1. Coco de Mer Georgiana Rechargeable G-Spot Vibrator

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      1. Coco de Mer Georgiana Rechargeable G-Spot Vibrator

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    1. Product Description

      Expel powerful arousal from your intimate depths for convulsive stimulation that thrills from top to toe. Ergonomically crafted with a curved top, Georgiana dexterously pinpoints and detonates your G-spot with 5 vibration patterns in multiple intensities.

      Super-smooth silicone makes insertion irresistible, while the multiple settings allow you to build the vibrations in tune with your blossoming lust.

      Presented in a cocoa-coloured leather case and accompanied by a USB cable, Georgiana offers convenient charging and storage at home or astray, as well as a travel lock to ensure discretion.

      Cloak Georgiana in water-based lubricant before use for velvet-smooth sensation.

      Key Features:

      • Coco de Mer waterproof G-spot vibrator for internal stimulation
      • Graduated multispeeds and 5 patterns for enjoyment to suit you
      • 60 minute charge time offers 90 minutes of play time
      • Curved tip for arousal-inducing G-spot stimulation
      • USB charger, travel lock function and leather travel case

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      1. Coco de Mer Georgiana Rechargeable G-Spot Vibrator
      2. Coco de Mer Georgiana Rechargeable G-Spot Vibrator

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    1. Sleek, sophisticated, sexy, silky splendour

      Reviewed: 03 April 2019 by Hopper, a Gay Other Female

      This vibrator is nothing short of a high-end, luxury toy. It comes packaged in a beautiful box which looks itself like a work of art. I’ll be honest, I was too excited to open it up to spend too much time admiring the packaging!

      Inside the box reveals a quality, textured brown leather case accented with a shiny gold zip. This provides lovely discreet storage, keeping it clean and out of sight if you are worried about snoopers, pets(!), children or other prying eyes!

      Now for the toy itself:

      Aesthetics: To look at, this toy is stylish and sophisticated. The deep brown and accents of gold make a welcome change from the pinks, purples or plain black so often seen with other toys.

      Material: The silicone is unbelievably soft and smooth to the touch. A little lube and you’re ready to glide away!

      Function: A quick read of the instructions and the workings of this vibrator become quickly intuitive. Three buttons work through 5 vibrations patterns which can be increased in strength of vibration. Holding the pattern button and the minus will place a travel lock, and then hold with the negative button to unlock. No more embarrassing bag vibrations when you travel with your toy!

      Noise: If you need to be discreet, my tip would be to insert it before turning on the vibrations. When inserted the toy is quite quiet but the vibrations are strong so do have some noise when not inside the body.

      Feel: To touch with your hands, the silicone is soft and silky, but truth be told, we’re not all that interested in how it feels in the hand, but in other places!

      The shape and shaft are not flexible. On one hand, I was excited for this because it means I can apply pressure without the toy bending; on the other hand, I was slightly worried that the bulbous end would be uncomfortable to insert and remove. However, a squirt of Lovehoney’s water-based lube and this beauty glided beautifully, the rigidity of the toy working wonders to apply pressure in all the right places. The vibrations and deep and rumbling, a different - and welcome - sensation from other toys. I used it simultaneously with a clitoral vibrator and... wow.

      It’s also worth noting that you could use this as a clit vibrator too!

      The charging section of the toy separates from the shaft, allowing for discreet charging.

      I bought this toy at a reduced £39, what a steal. At its full price (£129.99), it is of course on the expensive end! It is a beautiful, luxury toy which functions wonderfully and I can see why it has a high price-tag. Would I have bought it at that price? No, I don’t have that kind of money to spend on a vibrator, unfortunately. Am I pleased with my purchase at £39? You bet!

      It’s a shame it’s being discontinued, perhaps the original price tag limits it’s target audience or perhaps they’ve got something new coming. Either way, get in there while you can. It’s seen multiple uses and I’ve only had it one afternoon!

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Targeted G-spot glory!
      Bottom line
      Best G-spot vibrator I’ve tried.
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    1. Spot-on

      Reviewed: 02 May 2018 by Lovehoney - Bilbo, a Straight Engaged Male

      The product arrived in a boring brown box, the product itself comes in a lovely discreet case. The material is high quality and easy to clean. It doesn't attract dirt like the cheaper products.

      Fun to use as a clitoral or G-spot vibrator, fun to use alone or with your partner. Good range of different vibrations to keep things interesting.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Nice quality, good range of vibrations mode, USB rechargeable.
      Bottom line
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    1. A luxurious, high-grade experience

      Reviewed: 01 May 2018 by Lovehoney - Stonemilker

      From start to finish, using Georgiana is a luxurious, high-grade experience. The packaging is gorgeous, and the chocolate-and-gold colour scheme is a refreshing change from the usual black or pink - you can tell that great consideration has gone into every part of the design. Nothing about the toy feels flimsy, quite the opposite: the case it comes in is sturdy and textural, and the toy itself has a reassuring weight and density to it.

      When you turn it, it feels as if there's some life force going on within! The vibrations are unlike any other toy I've used, they are deep and rumbly, which I personally love but I guess might not be enough for someone who likes very strong vibrations. On the lower settings you can definitely use it all over your body like a wand, and it's gentle enough to use on your clitoris too.

      It's so versatile it feels like many sex toys rolled into one. The settings take a little getting used to, but when you get the hang of it there's a lot of variation to play with: you can start pretty slow and then ramp it up to a fast-paced vibration pattern and intensity. I've had some really amazing G-spot orgasms with it, thanks to the curved shape but also those deep, deep vibrations. So good!

      My partner and I have used it together a fair bit too; it feels like a special treat for us both because the toy is so beautiful. It feels sensual as well as kinky. Am really looking forward to trying it in the shower!

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Shape, settings, luxurious feel.
      Bottom line
      Pure decadence.
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    1. Quickly became the favourite toy

      Reviewed: 01 April 2018 by WinterFoxxie, a Straight Going Steady Female

      Out of my entire toy collection, this is my most used one. From packaging to the item itself and all its functions, it all feels very luxurious. Besides the original box you also get a leather storage box/pouch to keep it in a safe place.

      The silicone is very soft, which gives it an ever better feeling. Battery charges very quickly and its lifetime is impressive. You don't have to charge it after each use.

      The different speed settings make it even more fun.

      Overall, the best item in my collection.

      If you're into more luxurious toys that are better quality Coco de Mer is the right brand.

      Not to mention the item itself is absolutely beautiful.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Bottom line
      It's fun to use even with a partner!
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    1. The Duchess

      Reviewed: 21 December 2016 by Lovehoney - Mekie, a Straight Single Female

      My dearest Georgiana, I did not know till lately how much I love you …

      From the moment you open the sleek box to discover a gorgeous leather pouch that looks like, to the average person, a makeup bag, what lies inside is an utter surprise. Gently extracting the leather case from the safety of its packaging inside you will find Georgiana standing at attention with her little booklet explaining to her new owner how to begin. She also comes with USB charging cable that is compatible with any USB phone charger or just plug in and go into your laptop. Before you can actually begin, Georgiana comes with a nifty setting that locks her so she doesn’t come alive in your bag or luggage - not the best look if you are making your way through customs! As vibes go, don’t be intimidated by her strong design and look, as she is quite a lady at heart.

      The Georgiana is not for the faint-hearted or those who have not yet experienced quite a hard G-spot toy, but by God does she hit the spot and hits it well. Given the position that the Georgiana sits in, control her through her speeds and patterns with ease. All you have to do is hold on for dear life. A perfect toy to use with your partner for some nice foreplay action in the bedroom.

      The Georgiana's unique design means that there are no unsightly charger points to ruin her sleek design, but rather the base unscrews itself from the rest of the toy to access the charging point. This sneaky little design perk of the Georgiana allows for charging discretion without having to leave the toy out in plain sight when charging. Perfect if you have kids, or share with others.

      The Georgiana have a nice quiet hum to her that isn’t loud enough to sound like you are using a lawn mower full throttle, but quiet enough that no one knows what you are up to… unless you are vocal, then I would suggest a nice heavy duvet and loud music!

      True to her namesake, Georgiana will happy be the third wheel in any relationship or that partner you have always dreamed of without been exiled for adultery.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Simple and easy to use.
      Nothing, just me personally forgetting to charge it on occasions.
      Bottom line
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