1. Livia Corsetti Khryseis Fishnet Open Crotch Bodystocking

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      1. Livia Corsetti Khryseis Fishnet Open Crotch Bodystocking

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    1. Product Description

      Nude fishnet with a floral lace motif gives this crotchless bodystocking a subtle but undeniably erotic look. Highlighting every intimate detail of your body without inhibiting your desires to driver your lover wild with titillation.

      Detailed with 3/4 length sleeves, a scoop neck and a low-plunging back, this fishnet bodystocking offers a subtle enhancement to your everyday clothes. Wear it underneath skirts and dresses to give the effect of sheer tights without revealing your sexy lingerie secret.

      Hugging your body with a skin-tight fit, the fishnet stretches to fit your shape perfectly to highlight every intimate detail. An open crotch adds a saucy twist to your look, allowing you to indulge in all manner of carnal delights during wear.

    Livia Corsetti Size Chart

    1. Livia Corsetti UK Dress size
      Small 6 - 8
      Medium 10 - 12
      Large 12 - 14
      XL 14 - 16
      One Size 8 - 16
      Small/Medium 8 - 10
      Large/XL 12 - 14



      Livia Corsetti US Dress size
      Small 4 - 6
      Medium 8 - 10
      Large 10 - 12
      XL 12 - 14
      One Size 6 - 14
      Small/Medium 6 - 8
      Large/XL 10 - 12


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      1. Livia Corsetti Khryseis Fishnet Open Crotch Bodystocking
      2. Livia Corsetti Khryseis Fishnet Open Crotch Bodystocking


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    1. Gorgeous just gorgeous

      Reviewed: 19 February 2015 by patricia3279

      Super comfortable, Super stretchy, and Super sexy.

      This body stocking fits beautifully and makes the wearer feel amazing. Absolutely love everything about this item. I love the fact that it's nude in colour, makes people do a double take and look twice if you are daring for where you wear it!

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Bottom line
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    1. Nice but ever so slightly generous?

      Reviewed: 30 December 2014 by Zebedee69

      Advertised as One size 8-16. Having purchased for Christmas cracker, I would suggest 8-10 figure might find this one a tad loose.

      On a positive, it has lovely detail and looks almost nude from a distance. It is a nice garment, could do with a couple of size options...

    2. Overall Rating:
      8 out of 10 stars
      Nude look and detail.
      Needs size options.
      Bottom line
      Pretty good, nice detail.
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    1. Little niggles, for a gorgeous result

      Reviewed: 29 June 2013 by SN, a Bisexual Single Female


      First of all, I should say that the bodystocking does look gorgeous when it’s sitting right (the material is very elasticated, so it does tend to slip and shift after a little while). It’s a basic fishnet design in ‘nude’ beige, but with a gorgeous floral motif which goes down one arm, arcs across the torso, and down one leg on the same (left) side. The other areas (including the entire back of the garment) are just in the plain fishnet design.

      The colouring is quite an unusual choice - ‘nude’ doesn’t stand out like black would, yet it does look pretty classy. I’d be careful to possibly dust a little foundation on your chest, because if you’re at all slightly blotchy, the ‘nude’ colouring will bring that up a little more than usual as it does force the eye to look more closely. I had a couple of slight red marks - and the bodystocking seemed to highlight it and deflect from the overall look. It really works best with unblemished skin - but no one’s truly unblemished, so evening out your skin tone, at least across your chest, would really make a huge difference to the impact of the bodystocking. Don’t worry too much about transfer - with the nude colouring, it won’t show.

      Packaging and first impressions:

      This arrived exceptionally quickly - the day after dispatch, actually, though it was sent standard service, (quite possibly because it was in a padded envelope, and could go via the normal postal route within Royal Mail, rather than the packages route.)

      It comes in its own presentational box with outer sleeve - made of very thin cardboard, but it forms a nice first impression if you’re buying it as a gift. The sleeve features a full-sized photo of the bodystocking on the model - the same one you see on the top of this page - with a couple of smaller, alternate angle pics on the back, plus composition and return info each in about three dozen languages. The most bizarre of these is the three columns of minute writing across the top of the sleeve to inform you ‘bodystocking / size S/L’. Please forgive the irony - but it’s rather redundant and misleading (in terms of sizing) information. The photos are meant to look ‘respectable’ enough, and they would be, but for the porn-star looking model with her practically inflated breasts and glossy slightly-agasp mouth.

      Without the outer sleeve, the main box is far classier and very sleek. Just black, with the Corsetti signature-type logo in the centre, a small ‘main’ Corsetti logo and ‘Exclusive Lingerie Collection’ printed below in embossed-looking graphic. It gives all the impression of a very high-end product (but for the lightweight materials), so if you’re buying this for someone special - I’d advise giving it to them minus the sleeve.

      Inside, the bodystocking is within a small crackly-plastic bag. There is actually a fair amount of packaging involved for a garment which, when shoved in your draw, takes up about the same amount of space as a pair of rolled up socks. But, they’re trying to make an upscale classy impression, however I’m still in two minds as to whether they’ve actually succeeded.


      The bodystocking itself is made from some of that ultra-stretchy fabric, which seems forever fixated on clinging to itself. It gives the impression, when you take it out of packaging/your draw, that it would only barely fit a two-dimensional ten-year-old. Never fear, though, because it does stretch, and it will probably fit most figures if given enough tugging and encouragement. I would, however, be sceptical about how well it fits various body shapes, as for a one-size garment, it did seem lacking in terms of length.

      Ease of getting on, and fit:

      This is one of those, climb in from the neck-line garments. To pull it on, you’re having to stretch something to about three times it’s resting size. It doesn’t like doing it. It takes a little while of keeping each section stretched before it seems to get the message and starts sitting on the body where it was designed to rest.

      The feet are finished up like tights, rather than ending at the ankles like footless ones - which though I find more attractive, has possibly led to the main issue in terms of fit.

      I’m a tall woman, but not overly so, and neither do I have model-long legs. However, even when stretching it on as I would do too-small tights, it only came up to the middle of my calves before the torso section started. I hiked them up, and stretched them out impossibly further to sit as they should, but you could feel how desperately the material wanted to shrink back down. Within a couple of minutes, the crutch area had already sunken a few inches to give that ill-fitted riding-off-the-body look you sometimes see. Even on a crotch-less bodystocking it’s not terribly flattering. And of course, there’s near-constant hiking-up. I do feel they need to add at least two inches onto the fabric of each leg. Or possibly - that they have used the amount of material normally reserved for a footless garment.

      I did, however, find there was a decent amount of room to spare width-ways within the garment. I’m a size 10, but would feel fairly confident this would fit up to around a size 14 before it starts confining like body-shaping ware.

      The arms, I would also note, ride up to invariably sit at ¾ length, but I guess that is the style now. You can wear the bodystocking off the shoulders or on them - though it’s default proclivity would be off the shoulders, and they will fall there at some point - in an attempt to return to the miniature size from which it started. This ultra-stretchiness does however mean that it clings to your body’s shape very well, and doesn’t hang off it like a saggy t-shirt.

      The material itself wasn’t itchy, and was at least relatively comfortable. It’s one of those, elastic fibrous materials, woven into the fishnet shape,

      Overall impressions:

      This does very well as an inexpensive version to create that very elegant lingerie look. It is nicely affordable, and whilst that is reflected in packaging and fit, I think that certainty if you’re trying to create a mood, or a look, it really is worth it. You’re not going to be wearing it for hours! If you don’t want to deal with the few slight niggles relating to fit, etc, then yes, go ahead and buy a more expensive version. But for only £20 - if this is the look you’re trying to create - it really is worth it.

    2. Overall Rating:
      7 out of 10 stars
      Very inexpensive for the look. The colour is unusual. Pretty design.
      Too short in overall length. Legs keep riding down - constant hiking.
      Bottom line
      Creates elegant look inexpensively - if you can put up with the fit issues.
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