1. Bad Kitty Silicone Flogger

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      1. Bad Kitty Silicone Flogger

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    1. Product Description

      Bad Kitty's bondage flogger features a full plume of silicone fronds to tickle and flick as a perfect introduction to pleasure/pain play. Grasp the ridged handle and deliver sweet stings to ignite your sub's nerve endings and heighten arousal.

      Experiment with the intensity and position of your strokes to discover which awakens the erotic senses. Made from silicone, the light flogger handles easily and gives absolute control over each tickles, sway and thwack.

      Key Features:

      • Black silicone bondage flogger with fronds
      • Comfortable handle with ridges and wrist loop for grip
      • Silicone is a vegan-friendly alternative to leather
      • Hypoallergenic and easy to clean
      • Ideal for all levels of experience

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      Bad Kitty Silicone Flogger 1 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5

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      1. Bad Kitty Silicone Flogger
      2. Bad Kitty Silicone Flogger


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    1. The Good Kind Of Pain

      Reviewed: 07 May 2015 by GeekyEleanor, a Straight Married Female

      Ouch. Yes. Ouch. In a good way though.

      I was selected as a tester for this new flogger made by Bad Kitty and here I am, writing the most honest review a flogger enthusiast can write. I'll try my best to be as impartial as I can while I wait for the next time I'll be able to used it.

      The LH packages are always nice, it came in the customary cardboard box right in my mailbox, one day early. Can't decide if it's a miracle, knowing the Italian postal service, or... oh well, who cares, it came early. It made me extremely happy, as I was really greedy to try this flogger.

      The flogger itself comes in a nice box in red and black colours that features a model holding th flogger in a couple of sexy pictures. Heavily photoshopped, to the point the girl looks like a wax statue. A little less photoshop would do good to the whole thing. It's naughty but not outrageously so, and doesn't look cheap at all. The box conveys the idea that this item is kind of high end, while actually it doesn't cost an arm and an eye, like many other similar items from other brands. Also, it makes sure to point out that the flogger is made of silicone, with a label in the top corner of the box.

      Once you open the package, you'll find the flogger neatly packed in a plastic bag to keep dust and general dirt away from it and a information leaflet in various languages. I have to say the leaflet only gives you a general and quite overall list of do's and don'ts about sex toys as a whole, not to the flogger specifically. Not that you need instructions to use a flogger (except for the general rule of paying special care of kidney area as hitting it too hard could cause kidney bruising), but some instructions about cleaning it would have been nice.

      Now, let's get to the real deal: the flogger itself.

      My first thought was: wow, it's heavy! That's silicone baby, it's bound to be heavy, but I didn't think it would be so heavy. It has a nice weight in your hand and it's well balanced (feels a little like a kinky nunchaku, if anyone of you is into martial arts) and the welts do an amazing swooshing sound when you whip it. And the sound when it hits the skin is just... wow.

      The handle has nice ridges and dots in a rhomboid pattern that makes it good looking but also is a utility, as it makes holding it easier. There's a nice heart-shaped hook loop so you hang it or maybe place a larger loop to bind it around your wrist so you won't ever lose it by whipping it a little too fast for you to hold. The silicone in the handle also has a very nice smooth and velvety feel, while the welts are more rubbery so they can cause more friction on the skin. Definitely a good looking toy, classy in its total black colour that fits pretty much with every kinky toys collection around the world. Looks very professional too, but it has a cute side, with the heart on top of the handle that makes it a little less frightening to see.

      As for how it works, unfortunately I only had one session with my boyfriend using it on me, so we didn't test it in the long run, while I did some experimenting by myself on various parts of my body. He was definitely satisfied with how it felt in his hand and everything related, he totally didn't expect the silicone to feel so good, being more of a leather enthusiast, but he did enjoy the feel of the flogger. And their effects.

      As the recipient, I found that the flogger stings. A lot, like... ouch! I was pleasantly surprised as I tried it for the first time on my calf, just as a test. It stung and left a trail of red marks on my skin that lasted for a while. It doesn't hurt but it stings a lot, so be prepared, most of all in sensitive areas. The stinging sensation does last a while, more than the softer faux leather flogger I already have, but it definitely feels better for impact play. The silicone is different on the skin, definitely pleasant if you look for long lasting sensations. It also feels great for soft sensation play, although the silicone can drag a little, ruining the effect, if you're sweaty or if your skin is wet for other motives. Still, the long welts deliver amazing sensation even when dragged slowly and softly on your skin.

      By the way it looks, it seems like if used with some care, it can last a long time. The handle is sturdy and rigid, while the welts are elastic, they have a little bit of give so it's unlikely they'll break when you use the flogger, if taken care properly. Being made of silicone, this flogger is also really easy to clean, as you can just wash it under running warm water and add a little bit of soap. Unfortunately, being made of silicone, it attracts dust and dirt in general like a magnet. Be sure to air dry it or at least use something that doesn't leave lint on its way.

      Now, as I lauded this flogger, I also have something negative to say about it.

      First and foremost, even after being washed with soap, it retained a slightly rubbery smell. Personally I don't like it much, but I'm pretty sure there's someone out there who will like it. It's not strong and not that persistent, it doesn't hit you in the face like a punch the moment you take the toy out of the box and it won't ruin the experience, but be aware that it has this slight rubbery smell that some may find a turn off.

      Secondly, being made of silicone, it does attract way too much dirt. Mid-session we had to stop and wash it because, despite our best effort to keep our bedroom clean, there were cat hair sticking from the welts. Probably making the welts the same way of the handle, with that velvety finish that doesn't attract dirt and dust too much.

      Fortunately, there's no third reason to complain about this toy. Well made, feels and looks good, does its job perfectly and all in all, it doesn't cost that much. I wouldn't recommend it for those who don't like much impact play, or like to soft and not too "extreme" (though I'm sure there are floggers that hurt more than this one does). For those who want to move up from soft beginner floggers to something that hurts a little more, this one is a good compromise. Not perfect, the fact that it's made of silicone is probably going to make many people fly away from it, because we're more used to leather (real or faux) or rope, but silicone is a good choice for vegans or those who fear allergies.

      Personally I'm more than satisfied with the flogger. I hope many more will be as satisfied as I was.

    2. Overall Rating:
      9 out of 10 stars
      Looks, feels and hits great.
      Dust gets attracted like metal to a magnet.
      Bottom line
      A great alternative to leather, definitely up to par.
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