1. Doc Johnson James Deen Faux Suede Blindfold

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      1. Doc Johnson James Deen Faux Suede Blindfold

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    1. Product Description

      Heighten anticipation and enhance arousal with the James Deen Faux Suede Blindfold. Ergonomically shaped to fit over the nose, this velvet-touch mask blocks your lover's vision to increase their physical sensitivity and psychological excitement.

      An elasticated strap keeps it pressed comfortably against your partner's eyes to provide optimum light restriction, while the faux suede finish and matte studs add a sophisticated style to your play session.

      Perfect for a range of BDSM and other sensory experimentation play, this blindfold also makes a great sleeping aid!

      Key Features:

      • Ergonomically designed blindfold for sensory deprivation play
      • Velvet-touch faux suede finished with matte black studs for a sophisticated look
      • Shaped to fit comfortably over the nose and offer effective light restriction
      • Elasticated strap is comfortable and fits most sizes
      • Perfect for enhancing BDSM exploration, as well as getting a good nights sleep!

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      1. Doc Johnson James Deen Faux Suede Blindfold
      2. Doc Johnson James Deen Faux Suede Blindfold


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    1. Near Blackout

      Reviewed: 14 May 2015 by atyl1972, a Straight Married Male

      She said it worked very well in normal daylight, but if it was bright or lights on at night time then some did get through.

      Docs stuff always great to use, and it worked and served a purpose.

      I would buy again if needed, but haven't used it for a while.

      It does add a great sense of sexual paranoia, waiting to see what's coming next. May give it another go soon.

    2. Overall Rating:
      7 out of 10 stars
      Inexpensive, felt comfortable after issue.
      Seems cheaply made, but okay.
      Bottom line
      I have used it and it worked, but there are better ones.
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    1. Sleep or sensory play, it does the job

      Reviewed: 10 June 2014 by myghost, a Straight Single Female

      James Deen (not to be confused with 50's movie bad boy, James Dean) is one of the best known names in the adult film industry. While it's common for the top stars to have their prized assets cast in to sex toys, it's a first to see a bondage range.

      James Deen's Black and Blue bondage collection consists of gags, restraints, positioning aids and this blindfold.

      The "Sensation" blindfold comes boxed with an artistic high quality soft-core sepia picture of James plus female model, demonstrating the blindfold. The blindfold itself is coloured black and blue. This format carries across the whole range.

      Inside the box the blindfold comes in a plastic wrapper, plus there are two moisture absorbing silica packets. Taken out of the wrapper the blindfold is is firmly padded, but not stiff and inflexible. It has a blue microfibre suedette feel, black satiny trim, black rivets purely for decoration, elasticated band and black reverse. If it wasn't for the box you'd have no idea it was anything to do with James Deen.

      The elastic is very stretchy and will fit most size heads, it fitted me no problem. The firm nature did mean it got a tad uncomfortable on the bridge of my nose. It was comfortable enough that I could sleep with it on all night.

      The purpose of a blindfold is to block out the light, whether you use it for sleep or in light bondage for sensory play. Finding myself frequently being woken at stupid o'clock by the sun shining in my face, I thought this might help as a sleep mask. Because it is firm, when I wear it, it sits raised around my nose enough that I can see daylight if I avert my eyes downwards. But not enough that it doesn't work for the purpose I want. I'd have no problems using it in a light bondage session given the chance.

      There are probably better blindfolds out there, but if you are looking for one that won't fall apart after one use, to give as a gift to a bondage newbie or James Deen fan, buy this one.

    2. Overall Rating:
      7 out of 10 stars
      Well made, expensive feel, fits most sized heads.
      Lets in light, slight discomfort.
      Bottom line
      For bondage or sleep this blindfold will do the job.
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    1. Disappointed

      Reviewed: 21 August 2015 by energise, a Straight Married Female

      I was a bit disappointed with this mask, as I wanted complete darkness.

      The elastic is a nice wide elastic and is very comfortable. But the mask is really thick, and I don't think it's that flexible.

      Once on, I can still see if I look down, which basically spoils the surprise.

      It feels nice, but I'd go for something different if you want the full experience.

    2. Overall Rating:
      4 out of 10 stars
      The elastic is comfortable to wear.
      Does not give complete darkness.
      Bottom line
      I'd upgrade to a better product if you are looking for a great product.
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