1. Exotic and Erotic Realistic Vagina and Ass and Mouth Inflatable Sex Doll 1.9kg

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      1. Exotic and Erotic Realistic Vagina and Ass and Mouth Inflatable Sex Doll 1.9kg

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    1. Product Description

      Indulge in mind-blowing sex with a big busted exotic maiden from Penthouse. Luscious lips, pert breasts and a removable CyberSkin pussy and ass are waiting for your erect attention! Use the sleeve alone or with your doll for realistically ribbed pleasure.

      Use the ribbed Cyberskin sleeve on its own for handheld pleasure and a quick release, or along with the rest of this lovely lady for more authentic lovemaking.

      She's 4.8ft and loves attention. Enjoy her multiple delights as you slide your manhood into her open, plump lips to experience a smooth blow job. Her busty chest is complete with realistic erect nipples for your fondling fancy. Take your new buxom beauty in any position you like, enjoying both vaginal and anal sex whenever, wherever you please!

      True gents always use lube, so don't forget to use plenty during hanky-panky playtimes.

      Key Features:

      • Lifesize inflatable love doll for real deal lovemaking
      • Vital stats: 34 - 23 - 29 and 4'8" tall
      • Removable realistic CyberSkin pussy and ass with ribs for heightened pleasure
      • Soft open lips with a smooth canal to simulate oral
      • Dark eyes and long, black hair with squeezable breasts and pert, pink nipples
      • Includes repair kit

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    1. Customer Reviews

      Exotic and Erotic Realistic Vagina and Ass and Mouth Inflatable Sex Doll 1.9kg 9 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5

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      1. Exotic and Erotic Realistic Vagina and Ass and Mouth Inflatable Sex Doll 1.9kg
      2. Exotic and Erotic Realistic Vagina and Ass and Mouth Inflatable Sex Doll 1.9kg

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    1. you got to get this one..

      Reviewed: 19 July 2016 by crinklebum

      I have never had a doll before. Wife was saying if you want sex everyday buy yourself a doll. So I did.

      Within five minutes of it arriving I had unpacked her and my wife was enjoying watching me.

      Wife now saying she is looking forward us both using our toys first then see what happens next.

      Some people are saying that dolls are hard to blow up. Absolute rubbish. They are so easy to inflate.

      I am looking forward to enjoying myself more with her.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Easy to blow up.
      Unpacking her. Should come ready to use.
      Bottom line
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    1. Penthouse Exotic & Erotic Sex Doll

      Reviewed: 05 October 2013 by BlindMonkey7, a Bisexual Going Steady Male

      Super-fast and discreet delivery. Definitely gives you that piece of mind when ordering a product like this from Lovehoney.

      Arriving on-time in a plane brown box about the size of a briefcase, I ripped this thing wide open with excitement. The box is just as in the picture and the 'Genuine CyberSkin' hole has a small pussy inside it. Great for when you're stressed and you want to squeeze something! A good alternative to a stress ball.

      I was a little anxious to find out how the seams on the doll would be. After pumping it up using the pump provided, the seams are fine, no scratchy edges like on one of those rubber rings that you get at the pool. Nice and smooth! The pump was a little fiddly. It's a little like one of those you use to pump up an air bed. I found it easier to blow into the pipe instead. Didn't take much really.

      For £79.99, you can really tell the build quality, no corners have been cut and everything feels great!

      I already own a Fleshlight and was debating buying another until I received this item. The pussy and ass CyberSkin sleeve is brilliant. The ribbed texture inside makes it feel very much like the real thing! It's great not having to lube up both ends either. Althought I must say, it's quite a turn-on too just lubing it up with your fingers! Start in the pussy and finish in the ass with no messing about. Just like every guy's dream. Unless you want to finish in her mouth of course.

      The face of the doll is quite realistic with skin-like lips, eyelashes and an open mouth ready for your manhood. For me the opening was a bit tight but for others it would be perfect. Could be a bit of a hassle to clean out after because of her locks of hair but worth the feeling!

      I almost forgot, the chest on the doll is great too! Realistic erect nipples with a skin textured feel. There is a little difference in colour tone from the chest and the general colour of the doll but nothing too detracting.

      One problem I found was that when you do finish with the CyberSkin sleeve I found that it went straight through onto the floor because I like to be quite deep.

      As for cleaning the sleeve, just deflate the doll a little and out it comes ready for a nice wash with some warm water and a little powdering with Sex Toy Renew (cornstarch).

      You don't have to use the whole doll every time either, using the sleeve on it's own is great. You can apply you're own pressure to gauge how tight you like it. The end you're not using does tend to flap about a bit, but it's not too distracting.

      Overall a great product, I would recommend this to anybody. Great versatility, well made and definitely pleasurable.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Great textures, brilliant build quality and so versatile.
      The cleaning of the mouth is a little tricky.
      Bottom line
      Great value, I'd recommend it because it's more than just one toy!
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    1. Erotic sex doll

      Reviewed: 12 February 2018 by simon&debbie, a Straight Married Male

      Both me and my wife have toyed with the idea of getting a sex doll. My wife like the idea of me inside another pussy while she is having fun with her toys. We bought this doll and wow! The doll was delivered in 3 days and it didn't disappoint. The doll was easy to blow up and the cyber sleeve looked and felt so real. The only thing was that the sleeve was a little hard to put into the doll. But once in it felt so good.

      The only disappointment was the mouth looks and feels so good but I have a thick cock and it wouldn't fit, such a shame. Cleaning is so easy too. We have talked about a threesome, this is an excellent starting point.

    2. Overall Rating
      9 out of 10 stars
      Feels so real and quick to blow up. And easy to clean.
      Mouth too narrow for a thick penis. Sleeve is awkward to fit.
      Bottom line
      Excellent for some threesome fun.
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    1. Amazing, could only find this greater item on Lovehoney

      Reviewed: 15 December 2014 by Josh012, a Bisexual Single Male

      I bought this just to try out as I had never used a sex doll before. I found it amazing as a first time thing. I know many people recommend using basic cheap dolls as a beginner, but wow! This really was great. =)

      The pussy is great to touch and you can hold the ass with your other hand if you feel like it, but the lips! The lips, wow!

      I loved them. It was almost as if I was kissing a real person and they just weren't kissing back haha, Although this is not ideal for using the mouth for any kind of penetration, unless you are a slightly smaller than average guy. Make sure you use plenty of water-based lube though.

      The breasts were nice to touch and the nipples wonderful too suck on and hold. They can be adjusted by how much you inflate the doll.

      Oh yes! And inflating the doll I am a 9 stone man and the doll can take my full weight.

      I found it fairly easy to clean up, although I recommend being careful as it can get messy if you don't take your time.

    2. Overall Rating
      9 out of 10 stars
      The doll felt so real compared to just another toy.
      Sometimes it was awkward if inflated too much to really get going.
      Bottom line
      Amazing item! Fantastic price and good value for something that can be so intimate.
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    1. Penthouse sex doll

      Reviewed: 04 July 2014 by Lloydboy, a Bisexual Single Male

      I was very impressed with the ease of ordering and the speed of delivery. Ordered on the morning of one day and the doll was with me by 9.30 the following morning.

      I've not tried a sex doll before, so wasn't quite sure what to expect. I needn't have worried. She inflates easily, is a good height and looks good. Her face is well done and the open mouth is actually very kissable!

      Best of all is the Cyberskin pussy and ass, which is very easy to insert, is very life-like, smooth, soft and yielding! I think I'm about average when erect, approx 5ins plus, and penetration is great. She is snug and tight, but not too tight! You can really pump her! She also seems quite robust and not likely to puncture in the near future. Her breasts are good too and her nipples are very suckable.

      To my surprise I am very pleased with her, and look forward to many sessions with her.

    2. Overall Rating
      9 out of 10 stars
      Easy to put together, robust, looks good, Cyberskin pussy and ass are great.
      One criticism. Her hair is thin, could be thicker and brushable.
      Bottom line
      Excellent, really enjoying her.
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