1. Roza Ballerina Faux Lace Up Tights

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      1. Roza Ballerina Faux Lace Up Tights

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    1. Product Description

      Detailed faux lace up detailing features along the full length of these tights for an eye-catching, captivating look. Sheer panels between garter-like bands adorn the thigh area to add to the seductive design of this sexy hosiery.

      The reinforced toes offer a durable, secure fit, while the broad waistband gently smooths over your curves for a flattering, comfortable fit. Slip on your favourite heels for a red-hot look in the bedroom or out on the town.

      Key Features:

      • Tights with a sexy faux lace up pattern
      • Seductive cut out effect across thigh area and bottom
      • Soft and smooth material for strokable effect and comfort
      • Reinforced toes for durability
      • Wide, gently elasticated waistband for comfortable, secure fit

    Roza Lingerie Size Chart

    1. Roza Lingerie UK Dress size
      Small   8
      Medium  10
      Large  12
      X Large  14
      Roza Lingerie

      US Dress size

      Small   6
      Medium  8
      Large  10
      X Large  12

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      1. Roza Ballerina Faux Lace Up Tights
      2. Roza Ballerina Faux Lace Up Tights


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    1. En Pointe

      Reviewed: 24 April 2014 by Miss-Nomer, a Bisexual Going Steady Female

      I have a soft spot for corset lace detailing and I loved the segmented look of these, so it didn't take them long to work their way onto my wishlist. I'm glad to say the quality is great in person and (mostly) does not let down the unique design.

      The packaging is fairly standard: cardboard packet with product picture, measurements and composition (79% Polyamide, 18% Elastane and 3% Cotton). The brand name, 'Ballerina' (a Polish company), is emblazoned in gold down the left of each side, and the back shows another design from the collection. Care instructions are found under the flap.

      I'm 5'10" and a skinny hourglass (size 6 with size 10 hips) and I blindly went for the L/XL size, not being able to find a detailed sizing chart online, as experience has taught me it's usually safer to size up due to my height. I thought I'd made a mistake when I saw the size chart on the packet, but turned out I needn't have worried, they're a near perfect fit. For reference, the packet advises that the S-M fits 45-60kg, 150-160cm tall and 86-108cm hips; the L-XL is 61-76kg, 160-175cm tall and 100-116cm hips.

      I really would advise anyone tall to get the L-XL, regardless of weight; the tights themselves are cut quite slim and cling to my frame great -- unstretched the waist band is only 19" (they go easily over my 37" hips, so they clearly stretch well too, but I can't vouch for comfort for more voluptuous girls and guys).

      Something strange that I noticed upon opening the packaging is that they are really strongly perfumed -- it hit me before I'd even slid them out of the plastic - which I found odd, but quite nice. It could be a problem for some people very sensitive to smells as it is a little overpowering, but I'd imagine you could just give them a wash or two before first wearing them if it really troubled you. Thankfully, I quite like the fragrance so it doesn't bother me too much. It reminds me of something from my childhood that I can't put my finger on (possibly a perfume a family member used to wear, or maybe parma-violets). It's a soft powdery floral and it clings to your skin after you've taken the tights off.

      They are not fully fashioned, but they stretch and mould well to curves (they don't gape at the back of the knee upon bending like some do on me). The waist band is nice and thick (a little over two inches) which helps keep them in place and makes them really comfy. The toes are just a single seam and not at all reinforced, which could be a problem over time but it does make them feel nicer to wear. The gusset is simply a sewn in soft diamond of the black opaque material used in the main body of the tights, which could be easily cut out if you wanted to make them crotchless.

      I love the care that has been taken in the design of the lacing, right down to the cute little grommets and how it looks to be done in standard criss cross style. It's really nice to see such detailed lacing, it looks amazing in person, even if it's clearly not real. Around each of the black panels are thin, black outlines, about a millimetre out, which makes them look very finished and adds yet another nice point of interest. I really like the texture; all the black detailing is actually raised from the sheer parts, which gives a great effect visually and tactilely. There's no glitter, for anyone wondering (they look a little sparkly on my screen).

      I found the skin tone sections just a touch too dark for me, but I have been referred to as ghostly white, so I believe they would suit most people with a pale to mid complexion (the sections are quite sheer). They're very neutral toned and I can't imagine they'd make anyone look orangey, but I think they could make darker skin tones look a little ashy. The black sections are fairly opaque (I'd guess around 50denier) with a very slight sheen, and a lovely softness.

      The tights have that problem of mixed sheer/opaque hosiery of a slight feathering on the inside where the black joins the nude, especially at the pointed base of the 'lacing'. I don't find it detracts from the look too much, 'though I wish it were neater at the base. Strangely, there's a more sheer section around the crotch seam -- it's like a combination of the opaque and sheer sections - which I'm not sure I like the effect of, and I think someone at the company agrees as it seems to have been retouched out of the packaging picture (which is also the product image on this page). I'm honestly not sure why they've constructed them like this, as the rest of the tights are so nicely made. It's not something I've noticed on any other pair of tights before, luxury or budget. I know most people won't see the very top, but because of the intricate design that goes all the way up, it just seems peculiar that they wouldn't take care with the whole length.

      These are very sexy (they've elicited more than a few 'rawrs' from my partner), so can be a little tricky to work into an outfit for wear outside of clubbing or the bedroom. I do, however, like them dressed down with a simple black dress, long enough to only show the lower two 'gaps', and I've found that wearing them under a long red or black dress with a split makes one feel quite the sex kitten. I also like that you can wear them with a knee length or longer dress to surprise your partner later in the evening with the extra detailing hidden beneath (or just keep it your own sexy, little secret).

      Overall, I'm pretty happy with these. There are two minor issues with the finish, but most people won't notice them when worn, and the design is unique enough and the quality otherwise high enough, that they're unlikely to be deal breakers for many people.

    2. Overall Rating:
      8 out of 10 stars
      Great fit, softness, very provocative look with lovely details.
      Feathering at base and strange crotch seam.
      Bottom line
      Extremely sexy tights with a fantastic, and surprisingly comfortable, fit.
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