1. L'Amourose Rosa USB Rechargeable Prostate and G-Spot Vibrator

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      1. L'Amourose Rosa USB Rechargeable Prostate and G-Spot Vibrator

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    1. Product Description

      Discover the blissful internal sensations of G-spot or prostate massage with the luxurious, smooth curves of L'Amourose Rosa. This powerful-but-whisper-quiet vibrator features Flex and Shift Technology that adjusts to fit your body for prime pleasure.

      Perfect for men or women, Rosa's silicone-coated ergonomic design works with the natural contours of your body. Its curved shaft reaches round to stimulate your G-spot or prostate with 7 powerful vibration modes and 12 speeds, whilst its flat base (which houses a second motor) caresses your clitoris or perineum.

      To use, just coat the shaft in a generous helping of water-based lube, and use the push button interface to explore the orgasmic array of vibration settings.

      Thanks to its handy travel-lock, there's no chance your toy will 'come to life' at an unwanted moment. It's completely waterproof as well, so you can take it for a dip in the bath or hot tub. Please note: this toy comes with a UK plug.

      Key Features:

      • Whisper-quiet, super-powerful, unisex vibrator for intense G-spot or prostate stimulation
      • 2 x motors power the 7 powerful modes and 12 speeds of vibration
      • Whisper-quiet and waterproof
      • Made from velvet-smooth silicone with Flex and Shift Technology
      • Rechargeable via a user-friendly charging dock with UK plug
      • Flat base doubles up as an ergonomic grip point, as well as extra stimulation of your clitoris or perineum
      • Travel-lock stops unwanted activation
      • Includes a drawstring storage bag, keepsake box and 18 month warranty

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    1. L'Amourose Rosa Waterproof Extra Quiet Luxurious G-Spot Vibrator

      Savour stimulating internal and external pleasure thanks to this waterproof silicone vibrator by L'Amourose. Its curved shape is designed to massage your G-spot and clitoris, while thrilling, whisper-quiet vibrations from 2 adjustable motors are sure to take you all the way.

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    1. Customer Reviews

      L'Amourose Rosa USB Rechargeable Prostate and G-Spot Vibrator 21 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5

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      1. L'Amourose Rosa USB Rechargeable Prostate and G-Spot Vibrator
      2. L'Amourose Rosa USB Rechargeable Prostate and G-Spot Vibrator


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    1. If you could only choose one toy

      Reviewed: 31 December 2017 by Sleight Of Tongue, a Straight Married Male

      I bought this originally as a toy for a bit of "man-time", but it appears it's as good for my wife as it is for me as it has moved to her bedside drawer. It's rare to find a product that satisfies both parties as much as this does, which is why I'd highly recommend this to anyone.

      As always, the package arrives in discrete packaging, but the actual box for the toy hints at the high quality before you even turn it on. It even comes with a beautifully soft satin drawstring bag (not that it has the opportunity to be stored away). The charging mechanism is a simple magnetic dock making the toy easy to charge and retrieve. The material is very soft and smooth, and very ergonomically designed. The buttons are easy to work, a simple plus, minus and mode. As an added bonus, the design is waterproof and makes for some intense fun in the bathroom.

      The toy slips in easily, and has a satisfying girth without being uncomfortable. The tip of the toy rests perfectly against the prostate, and even the slightest movements are quite pleasurable. The vibration is surprisingly powerful, and extremely quiet. It would be a strain to hear it from an adjacent room, even at full power.

      For the lady, the tip delivers very intense, direct stimulation against the clit which she describes as preferential even to a magic wand.

      In short, this toy is amazing and remains at the top of our (extensive) collection.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Quiet, powerful, waterproof, works for everyone!
      Bottom line
      Great for women, better for men, it does everything.
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    1. Simply brilliant

      Reviewed: 20 May 2017 by More Sexy at 50, a Straight Married Male

      This is a classy product, you get what you pay for.

      I agree with other comments that the recharge light is dim and the charging station does not instil confidence that it's charging, but it does. Also, you do have to fumble to operate the buttons when inserted, but accidentally pressing the wrong button can also add interest! These are minor points for what is a well made and beautiful product.

      The charge lasts over 1.5 hours and doesn't lose power, which is good when trying to reach that super O that the P-spot promises. I'm new to P-spot play, but I've read up a bit to see what works and doesn't work for others. I've tried lying on the bed and trying hands-free. The sensation gradually builds and it causes me intense arousal with panting and sense of needing desperate relief, so much so it has scared me how turned on I was. I've only used this solo and not sure my OH is ready to see me in such an aroused state!

      I've tried for the super O a few times, but it stays tantalising out of reach most of the time, even though it all still feels fantastic. I've managed one super O and it was quite frankly mind-blowing, I'm keen to repeat it, but it does take time, relaxation, and no disturbances. I've also tried this in the shower and the downward pressure on my P-spot speeds things up and I can orgasm more reliably, but it's not a super O. However, it is still an amazing feeling as it builds in your abdomen and provides an orgasm that is more intense and spreads all over my lower abdomen more than a normal orgasm.

      The speed goes from very gentle to very fast vibrations. The patterns are varied and worth experimenting with. My favourite is one that combines a buzz followed by a long double rumble vibration; it helps not to desensitise the P-spot too. This is a great product.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      It causes intense arousal, so beware.
      Nothing really.
      Bottom line
      Brilliant product, would recommend.
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    1. Wow

      Reviewed: 06 February 2017 by Arthur George, a Bisexual Single Male

      After purchasing various prostate vibrators over the years and being very disappointed with them, the reviews for the Rosa suggested that at last a well-designed, comfortable and powerful gadget was finally available.

      Purchased from LH and this expensive, overpriced vibrator arrived in a ridiculously over packaged box - why? - and a useful black velveteen bag together with a mains-electric docking station to recharge the built-in battery in the vibrator.

      Although the magnetic attraction of vibrator to dock holds it in position, I personally think this is a design fault and ought to be a positive mechanical connection. My other criticism is the so-called 'indicators' that are supposed to show the state of the charging process - unless you are in a totally darkened room they are not visible!

      Once lubed, Liquid Silk for me, the vibrator slipped in and hit the P-spot straight away! The business end is very comfortable, cushioned and nicely wide and stays exactly where it should be - so a real pleasure even when switched off.

      With controls located on the side some fumbling is inevitable, but no matter as you have a choice of settings, with the most powerful giving such a fantastic anal pleasuring it will leave you wanting more!

      In conclusion: expensive but it's the best I have had in my rear end!

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Very powerful.
      Too expensive and invisible indicators.
      Bottom line
      Best prostate massager I have used.
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