1. Coco de Mer Handcrafted Stone Love Egg Set

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      1. Coco de Mer Handcrafted Stone Love Egg Set

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    1. Product Description

      Naturally build stronger kegel muscles with Coco de Mer's love egg set, a stunning trio of handcrafted eggs cut from semi-precious quartz, obsidian and jade stones. Offering a tiered intensity so you can continuously progress strengthening of your pelvic floor.

      Regular use of the stones will encourage better intimate blood flow to help boost the power of your orgasms. Begin with the largest stone, the jade egg and work your way down to the rose quartz egg and then finally the Obsidian as your intimate grip improves.

      Polished to a lustrous finish the love eggs offer a velvety insertion experience, while a red retrieval cord securely threaded through the stone ensures smooth removal.

      Slip the stones in with the help of a little water-based lubricant.

      Key Features:

      • Set of 3 kegel exercisers made from semi-precious stones
      • Improve pelvic floor strength to help increase the intensity of your orgasms
      • 3 sizes: 4 inch circumference (jade), 3.5 inch (rose quartz), and 2.5 inch (obsidian)
      • Secure retrieval cord keeps you in control
      • Light stimulation also useful for solo foreplay

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    1. Coco de Mer Handcrafted Stone Love Egg Set

      Naturally build stronger kegel muscles with Coco de Mer's love egg set, a beautiful trio of handcrafted eggs cut from semi-precious quartz, obsidian & jade stones.

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      1. Coco de Mer Handcrafted Stone Love Egg Set
      2. Coco de Mer Handcrafted Stone Love Egg Set


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    1. Love my Love eggs

      Reviewed: 27 July 2016 by IrishRose, a Straight Single Female

      I would like to say a huge thank you to those at Lovehoney who sent me out the Coco de Mer Handcrafted Stone Love egg set in exchange for an honest review. Coco der Mer to me screams luxury; it’s that feeling of over-indulgence, to own something from this range. So I was super excited to be getting to review the egg set.

      The semi-precious egg set was packed in a cardboard box that opens like a lotus leaf to reveal my gorgeous set. The box is sleek and classy, it’s not the most sturdy of packing but it is visually stunning.

      The three stone eggs come in an organza bag; I have to say that these are visually stunning to look at, a very indulgent treat.

      Looking closely at the eggs revealed what great lengths were taken to handcraft them. It’s the attention to details that let you know these are great high-quality products. One of the things I was really glad about what the hole that the security string is attached to is beveled, no sharp edge in sight each, each is entirely smooth and polished.

      This review is based on 3 weeks of use: week one I used the largest jade love egg, week two was the medium rose-quartz love egg and finally week three the small obsidian love egg.

      To insert these eggs I have tried various lubes from thin to thick water-based lubes to a high-quality silicone lube, personally I preferred a small amount of silicone lube to a larger amount of water-based. This was because I found that I needed more water-based lube than silicone and when I used too much of it the eggs tended to slip out.

      While I have smaller kegel balls than the largest egg and have no difficulty keeping them in, it is the heaviest I now own. This presented a new challenge to me. At the start of week one I could feel the heavy weight dragging down; by the start of week two I was able to hold the largest egg in place without that heavy downward pull.

      The rose-quartz medium egg is about the same weight and size of some of my other kegel exercise balls and keeping it in place was not an issue. I found this one I tended to forget I was using it until I made sudden movements or was exercising, then I started to feel that nice pleasurable dull ache that always makes me feel needy.

      During week three while using the smallest egg I had to concentrate more, by this I mean actually squeezing my pelvic floor muscles, building up strength.

      The one and only thing I didn’t like about the eggs was the retrieval string, I always felt like I could not get it clean enough, I ended up removing each string. While I found cleaning the strings an issue cleaning the eggs themselves is easy, with the semi-precious I like to use a spray, making sure to clean the string hole.

      I loved these eggs; they are a luxurious product that is functional as well. The love eggs are pricey for kegel balls but are such a treat. These would be an amazing gift for yourself, your partner or for both. I really enjoyed these so I highly recommend them, but if you do buy them and are not 100% satisfied (doubtful) Lovehoney do offer a return.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Loved the luxury.
      The strings.
      Bottom line
      A new fave.
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    1. How do you like your eggs?

      Reviewed: 17 August 2016 by Fun Louise, a Straight Engaged Female

      Let me start by saying I loved the look of these stone eggs from the moment they appeared on Lovehoney. I'm a big fan of natural stone and have several nice small pieces for stress relief (palm stones). I would say I'm an advanced kegel ball user, so these Coco de Mer stone eggs seemed a great special treat.

      I'm a huge fan of quality and high-end items. The Coco de Mer range is marketed as a premium range, focusing on quality, and it carries a hefty price tag too. I hoped that the price would be represented in the quality of the stones eggs. So after saving for a while, I decided to treat myself.

      The Coco de Mer stone love eggs were delivered the next day in a small padded envelope. Inside the envelope, the eggs were presented in a simple brown organza bag, with each egg being enclosed in a small clear plastic bag.

      I felt a huge sense of disappointment. The organza bag is nice enough, but not what I expected for such a premium product. I had wrongly expected a hard box with perhaps moulded foam inserts to cushion each egg. There is nothing to protect the stone eggs at all. With just a small plastic bag around each egg, they were free to knock into one another in transit.

      Upon opening the bags I inspected each egg. The jade egg is just under 2" long and slightly over 1" wide at the widest part. The jade egg has what looks like chips or damage to the lower portion of the egg. I know natural stone has flaws, it's natural, but this does look like damage or a significant flaw at best. It is also only lightly polished, almost a matte finish.

      The rose quartz egg is 1 3/4" long and almost 1" wide. The rose quartz egg is a little better in quality, more highly polished and with only one small flaw or minor chip towards the top of the egg.

      The small obsidian egg is a beautiful dark colour, highly polished and petite at less than 1" long and 3/4" wide. This egg looks to be perfect.

      Given that the obsidian egg looked the best, I started with this one. It's very small, so I left the string attached in case it got lost up there. Being so highly polished and small no lube was needed. But in honesty I didn't feel it did a great deal, it was much more difficult to grip internally due to size, but I completely forgot it was there for most of the day. Would be good for advanced users.

      The rose quartz egg next, a little bigger, and again no need for lube. This is an average size egg and can be gripped internally with relative ease. It has enough weight that you can remember it is in place, and remember to clench, so from this point it works well.

      The jade egg is larger, heavier and I used a spot of lube for insertion. I also removed the string, I would rather not have string if possible, I don't feel I can get it clean enough after use. The egg felt good, I could feel the weight of it, which was reassuring, and it was very easy to grip internally due to its size.

      In summary I was hugely disappointed with the quality of the jade egg and the packaging. I love the obsidian egg and think it would be a great egg for targeted training and advanced users, but I think it would be too small for most people. The rose quartz egg is good and would suit most people. The jade egg is heavy and has a satisfying feel about it but is of limited use for exercising due to its large size, although the weight may be good for intermediate users.

      My hopes for a high-quality premium product have been shattered, very disappointed, not worth the £120 price tag.

    2. Overall Rating:
      5 out of 10 stars
      Obsidian and rose quartz eggs good.
      Quality of jade egg poor, packaging disappointing for such a premium product.
      Bottom line
      Very disappointing, not worth the price.
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