1. Cock Locker Giant Inflatable Butt Plug

      Average customer review 4.5 out of 5 stars31 reviews

      Inflate more than your ego with this sensational advanced butt plug. Made from expandable latex and designed specifically for expert players who are ready for a new challenge, this huge anal toy fills you up for stretched pleasure unlike anything else.


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      1. Cock Locker Giant Inflatable Butt Plug

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    1. Product Description

      Inflate more than your ego with this sensational advanced butt plug. Made from expandable latex and designed specifically for expert players who are ready for a new challenge, this huge anal toy fills you up for stretched pleasure unlike anything else.

      Already sizeable to begin with, insert its 7.5 inch length and 8.5 inch circumference with plenty of lube. When you're ready, squeeze the hand pump to gradually increase the dimensions of the plug. Once pumped up to the max, this anal sex toy measures 8 inches insertable length with an eye-watering girth of 15 inches at the widest point.

      To ensure insertion is easy, this inflatable sex toy features a solid core and is ideal for girth lovers who want to take things to the next level. The base is fitted with a ball pump for easy inflation and has a release valve for quick deflation when required.

      Suitable for use with water-based and silicone lube for enhanced pleasure and play. Not suitable for beginners.

      Key Features:

      • Large inflatable rubber butt plug for extreme stretching
      • Rigid core for easy insertion
      • Tapered tip with wide neck offers easy insertion and comfortable wear
      • Flared base keeps play safe
      • Palm-sized pump enables easy inflation
      • Quick-release valve for speedy deflation
    1. How it measures up

      • Circumference: 15 inches
      • Insertable Length: 8 inches
      • Length: 21 inches
    2. How it feels

      • Contains latex: Yes
      • Flexibility: Flexible
      • Material: Latex
      • Waterproof: Splashproof

    Product Videos

    1. Cock Locker Giant Latex Rubber Inflatable Butt Plug

      This inflatable butt plug increases to an enormous 15 inch girth and has a solid core for easy insertion before inflation. A tapered tip helps make insertion easy while the flared base keeps your toy from travelling.

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    1. Customer Reviews

      Cock Locker Giant Inflatable Butt Plug 31 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5

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      1. Cock Locker Giant Inflatable Butt Plug
      2. Cock Locker Giant Inflatable Butt Plug


    1. Blow up your Bottom - Boom

      Reviewed: 17 February 2017 by kneejerknuke, a Bisexual Going Steady Male

      Firstly I should state that I received this item after another similar item, errrr, malfunctioned and Lovehoney replaced it. It was all done with no fuss and the customer service I received was nothing short of exceptional, so thanks Lovehoney chaps and chapesses!

      Now to the toy...

      Being an avid butt stretcher, I was very pleased to get my soon to be greasy mitts on this big boy. To compare it to a couple other toys for width:-

      Giant IBP > Titan master tool No 4 > LH Large BP.

      Aside from being bigger than the Large IBP, it's a slightly different design in the fact that its core is solid and the inflatable bit is on the outside. The Large IBP is just a hollow plug without the core and thus a tad more fiddly to get in. With this in mind, as I think others have mentioned, even before pumping it makes for a fairly large plug, so you will probably need to be warmed up a bit before having a go.

      And have a go I did.

      Being tapered it's fairly easy to get in and having suitably warmed myself up. I managed to send this badboy home on the first go. As with the Large IPB , getting it in is only the beginning of the fun...

      For those that haven't tried these plugs, it's hard to describe how it feels like... Sensations will rush through you as it pushes you from the inside out. Like with the Large IBP, it's probably the best toy you didnt realise you needed! As you relax and give in to the sensations it can become positively addictive seeing how far you can push yourself... you might be amazed!

      I especially enjoy being on my back, legs akimbo, with a mirror in front so I can see whats going on (and its horny!) and seeing how big it is as I push it out. Like with the Large IBP, I really enjoy getting it pumped and slowly pushing it in and out of my hole - great for stretching and fisting training should that be your poison.

      Also it's a load of fun on all fours and having the pump between your legs. Your inner piggy will be released, thus leaving you all the happier for it!

      So, in short, like the Large IBP this is an awesome toy. Definitely get the former first, though, if you're new to it all as that's great for beginners. It will unlock feelings you didn't know were possible.

      The only downside is you WILL want more...

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Size. Shape. Build.
      Pump cable could be larger but it's not a hindrance.
      Bottom line
      Spectacular feelings await! Wish I'd got this years ago.
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    1. Very Fulfilling

      Reviewed: 18 January 2017 by Thrill seeker, a Straight Single Male

      Well, I have been into large toys for a long time, this is one of the best buys that I have made.

      I just got it today and I had to try it out. This thing is very big. I am glad I didn't cheap out for the smaller one. It is a great fit and when you start to pump it up, talk about a rush! I have a couple of other large toys and this makes it so much easier to take my other ones. I tried it out before using and I got up to 20 pumps and it was very very large I could only pump up to 14 times before having to deflate.

      I would strongly recommend this product to anyone who likes a good fill. It's a must-buy if you like being stretched. It has a great quality and you can tell how durable it is made. I can tell this is gonna be a long lasting toy. I can't say I find anything wrong about this product at all.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      It's a great buy for the price.
      Nothing really.
      Bottom line
      I would give it 10/10
    3. Was this review helpful to you? Yes
    1. Ultra-inflation

      Reviewed: 12 January 2017 by Mcbean

      Massive! I'll just convey that right at the start, this butt plug is seriously big before its even pumped up.

      What separates this from the rest of the Cock Locker range is its solid core, it makes all the difference, and the lack of core in some of the other inflatable toys has been a previous criticism of mine, but this toy has it, and it's just the job.

      Okay, looks. A lovely long tapered body, and a large diameter neck, this toy is the perfect shape for anal fun. The uninflated diameter of 8.5" at the largest point means that it's going to provide a stretch, no matter how "pro" you are. Really anyone who buys this is looking for some serious anal stretching play, and just getting it out of the box will get the bloody pumping, such is its presence and size.

      When this arrived I got it straight out the box, and my eyes nearly popped out, even knowing the dimensions, it still had such an effect. At this size, a fairly lengthy warm-up is required, so I used a combination of my Anal-munition toy (which I can thoroughly recommend!) and my King Cock 9" to warm up in readiness. Even after that, it was still too much, so used my Lovehoney Large inflatable butt plug to get more prepared. With loads of Maximus anal lube, patience, and loads of pleasure, it finally fit, my God! What a challenege and for that matter what a size, the toy is massive, and without a few pumps of air, it was popping back out!

      Squeeze in some air and this thing really starts to get exciting, it really feels incredible, eye-wateringly good orgasms, and obviously can go as big as you like! Excellent pump on it, my only slight criticism is that the pump needs a lot of turns to close and vent. Otherwise, it's a brilliant toy.

      Happy stretching!

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      The lot!
      Could have a quicker release system.
      Bottom line
      Brilliant, massive, but brilliant.
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