1. Fetish Fantasy Series High Intensity Pussy Pump

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      1. Fetish Fantasy Series High Intensity Pussy Pump

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    1. Product Description

      Turn your pretty kitty into a puffy pussy and reap the rewards of an enlarged, super-sensitive labia and clitoris. Fitting snugly over your vulva, the pump enhances blood flow and improves sensation for an instant arousal boost.

      Covering your vagina with a large cup, this pussy pump gives you plenty of room to pump up for maximum effect.

      Simply run a little lubricant around the rubberised edge of the cup and press it firmly over your labia. For the best results, spread your outer labia slightly. Once you have the cup in place, squeeze the ball pump to create a powerful vacuum and you're pussy pumping. Simple.

      The cup is beautifully clear, so you'll get a full view of the action as you play. Take things slowly, increasing suction a pump at a time. If your labia touch the sides of the pump or you feel discomfort, it's time to stop.

      Wearing your pussy pump for just 15 minutes will increase blood flow, swell your labia and clitoris and improve your erotic response to touch.

      When you've finished vagina pumping, simply press the release valve next to the ball pump and enjoy the effects.

      Key Features:

      • Pussy pump to temporarily boost blood flow to your labia, inner labia and clitoris
      • Heightens sensitivity of external areas for amazing intensity
      • Quick-release valve means you can instantly stop the pressure at any time
      • Cup measures 5.25 inches long x 3 inches wide for a broad area
      • Includes a free blindfold

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    1. Fetish Fantasy Series High Intensity Pussy Pump

      Increase your sensitivity and achieve the swollen, plumped puffed-up look of your dreams with the Fetish Fantasy Series Pussy Pump. Fitting neatly over your labia, the pump swells your labia, inner labia and clitoris for increased blood flow and improved sensation.

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      Fetish Fantasy Series High Intensity Pussy Pump 2 2.5 out of 5 stars 2.5 out of 5

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      1. Fetish Fantasy Series High Intensity Pussy Pump
      2. Fetish Fantasy Series High Intensity Pussy Pump


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    1. Pumpety pump

      Reviewed: 07 April 2013 by truegrace

      Having been selected to review this item for LH, I was ecstatic.

      I had been debating purchasing a pump for a while but never actually pulled the trigger, but wish I had before now.

      The package was sent in the usual discreet LH packaging, and we couldn't wait to look inside.

      Inside the box there is just the 'cup' and the hose/bulb. No instructions, but to be honest it is pretty self-explanatory.

      The cup is shaped to a point at one end to fit better, and is clear plastic so you can easily see what's going on inside, which is half of the enjoyment of the pump. On use, the 'bulb' has a strong feel to it and is easy to use and release with a simple press of the release valve button.

      We were a bit apprehensive on first use, and started off with a few gently pumps. We didn't use any lube around the edges of the cup as were just giving it a test run but found the suction to be perfect first time. No messing about with positions, just straight on and after one pump it holds itself.

      As it was the first time, we messed about a bit with pumping and releasing and left it on for approx 5 mins. On release of the valve everything 'resumed normal shape' but the intensity of any touch after this was amazing. The orgasm which resulted after a very brief play session was very intense, every touch felt like heaven.

      Further uses after this have been left on for longer, 10-15 mins max, which have resulted in a 'puffed' look for a while after which was very pleasing on the eye, and again very intense sensations to the slightest touch.

      Although this is a tad more expensive than some of the other pumps on LH, I would definitely say it would be worth the price tag.

      It is not something we will be using every session, but have found it ideal for torture play when restrained and gagged with a few rapid pumps then release, as well as using to get some very intense feelings.

      To clean we wash the cup in warm soapy water then give it a quick squirt of toy cleaner then it's all ready to go for its next use.

      Overall very pleased with the product, a very good addition to our toy collection

    2. Overall Rating:
      9 out of 10 stars
      Easy to use, intense feelings during and after use.
      Bottom line
      Excellent pump, easy to use, ideal for beginners to advanced.
    3. 6 people found this review helpful. Was this review helpful to you? Yes
    1. A lot of suck and blow

      Reviewed: 09 August 2013 by MsEllie, a Bisexual Going Steady Female

      It has been a long long time, since I've left a bad review on here (2011 I believe...) but I know Lovehoney and all us customers appreciate the honest reviews. So Here goes:

      I'd been considering a pussy pump for a while, and decided to treat myself to one at last.

      Lovehoney's delivery was as fantastic, and discreet, as always. Living in a block, I have to collect my package from reception, and never once have I felt red-faced at picking up my lovely brown box of goodies. Ordered yesterday afternoon and arrived here before 10! (Our post is always quite late anyway.)

      The package as you can see is adorned by the usual model, although thankfully not exposed as with some packages.

      Upon opening there are three parts: the bulb, suction cup and connecting tube with release valve.

      Despite there being no instructions, it is very easy to work out and put together.

      The cup itself is nicely shaped, enveloping everything neatly, with the pointed end nestling comfortably toward the rear.

      The suction is good, after the first pump or so it suckers itself into place. And here, is sadly where it all goes wrong.

      First of all, the pumping bulb squeaks and whistles - not noisy (certainly compared to a vibrator) but I found it somewhat off-putting.

      By two pumps, the bulb had folded in on itself. All that glorious suction being used to contract the bulb rather than elsewhere.

      With some manhandling I could persuade it to expand to allow for another pump. Again, the bulb sealed itself. As I fidgeted, the connector on the cup came off, instantly deflating the situation.

      Muttering under my breath I put it back together for another go.

      Again two pumps in the bulb has sealed itself. I am forced to hold the other end of the tube onto the cup connection to avoid the same malfunction.

      The bulbs contortion into itself then popped the bulb itself off the safety valve, again everything going down like a lead balloon.

      Over the next hour or so (I am nothing if not thorough in my testing), the pump repeatedly broke into its separate three original pieces. And an extra fourth piece when the top valve of the bulb (the one that lets the air out when squeezed) also popped out from its place.

      All in all a very nicely designed cup, attached to very shoddy pumping mechanism. Perhaps with a partner who can hold all the separate bits together it could be more fun, but for solo play I ended up concentrating so much on stopping it falling apart that I didn't focus on the sensations, and in the end was left very frustrated and disappointed.

      I shall be packing it up to return shortly.

      And that's another reason I've shopped at Lovehoney for four years now - their no-quibble returns allows you to explore, try and play, without the worry that if it doesn't float your boat it isn't money down the drain.

    2. Overall Rating:
      1 out of 10 stars
      The shape and proportions of the 'cup'.
      The shockingly poor build quality and pump.
      Bottom line
      A disappointment. If you want a pussy pump, suck it up buy better quality.
    3. 5 people found this review helpful. Was this review helpful to you? Yes