friend explained what a soft packing dildo was used for.

      Anyhow I HAD to have one, so he took me to a chain store to buy me some men's Calvin Kleins. Long story but the assistant turned a blind eye to my friend and I giggling and getting turned on in the changing room as he stuffed socks down my Calvins.

      So it was a choice of the teeny one and this one: "Do you want to be a grower or a shower?" he asked. After explaining what that meant I decided I wanted to be a shower hahahahahahah.

      Soooooo what is it like?

      Well at first it was weird, like I have only ever touched peni that respond and get excited quickly, so holding a floppy cock was just weird.

      But once I'd warmed it up it was well so life like and I have grown attached to it - still thinking of a name.

      It is so life like and beautiful and my friend told me to wear a pair of my old nicks under my Calvins and then pack Him inbetween.

      I haven't done this yet and will update my review when I have, but it's a great mind messer if you are into playing with gender.

      Soooooo happy.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Soft and lifelike.
      Nothing, he is perfect.
      Bottom line
      If you want to be a shower buy this.
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    1. Cure that dysmorphia (almost)

      Reviewed: 09 August 2017 by ssstarfucker

      I personally identify sexuality wise is a lesbian but gender wise as gender-fluid, so you may be able to understand my reservations about getting a packer.

      I can now 100% say my reservations were absolutely wrong. Oh boy! As someone who happily lives without gender, being called 'Miss' even when dressing masculine can be a slap in the face, and no matter what anyone says, the old stuffing with socks does not work at all (especially if you like skinny jeans!). All things penius-y is not my forte, but it was worth a shot and wow I am so glad I did.

      Mr Limpy here popped up in the search bar and I ummed and ahhed about the sizing, and after reading a few reviews about the small be quite small I opted for the Medium. It arrived as usual quite quickly and discreetly. The box for the packer itself wasn't cringey or off-putting.

      Taking it out the box, the first thing you notice it's extremely tacky and sticky (and I made the mistake of dropping it on a black towel!). It does attract fluff by just sitting still, so making sure you wash it frequently. Hot soapy water is your best bet. The material itself is quite porous, so getting inks or dyes on it will damage it.

      I opted not to get the renewer with it, being inexperienced and not using a packer before. But a little shop-bought cornflour dusted on it works like a charm (I opted to keep it in a box with cornflour in just to keep it dry when not in use). Do not use plain flour or baking powder as some websites suggest - your vaginas in for a whole world of pain, trust me.

      The detail of the packer is actually very admirable, there are a lot of little creases, and it's not threatening at all for someone like myself who is often steered away by ultra veiny dildos. It's realistic enough with its head, shaft and ballsack but just 'prettified' enough that it's obviously not a realistic dick.

      Wearing it, I would definitely recommend either pack briefs that do have an O-ring in to hold it in place and a pocket for the packer. But if you can afford this business like myself I used plain old mens briefs and sewed a cock ring into the inside flap to hold it in place. Skin on skin contact from the packer is a no no purely because the slightest bit of sweat makes Mr Limpy here a hot sticky mess.

      For me personally the Medium gave a good bulge that didn't disappear under clothes but wasn't too 'I've got a raging hard on'. It also had an exciting look play-wise. It made myself feel a lot more confident sexually, and wearing it with boxers meant it could just be whipped out and looked realistic enough during play to intensify foreplay.

      Obviously it's called 'Limpy' for a reason. This isn't a penetrative dildo but looks great during foreplay (Oral or otherwise). However, if you're feeling a little creative, you can pierce a hole straight through it with a screwdriver and slip it over a smaller slimline hardcore dildo to create a realistic hard on. (Though absolutely wear a condom - as said before, getting mr limpy wet makes him very sticky and unusable.) This little tip is only for if you don't mind buying two (one for play and one for packing) or if you don't mind just going to down on the little guy all together.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Literally everything, shape and feel.
      Just how sticky it was without renewer!
      Bottom line
      100% recommend for play or LGBT persons.
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    1. Feels so real

      Reviewed: 22 July 2017 by BunnyBox69x, a Straight Single Female

      This honestly looks and feels so real. I can't stop playing with it.

      The veins on the penis are wow, such a turn on. Every little line is so unique as if it's a real floppy penis. The balls feel so realistic I love playing with them. I kinda just like to slap myself in the face with the floppy penis part. It feels so nice.

      Glad I own it.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      How it felt super realistic.
      Nothing, all good here.
      Bottom line
      Fun fun fun.
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