1. Apollo Power Stroker Vibrating Male Masturbator with Suction Cup

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      1. Apollo Power Stroker Vibrating Male Masturbator with Suction Cup

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    1. Product Description

      A vibrating male masturbator lined with stimulating waves and nodules for out-of-this-world orgasmic bliss. Caress the head and shaft with your choice of 30 vibrating speeds and patterns and enjoy hands-free fun thanks to its suction cup feature.

      With a specially shaped canal to mimic oral sensations and an ergonomically designed grip point, this powerful stroker works with your body in every way. Click through 30 modes of vibration, pulsation and escalation to discover your favourite pleasure pattern using a simple 2-button interface.

      This toy can be used with or without the suction cup mount, but should always be used with a water-based lubricant for the greatest sensations.

      Key Features:

      • Vibrating male masturbator with detachable suction cup mount
      • Stroker lined with waves and nodules for enhanced pleasure
      • Velvet-smooth hard plastic case with ergonomic grip point
      • Multi-position suction cup mount with 180 degree pivot enables hands-free fun
      • 30 functions of vibration, pulsation and escalation
      • Specially shaped canal mimics oral sensations
      • User-friendly 2-button interface

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      Apollo Power Stroker Vibrating Male Masturbator with Suction Cup 7 3 out of 5 stars 3 out of 5

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      1. Apollo Power Stroker Vibrating Male Masturbator with Suction Cup
      2. Apollo Power Stroker Vibrating Male Masturbator with Suction Cup


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    1. Gets me going

      Reviewed: 09 September 2014 by Sum Sub, a Straight Married Male

      Male masturbation aids are something I've only been using for the past 9 months, but I have swiftly progressed from TENGA Eggs to Sleeves, to Strokers, to a Fleshlight, and now onto powered toys.

      I chose this one for the simple reason it was on offer.

      When it arrives, you'll need to find 4*AA batteries, which sit under the cap in a little carrier and give this toy it's power. The cap is also where the suction cup attaches.

      The toy is similar in shape to a Fleshlight, but without the lid, and slightly smaller.

      I actually find it easier to use than a Fleshlight - the handle on a Fleshlight I find too girthy, even for my huge manhands, whereas this is altogether more comfortable to hold.

      The instruction for use for this couldn't really be simpler; put some lube in the orifice, pop in your penis, power up using one of the buttons and then peruse through the pulses to find the perfect one for your pleasure.

      The orifice is pretty wide to start with; it's difficult to imagine anyone being too big for the opening. Once inside you are met with a silky smooth blue carpet of wavy ridges, which rise up over a crest as the orifice narrows the further into the toy you explore. It is this crest beneath which the rumbles emanate from. I consider myself average penis size, and this toy, where it narrows gives me a nice squeeze, this narrowing is non-adjustable, so if you are extra wide towards the tip, then make sure you like a nice firm squeeze before buying this toy.

      There are 30 advertised functions on this toy, all accessible from one button, this means you have to scroll them all in order, and overshooting the one you want means going all the way round (or turning off and starting again).

      The vibrations in this toy can be really intense. It's a lot like holding a bullet against your penis, only because your penis is inside the toy, you don't have the constant fight of keeping the pressure in the same place as you do with a bullet. Although, having said that, there is a definite need to hold this toy at a certain angle, and that is because of the crest, and I imagine it will be similar for most but not all men.

      To my knowledge, most men find a tickle on the underside of their penis, along the frenulum, almost irresistible, and I am no different, once I get the crest positioned in the cleft under my glans, and the vibrations start, there really isn't long until I cum. In fact I can't attest to having gotten all the way through 30 settings! Then again, I just like the highest power constant-on setting for a quick fix.

      The orgasms I have with this are really decent, often quick, and always leave me slightly short breathed and panting.

      I don't even need to stroke with this to cum. The vibrations and squeeze on the head of my penis are enough for me, although stroking with it is really nice too, I don't feel like I need to, and I think just orgasming from the vibrations makes the orgasm that little bit more powerful.

      Cleaning is a bit of a chore, since as far as I can tell you can't remove the sleeve to clean, so you have to be quite careful not to get water in the battery compartment; but it is just a case of wiping well with hot soapy water and ensuring it is clean and dry before putting away.

      This comes with a suction cup, which I mentioned briefly before, and I really can't get on with it. It doesn't offer a lot of resistance, and I found that it didn't adhere very well (but I like quite a bit of pressure from the Apollo).

    2. Overall Rating:
      9 out of 10 stars
      The vibrations, the shape around the head of the penis.
      The control button is a little basic.
      Bottom line
      It gives really good intense orgasms.
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    1. Impressive toy

      Reviewed: 05 July 2014 by NoTackyToyBlokesReviewer, a Straight Single Male

      I was a little bit sceptical about this toy to begin with. I was fortunate enough to have got it in the Deal of the Day offer. When it arrived I was impressed with the build quality. It was not flimsy or too heavy, and the strong plastic parts fitted together in ridges, which make it smooth on the exterior. For a cheaper toy it looks very well made.

      However, when I looked at it, I thought I had received something defective as the inner textured blue sleeve was not symmetrical and had a bulge on one side. I figured something internally had dropped down in the delivery. You can’t rely on the instruction fold-out. In fact it doesn’t even appear to be the correct fold out for this device as it talks about internal and clitoral hazards.

      Removing four watch-makers screws shows a little PCB which swaps between the 30 modes. It powers a bullet on the inside of the sleeve, which has foam between the bullet and the outside of the case (noise reduction), but also explaining the bulging inner textured sleeve.

      The device has 30 patterns of on/off for different intervals. The first three are continuous, increasing vibration. The third is very powerful. This device designed to stimulate the top of the penis. I also liked mode 5, which is a slow vibrate, followed by a pause, and two short intense vibrations. Others I would find annoying.

      I have not got anything like this and thought it was brilliant. I have a robotic stroker (up and down motion) and a couple of textured hand sleeves, so to allow this to sit without no motion and make me cum was amazing.

      It isn’t really intense, but aimed at sensation, and wow, it works for solo play. If you’re going to slowly raise it up and down, you will get squishy sounds, which are off-putting and it won't have any affect on the shaft.

      The sound of the bullet is a little less than a normal bullet, and a lot quieter than a robotic stroker or a spinning toy. I think after your eyes have rolled back, it's best to use another toy or wrist to stay hard until you want the stimulation again (it's designed for the top part of the penis only).

      It is very easy to clean as you can just fill it with soapy water and spray, clean it, and stand it upright to dry in no time. I also don’t think it looks like most guy toys, having no element of tackiness to it (it's darker blue than the photo!). The mount I haven’t completely sussed out yet as the toy isn’t waterproof, but it’s a strong bulky suction cup, which won’t break easily. Best of all, there are no wires coming out of it or control pads.

      Overall, I am really happy with the toy and would recommend this.

    2. Overall Rating:
      8 out of 10 stars
      Amazing sensation to top, its design, weight and feel, best modes first, batteries, cleaning.
      Instructions (no patterns), bullet position, internal length and lack of sensation to shaft.
      Bottom line
      If you have not got anything designed for vibrating sensation, buy this.
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    1. A challenger has entered the ring

      Reviewed: 10 February 2014 by DavidB1986, a Gay Married Male

      Male masturbators are a dime a dozen these days. From Fleshlights and Flip Holes, to simple silicone strokers. Then Fun Factory came along with the Cobra Libre and changed the game. I honestly believed that was the height of male masturbatory pleasure... but things might be about to change.

      The Apollo Power Stroker looks like an ordinary masturbator - it's in a similar style to a Fleshlight - in fact, if you were to put the product on your bedside table, you would probably think it was a torch - however what's inside takes it to a whole other level.

      The actual toy itself looks and feels surprisingly premium, despite the rather basic packaging it comes in. As there are no instructions, it takes a little bit of guesswork to understand exactly how to use it, but it's really not all that difficult.

      To start off, you need 4 AA batteries. Simply unscrew the cap, insert the batteries in the removable battery holder and pop back in screw back on. Nice and simple.

      The box describes it as being 'powerful' and has 30 (yes, 30) different settings! The opening is fairly wide (at about 55mm) and narrows as you get deeper and has a depth of about 90mm. The sleeve has a very similar design to the Cobra Libre in that there is a 'ridge' that has clearly been designed to stimulate the frenulum. The sleeve has a 'wavy' texture inside which turns into little bumps at the bottom, which will stimulate the glans.

      The toy comes with a removable suction cup, allowing for hands free play. Simply take off the cap and screw on the suction cup. It allows for 180 degrees of movement. The suction cup seems to make it suitable for use in the shower, like the Fleshlight for example. However, this toy is not strictly waterproof. I wouldn't risk it to be honest, as the cap for the battery compartment doesn't look terribly watertight. But there are still some fun ways to utilise the suction cup (for the sake of science, I stuck it to the underside of my desk - WOW).

      So to use, simply lube up yourself and the sleeve, and gently slide in and then press the power button. This turns on the vibrations. On it's lowest setting, it really was quite pleasant and surprisingly powerful. Pressing the only other button on the unit cycles you through the different settings. The first three are your standard constant vibrations in a slow, medium and fast. Then you get into the various pulses - there are so many of them, you are really spoilt for choice. But to be honest, the third setting was the one for me.

      Where this one sets itself apart from the Cobra Libre is that you can actually 'stroke' with the toy - however this takes a little practice as there is no air vent like in a Fleshlight or Flip Hole. You are initially going to hear lots of loud squelching and raspberry noises. A little off-putting - so if you are the kind of person who likes to 'shake it like a polaroid picture' - you might find it becomes a little too much like squeezing a ketchup bottle. However, if you thrust gently, and push right to the bottom, you can get a good amount of movement with very minimal unpleasant noise.

      The vibrations however are what really make this a great toy. For a battery operated toy, they are strong, consistent and surprisingly powerful for a toy like this. In fact, it feels like it may have the edge on the Cobra Libre.

      It brought both my OH and me to orgasm in a short amount of time. And the added texture of the sleeve really enhanced the vibrations - there were times when it actually felt like someone was deepthroating. So from a performance point of view, it's definitely thumbs up all round!

      It's not all peaches and cream though - there are just a few issues that stop this from being the ultimate male toy.

      The fact the toy is not completely waterproof, does mean that clean up can be a bit of a faff. Rather than just washing under the tap like I can with the Cobra, you need to clean out the sleeve with a warm cloth and water. I would recommend leaving to air dry as the sleeve will attract dust and dirt like any other toy made of Thermoplastic Rubber (looks and feels like silicone). It would have been nice if it came with a little cap to help keep the chamber clean and dust free, like the Fleshlights have. Also, a toy like this is begging to be rechargeable as changing batteries is always a pain (most of the toys I have a rechargeable - makes the bedroom look like we are being invaded by aliens, but still...).

      And this desperately needs to be waterproof. I know lots of people who love to use their toys in the bath and in the shower, but sadly, this has to stay dry!

      It's great that it has so many different functions and styles of vibration, but 30 perhaps might be too much! You really are spoilt for choice, and so many of the different functions felt similar that I just ended up going back to the beginning. You also have to literally scroll through the whole lot to get back to one (or you have to turn it off and start all over again). This is a bit of a nuisance.

      But to finish on a positive note, the design is great. It's nice to look at, and has a great ergonomic grip. It's light too, and packs a pretty good vibratory punch! And despite that, it is pretty quiet actually. So it can safely be used with minimal chance of somebody overhearing what’s going on. I can safely say this will be coming out of the toy box quite a lot...

      Additional Notes:

      Before I was about to submit the review, the unit stop functioning for no explicable reason. After taking the unit apart, it began working again, and has been functioning without problem. I am unsure whether this is down to a flaw in the design off the toy, or whether the particular unit was faulty.

      Tested it out a further 4 times since I initially wrote the review, and seems to be okay (and still giving a great experience).

    2. Overall Rating:
      8 out of 10 stars
      Good vibrations, nice textured sleeve, works vibrations deep.
      Not waterproof, potentially easily broken, difficult to clean.
      Bottom line
      If it was waterproof, this would be, hands down, the best masturbator out there...
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