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    1. Doc Johnson Mr. Marcus UR3 9 Inch Cock and Balls

      Average customer review 5 out of 5 stars7 reviews

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      1. Doc Johnson Mr. Marcus UR3 9 Inch Cock and Balls

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    1. Product Description

      Experience deeply satisfying play with this fleshy UR3 dildo cast directly from porn star Mr Marcus' impressive member. Bring your sexiest fantasies to life and pleasure yourself with its thick girth, above-average length and curved G-spot-honing shaft.

      If you're looking for the ultimate in porn star sex, then this toy needs to feature in your sex toy collection. This ultra-realistic dildo is the next best thing to Mr Marcus himself. Every detail of Mr Marcus' manhood has been perfectly captured, from the texture of his balls to every bulging vein in his shaft.

      Doc Johnson's UR3 material and Dual Density Skin construction give this dildo unparalleled realism. A thicker inner core with a softer outer layer perfectly replicates the texture of an erection. The dildo's strong suction cup base means you can enjoy it hands-free vaginally or anally.

      Team Mr Marcus with plenty of water-based lube for heightened sensations.

      Key Features:

      • Realistic dildo with suction cup for lifelike pleasure
      • Moulded from porn star Mr Marcus for authentic detailing
      • Curved shaft stimulates G-spot and P-spot with ease
      • Made from dual density antibacterial Sil-A-Gel
      • Strong suction cup for hands-free fun
      • Includes drawstring bag for easy storage

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    1. Customer Reviews

      Doc Johnson Mr. Marcus UR3 9 Inch Cock and Balls 7 5 out of 5 stars 5 out of 5

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      1. Doc Johnson Mr. Marcus UR3 9 Inch Cock and Balls
      2. Doc Johnson Mr. Marcus UR3 9 Inch Cock and Balls

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    1. A great quality toy for the girls to enjoy

      Reviewed: 20 April 2015 by 666mortician

      I'm am writing a second review on this product as my OH thought it only right to update you on our progress with Mr Marcus black cock.

      It all started when we went out for a drink with my OH's friend (a rather attractive Indian girl) last night.

      We all came back to ours after the bar having all had to much to drink and the conversation quickly turned to sex and toy's.

      To my surprise my OH went and got Mr Marcus. When her friend saw it her she instantly was impressed with how real it felt and looked.

      My OH then suggested that we all go upstairs to use it.

      I thought my luck was in so followed them up eagerly.

      When we got upstairs we all stripped off and my OH got me to hold up the toy for a photo for a laugh. She then invited her friend to try Mr Marcus.

      To my horror, her friend grinned wickedly at me and said only if he does first. 'No way' was my response.

      'If you don't I'll show and tell your mates' her friend said.

      My OH then said laughing, 'just take it like a man' and made me lay face down with a pillow under me.

      I then had lube rubbed on my back side and watching in horror as her friend lubricated this big black dildo.

      I then felt it rubbing between my cheeks and I have to say it felt really soft to the touch.

      The next thing I can only describe as pain as her friend tried to push it inside. After 5 minutes, all of a sudden after a firm push, it slid in. When it went in my OH swore and her friend said 'OMG He took it' and giggled. She then proceeded to slide him in and out. I can't say that it was for me having a big black cock up my bum, but I can see why a woman would enjoy this very soft but firm toy working it's way in and out of her body.

      After a while the girls tired of using me and I was sent to wash the toy and sent to the spare room while they continued to play with Marcus and each other.

      To sum u,p I don't plan on doing it again but girl's should try this toy as I think they would love the feel and quality of it.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Soft realistic feel.
      Painful in the wrong hole.
      Bottom line
      A great quality toy for the girls to enjoy.
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    1. Girlfriend's first black toy shocker

      Reviewed: 24 March 2015 by 666mortician

      I am writing this review on behalf of my girlfriend, who purchased the Mr Marcus dildo.

      She secretly purchased this toy after seeing a movie with Mr Marcus in at a girls' night.

      My first experience of this toy was when I came across it in her cupboard while looking for something.

      When I pulled this monster out my first reaction was OMG.

      My girlfriend had never indicated an interest in black men before. Felt quite intimidated by it as I'm only an average 6-inch fella.

      Was amazed at how real it felt.

      While looking I didn't realise my girlfriend had come up behind me just out the shower and she said, "Aah, I see you have met my new lover."

      My reaction was, "What do you want a big thing like that for?" Next thing I knew she had whipped it out of my hand and said, "I'll show you." Dropped her towel and climbed on the bed. I said, "Do you have to," and she snapped back, "Get used to it, you're number two now," and proceeded to insert her new toy.

      To my surprise the whole thing slipped easily inside her. I guessed this wasn't her first time with Mr Marcus.

      As she rode it, two things happened that I never thought would. I got an erection and I saw my girlfriend gush for the first time.

      Since then, every Saturday night my girlfriend makes me sit and watch her ride Mr Marcus along with her newly purchased Bam Black dildo.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      She likes the size, real feel and colour.
      She would like a model that ejaculates for an extra buzz.
      Bottom line
      Girls, if you buy a dildo buy this one you won't be sorry.
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    1. Fantastic dildo

      Reviewed: 26 January 2015 by Scubaman, a Straight Married Male

      The Marcus came on time and well wrapped as usual from our favourite people LH. It was a few days before the weekend, and the first chance we had to use it.

      I've left a little story of how our night went in the chat forum, titled who's having kinky fun tonight if you like to know more lol.

      Anyway, back to this. The dildo looks better than it does on the web page, the wife loves the feel of it. It's soft but yet firm to grip, if you know what I mean, ladies.

      We had a bit of a problem trying to get it to stick to our chosen place, but I think it was down to the surface not the suction cup.

      But when the wife did back onto Marcus, boy did she give him her all. She came by the bucket load, thank god we put a thick towel under her. Well worth the money, guys.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      The feel, the look, and above all, the effect.
      Smell a bit but like most toys. It'll wear off
      Bottom line
      If you haven't got one, you should ask yourself why.
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