1. Allure Fetishwear Teddy Leather Body Harness

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      1. Allure Fetishwear Teddy Leather Body Harness

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    1. Product Description

      A soft leather body harness with an elasticated G-string brief built in. This sexy teddy-come-bondage harness offers a strong submissive look that's more comfortable to wear than traditional bondage harnesses thanks to its stretch-to-fit style.

      Framing the body perfectly and offering minimal coverage for your most intimate area in the fort of three soft straps, this body harness teddy is an accentuation to your naked form.

      A fully-elasticated back offers the most comfortable fit while a popper-fastening halter neck assures the best fit.

      8 metal O-rings offer a decorative and functional twist to the look, allowing you to connect bondage restraints to the harness if desired.

    Allure Fetishwear Size Chart

    1. Allure Dress Size Chart Bust Waist Hips UK Dress Size US Dress Size
      Small 34" 26" 36" 8 - 10 6 - 8
      Medium 36" 28" 38" 12 - 14 10 - 12
      Large 37" 30" 40" 14 - 16 12 - 14
      XL 40" 32" 42" 16 - 18 14 - 16
      2X 43" 35" 46" 20 - 22 18 - 20
      3X 46" 38" 49" 22 - 24 20 - 22
      4X 49" 41" 52" 24 - 26 22 - 24
      One Size 34" - 37" 26" - 30" 36" - 40" 8 - 14 6 - 14



      Allure Bra Size Chart  
      Small 32C - 34B
      Medium 34C - 36B
      Large 36C - 38B
      XL 36D - 40C
      1X 40D - 42C
      2X 40D - 42C
      3X 42D - 44C



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      1. Allure Fetishwear Teddy Leather Body Harness
      2. Allure Fetishwear Teddy Leather Body Harness


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    1. The most beautiful lingerie I own

      Reviewed: 01 August 2014 by LilHorror, a Bisexual Single Female


      Delivery was super fast and on time, just like always! I was so excited for this lingerie, so of course I woke up extra early just in case it arrived earlier than normal and I missed it. Sadly it did not arrive early and I had to spend 2 hours with uncontrollable anticipation and excitement. When it finally arrived I was about ready to burst, but I coolly and collectedly accepted my package from the mailman and closed the door, only to rip it open like a kid at Christmas. Definitely one of my more excitable deliveries.


      I was really disappointed with the packaging this time. I was really hoping for beautiful packaging to go with my beautiful lingerie. Sadly, this was not the case. The harness came only in a plastic warping/sleeve. I thought this made it look much cheaper than it is. I could not help but think about if I was to give it as a gift I would have wanted it to have some sort of box to keep it in as storage. To me, this lingerie is far too beautiful and expensive to be thrown in to a drawer.


      I was so happy when I first tried on my new harness because it fitted almost perfectly. The only part that did not fit perfectly was the middle strap at the front because my torso is not long enough but when I am lying down this is not noticeable at all. I was surprised to feel that the leather was so soft and did not rub against my skin, even when I had been wearing it for a good few hours.

      The only part I was not as keen on was the thong. It was really high up my back since I am short, but when wearing this in front of your partner or whomever else this probably will be the last thing you will be thinking about. The rings are a little cold to start with but it is not long before they begin to heat up.

      I was really surprised about how comfortable this harness was. I could even wear it under my cloths for a few hours when me and my partner went out for dinner. (I am not saying it is completely unnoticeable under the cloths, but it is tolerable.) This is great for when you might be in the mood for a little roeplay.


      I love the look of this harness. It gives a strong submissive look and it had my Dom going wild. The leather straps make you look all tided up and vulnerable when in reality you are perfectly mobile. Which is great for people that are not comfortable with restraints or may have a full house on a regular basis. (Since it's easier to pull the bed covers over yourself if someone walked in than trying to quickly get of of restraints.) The black leather looks stunning against the naked skin. It feels like you are comfortably covered but at the same time you are exposed. The harness looks beautifully luxurious and left me feeling like a goddess when wearing it. 11/10!

      Build quality:

      The build quality is amazing. The leather has been beautiful crafted into strips to make the harness and have been amazingly stitched. The harness is very durable and sturdy. (I do not suggest trying any suspension with this harness. It's strong but I do not believe it would be that strong.) The metal rings all feel like good quality metal and to my delight did not cause any reactions against my skin. So ove all this has been made very well and it is worth the price. You are getting what to paid for, no doubt about that.

      My Dom's thoughts.

      My Dominant (my partner) fell head over heels in love with this harness! If he could get his way I would be wearing it everyday. He told me that I had never looked like such a submissive before and he could not believe that he was my Dominant. This had really opened him up to the more expensive side of lingerie, and he agrees that you do get what you pay for. He has now picked out other harness that he wants to buy so we can build up a BDSM wardrobe! Overall, I think he is pretty happy with it.


      Overall, I could not have asked for anything more beautiful than this. At first this would have not been my first choice for a harness from Lovehoney, but now I am so happy with it and so happy that I have this one. I do not think much could compare with it. I recommend it 101%! It would make a amazing gift for any Submissive or even as a gift for a Dominant so his Submissive could wear it. Absolutely stunning!

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Everything, it is so beautiful. Makes me feel amazing when I wear it.
      The thong was a little high up my back. Poor Packaging!
      Bottom line
      Stunning. Perfect gift! 100% amazing.
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