1. Fifty Shades of Grey Red Room Collection Blindfold

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      1. Fifty Shades of Grey Red Room Collection Blindfold

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    1. Product Description

      Create your own Red Room mise en scène with the Limited Edition Official Fifty Shades of Grey Red Room Collection. Handcrafted from the finest leather and padded for comfort, the Red Room Blindfold provides complete blackout for heightened senses.

      "My heart starts pounding. This is it. I'm really going to do this. My inner goddess is spinning like a world-class ballerina, pirouette after pirouette. He opens the door to his playroom, standing back for me to walk through, and I am once more in the Red Room." - Anastasia

      A sophisticated, durable addition to your BDSM toy box, the handcrafted blindfold's padded leather creates cushioned comfort and 100% sight deprivation, while brass hardware offers reliable restraint and a stylish finishing touch.

      Indulge in the full Limited Edition Red Room Collection or mix and match this blindfold with your favourite toys to create your very own den of deviant desires and erotic tales.

      Key Features:

      • Designed with E L James for an authentic Red Room experience
      • Handcrafted padded leather and brass blindfold
      • 9 hole buckle fastening for reliable, adjustable fit
      • Sumptuously padded for optimum comfort
      • Ergonomically fashioned to fit over the eyes and nose for total blackout
      • Supplied with branded drawstring storage bag and embossed leather collection tag
      • A beautiful erotic gift for fans of the book trilogy and film
      • Part of the bespoke Limited Edition Red Room Collection

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      1. Fifty Shades of Grey Red Room Collection Blindfold
      2. Fifty Shades of Grey Red Room Collection Blindfold


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    1. Not perfect, but better than most

      Reviewed: 12 February 2015 by Fluffbags, a Straight Going Steady Female

      I have a large collection of bondage/BDSM gear, but one thing I was missing was a really good blindfold. For some reason, I have struggled to find a blindfold that would A) remain comfortable during drawn out sessions, B) stay put when my partner was wiggling/thrashing and C) completely obscure his vision. I have gradually ruled out the cheap and simply blindfolds, which always let us down, and began looking for a quality, padded version instead. The Red Room Blindfold looked ideal.

      Product Information:

      The Red Room Blindfold comes packaged in a really nice storage pouch, which has a natural cotton feel. This pouch is large and sturdy, so you could use it for storing a few smaller, leather items if you wished.

      The blindfold itself is made from a really soft, sumptuous brown leather (it is really refreshing to find bondage gear in colours other than black). For those who love the smell of leather, you will be pleased to know that this blindfold has a lovely leathery scent to it too.

      I was particularly impressed with the softness of the straps. On some bondage gear, the leather straps can be thick and firm, requiring a small amount of effort to flex (Imagine a thick leather collar, which pings straight when you put it down). The straps on the Red Room blindfold are so soft and flexible, that they flop naturally under the force of gravity.

      The softness of the leather in no way detracts from the durability of the product. The design is simple, but strong. Even the stitching is excellent. Most of the leather is coated in a thin layer of… something… that gives it a smooth, polished look. The only part of the blindfold that is not coated, is the inside of the straps. Here, the leather is natural and suede-like. I am sure that the inside of the straps (at least) are porous and they may soak up any sweat or body oils over time. Thankfully, leather can be cleaned with the right soaps (research to avoid damaging your leather gear). To finish the look (and in keeping with the durable design), a large brass buckle is attached.

      During Use:

      The Red Room Blindfold is adjustable (the strap has 9 holes), so I imagine it will fit most head sizes. It certainly fit me (female) and my male partner just fine. When I first put this blindfold on, I was impressed at how comfortable it felt. The padded eye section feels so soft and it moulded to my face.

      It wasn’t perfect though. While there was no light seeping through the blindfold itself, we both noticed a tiny slither of light, coming in where the edge of the blindfold touches the side of the nose. The edges of the blindfold are rigid, so they don't mould around the side of your nose. If I wore the blindfold as low as possible and tightened the straps tight, this gap would disappear and I would be left in total darkness. The problem is that a tight strap is not super comfortable and I soon felt this pressure sensation building in my eyes and head. I also realised that the gap of light would appear if I raised my eyebrows. I think the shape of your nose will determine how big the gap is and how well the blindfold fits.

      Although I would have preferred total black-out, I was not too disappointed in the Red Room Blindfold. It definitely obscured my vision much more than my cheaper blindfolds do (including those with elasticated or non-adjustable straps). Unless I use a full leather hood, I don’t think I could get any closer to complete darkness.

      The only thing that I wasn’t so keen on, was the large buckle. Although it looks fantastic, its size and placement at the back of the head can be problematic when you are lying on your back. In this position, the buckle would press into the back of my head and over time, which could become an uncomfortable distraction. Granted, this could happen with any blindfold that has a buckle, but the buckle on the Red Room blindfold is particularly large.


      The Red Room Blindfold is not perfect, but as far as blindfolds go, it is definitely one of the better ones. Apart from the buckle issue (which can be avoided), this blindfold felt comfortable to wear. It also felt very secure, staying in place despite the wiggling. Depending on the shape of your face, it may or may not let in a small slither of light at the side of the nose, but I found this could be stopped by placing a small piece of tissue under this area. It didn’t bother us too much, as we could barely make out anything through the gap anyway.

      If I want complete sensory deprivation, I do still prefer to use a bondage hood. For general use, though, the Red Room blindfold has become our blindfold of choice because it blocks out most light, it feels comfortable around the face and it fits securely.

    2. Overall Rating:
      8 out of 10 stars
      Quality design. Looks great. Blocks out most light.
      The large buckle can cause discomfort.
      Bottom line
      Better than the cheaper blindfolds, but not quite perfect.
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