1. Steely Stretchy Double Cock Ring

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      1. Steely Stretchy Double Cock Ring

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    1. Product Description

      Discover that thrilling, thick, throbbing feeling when you pop your piston and plums through this stretchy double cock ring. Not only does the band around your shaft increase the strength of your hard-on, but the ball loop helps to delay ejaculation.

      Stretchy and supremely easy to use, this silicone ring is hypoallergenic and has a slim profile so it won't get in the way during sex. It's also easy to clean, and discreet enough to pack into an overnight bag for a cheeky trip away.

      Once you're ready for action, squeeze a generous helping of water-based lube over yourself before slipping the smaller ring down to the base of your boner. Once in place, stretch the second ring around your balls for an immediate boost to your manhood and bedroom confidence.

      Key Features:

      • Double silicone cock ring for enhanced performance during intimate play
      • Provides comfortable pressure to the base of the penis to enhance the size of your erection
      • Grips the balls to prolong performance and delay ejaculation
      • Made from stretchy, hypoallergenic silicone
      • Suitable for beginners and advanced cock ring users

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    1. Customer Reviews

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      1. Steely Stretchy Double Cock Ring
      2. Steely Stretchy Double Cock Ring


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    1. Great visual appeal but less practical than some

      Reviewed: 17 September 2014 by Miss Löwin, a Bisexual Going Steady Female

      This is a style of cock ring we hadn't tried before - we'd previously only used the style designed to go around the shaft, so the double ring design was something new.

      Note to prospective buyers - the bigger 'bumpy' ring does not go around both balls and shaft. This is actually demonstrated on the packaging, but we got it wrong the first time and it seems like an easy assumption to make. When you do it right (small ring over the shaft, bumpy ring over the balls) it's easy to put on with a little bit of lube, which is a definite plus considering how difficult some rings can be.

      Once it's actually being worn properly, I will say that this is a very visual toy - it's tighter than other cock rings we've used and produces a thicker, harder erection which is great to look at.

      The added erection strength feels as good as it looks, too - this could be a great buy for guys who have difficulties in that area and want a stronger, more potent erection. The second ring for the balls also presents them very nicely and if you wanted them more accessible for sensual or sadomasochistic CBT play, this is a great toy for that.

      However, on the actual function front, it's not great - other cock rings we've used have had a more pronounced effect on my boyfriend's stamina and I think this might be due to how the second ring for the balls is designed - the balls were able to slip out of the ring during sex rather than being held in place to delay ejaculation.

      Overal,l I would recommend this for the look but not so much for function.

    2. Overall Rating:
      6 out of 10 stars
      Provides great eye candy, easy to put on.
      Doesn't do much to delay ejaculation.
      Bottom line
      It's a case of form over function.
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    1. Ring too small

      Reviewed: 03 September 2014 by kc., a Straight Married Male

      I love using cock rings, and have several Tracey Cox ones in the toy collection. They do enhance your erection, and also give you a much larger swollen head, which my wife loves, especially when it gets shiny.

      My first impressions of this ring were that it looked a little bit too small, and that the silicone material that it is made of is quite strong, and thus not as easy to pull open in order to get it onto your penis base, and then round your ball sack.

      I managed it, but I did have to use much more force to pull it open and get it on. Once on it looked good, and didn’t have the intrusion of the bullets that some rings have, so I did like the simpleness of its appearance. My penis and the head gained extra swelling, and the way that it cupped my balls and presented them looked good, and turned us both on.

      We had an extremely good session with each getting up to all sorts of things, and I was kept at bay by the ball sack delaying any ejaculation.

      However, after about half an hour we noticed that my balls had gone very purple and that the shaft of my penis was also. With that we took it off and the blood that was obviously gathering flowed away, and it went back to a normal flesh tone. I put one of my old faithfuls on, and we finished off with that, so at present I cannot make comment as to any enhanced ejaculation whilst wearing this ring.

      I have since tried it again, and whilst I love the ring it produced the same swollen purple balls and shaft, and I took it off. It would therefore seem to be rather on the small side.

      I fully understand that the point of a cock ring is too create this effect, but in my opinion the change in colour cannot be good or healthy for you. I have not suffered with this issue before with the Tracey Cox rings, which are much softer and are more flexible. This suggests that this ring may be a little on the small size, certainly for me, and that you should always keep an eye on your penis and balls, and not leave it on to long.

    2. Overall Rating:
      6 out of 10 stars
      Plain and simple look. Does produce a great swelling.
      Too small and tight. Purple ball and shaft effect.
      Bottom line
      Looks good. Produces a great erection and swelling. Too small though.
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    1. I must be bigger than I thought

      Reviewed: 01 September 2014 by Ivorlittledick

      I have quite a few cock rings so knew what to expect. However, this one is a little different. It has 2 rings, a smaller one to go round your shaft, and a larger, bumpy ring to stretch over your balls. Interesting I thought.

      The packaging is nice and simple, and above all just pulls open so no need for scissors. The ring is inside with a little card telling you what it is, again simple packaging - all good so far. Also a little safety leaflet inside (although didn't really cover this product).

      The fun started when I attempted to put it on my near erect cock. I am around 14 cm in girth (about 5 1/2") and don't consider myself to be on the "large side". However, much as I tried I couldn't get the little ring on to my shaft without severe discomfort.

      After much struggling, I decided to just put the larger ring round my shaft and the smaller one just sat behind my shaft. I was actually able to get a finger through so managed to actually masturbate using both rings, but it wasn't used as the makers intended!

      If you are on the smaller side girth wise it may be of some use. I did get a rock hard erection with the larger ring on, but it won't be used in sex sessions to maintain an erection I'm afraid!

    2. Overall Rating:
      4 out of 10 stars
      It didn't smell rubbery like some toys.
      It was too small for me!
      Bottom line
      Okay for someone with a smaller girth.
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