1. Bring It Up Original Instant Breast Lifts (3 Pairs)

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      1. Bring It Up Original Instant Breast Lifts (3 Pairs)

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    1. Product Description

      No not your dinner, your knockers! One of the coolest inventions ever, these innovative C-shaped stickers lift your boobs by up to 6 inches with NO bra in sight. Hypoallergenic and waterproof, enjoy all day lift without pesky underwires or slippy straps.

      Totally transparent for virtually invisible support, these Instant Breast Lifts create sensational shape by lifting from the top of your bust, rather than holding you from underneath like a normal bra.

      Plus, because they have no straps to worry about it's super-easy to choose the right size for you (no working out your cup and back size) and they're perfect for wearing under strapless or backless clothing. About bloomin' time!

      Key Features:

      • Stick on breast lifts for lifting your bosom by up to 6 inches without a bra
      • Transparent and virtually invisible for discreet wear
      • Hypoallergenic medical grade material
      • Single use but water-resistant for long-lasting wear
      • Patented 'Lift from the Top' method

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      Bring It Up Original Instant Breast Lifts (3 Pairs) 4 3 out of 5 stars 3 out of 5

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      1. Bring It Up Original Instant Breast Lifts (3 Pairs)
      2. Bring It Up Original Instant Breast Lifts (3 Pairs)


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    1. Bring it up? Bring it on

      Reviewed: 03 January 2014 by crazy horse, a Straight Married Female

      So after having and feeding two babies, I was delighted to be picked to test these out on my D cup, formally perky boobs. As soon as they arrived I whipped off my bra and tried them on.

      They are a little tricky to start with, you need to peel the back off very slowly or they will curl up and stick to themselves. Once fitted, they did lift my boobs about 1 1/2 inches. Perky baby! But, with in half an hour they had failed. And I was only pottering about the house, not playing beach volleyball or any thing. I think the reason was that I hadn't had a shower that morning. Back on with the bra.

      Second set, much easier to fit. I was just out of the shower but decided I would try them with my bra this time. It says on the package, suitable for A to D cups with out additional support but for D and above, additional support may be worn. They stayed in place all day. Taking them off was a little painful, like a very sticky plaster, take it slowly and keep the skin as taught as possible. The area where they were stuck stayed red for a little while after taking them off.

      I haven't tried the third set yet.

      So, I think for A and B cups theses would be great for perking your boobs up but for C and D cups, a bra might be needed.

    2. Overall Rating:
      7 out of 10 stars
      Got my nipples back the their rightful position.
      Not great for D cups. Possibly the bigger size needed. A little expensive.
      Bottom line
      Probably better for smaller cup sizes. Good at putting nipples back where they belong!
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    1. Interesting

      Reviewed: 10 November 2013 by CocoGirl, a Straight Going Steady Female

      I was very sceptical about this product when it came, as I was not convinced that it would be able to lift and hold my DD breasts. I was very surprised that not only does it work, but it lasts and doesn't sag/or peel away.

      It does take some practice to be able to attach them without any folds or wrinkles, but even if you do get a fold in it, it is not visible through clothes.

      I was extremely apprehensive when it came to removing them and was fully prepared for them to cause me pain. However I was pleased that it didn't hurt at all.

      I like the breast lift and I think that it's a great idea, I think it would be great if there was an option that covered the nipple so it could replace a bra and improve shape of the breast when it's applied.

    2. Overall Rating:
      7 out of 10 stars
      Works, creates a great lift.
      Flattens the top of breast, have to wear a bra so nipples are covered.
      Bottom line
      Very good, could be improved.
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    1. Great in theory

      Reviewed: 09 November 2013 by rubysoho, a Straight Single Female

      I was super excited to try these Bring It Up Instant Breast Lifts as I often find bras for very large cup sizes to be bulky and cumbersome.

      At first glance my initial thought was, ''No way is that flimsy thing going to be able to hold the weight of one of my girls!' The actual lift tab itself is so very thin and lightweight. It seemed impossible that it would hold a breast up at all, let alone give it a boost.

      I was wrong. They may be slight but they are mighty!

      I found the first attempt at application to be slightly tricky. When I peeled the bottom half off to place around my nipple it had the dreaded sellotape effect. You know, where you lift the tape to apply to whatever needs sticking and the air catches it and it all sticks together and wrinkles? Yeah that but on my breast. Nevertheless, I carried on and removed the top half of the backing and followed instructions to lift the breast and stick into place.

      I cannot speak for everyone but these are marketed (in the size I got) for a D cup upwards, but I found that even though yes, they gave amazing lift, they flattened and squished my boob down so it went in a hugely unflattering flattened, misshapen monstrosity!

      I thought I may have done something wrong, but the second lift (even though I mastered the art of application without the bizarre crinkly effect of my first attempt and it went on smoothly) did exactly the same. I tried again with a different angle and less oomph on a second pair but alas, flat square boobies struck again, so I would say perhaps they were for a D-E but not really really large breasts .

      Upside is the 'plastic' itself is very smooth and feels lovely on. You would definitely not be able to see and protrusions under even the tightest of clothing .

      Removal. I was a little nervous about but they peeled off smoothly and easily with minimal fuss and no pain.

    2. Overall Rating:
      5 out of 10 stars
      Very lightweight, nice feel to item.
      Box shaped book effect!
      Bottom line
      Not for me, definitely for smaller cup sizes.
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