1. Love to Love Sexy Pills Blue Valentine Wavy Male Masturbator

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      1. Love to Love Sexy Pills Blue Valentine Wavy Male Masturbator

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    1. Product Description

      A large dose of pleasure is yours with this thrilling male masturbator. Open the discreet pill shaped case to reveal a super-stretchy sleeve lined with stimulating wave textures to caress you with every stroke. Just what the doctor ordered...

      Stretchy enough to accommodate most men, the Valentine Wavy Male Masturbator is filled with rows of soft, pleasurable waves that stroke and tease you to climactic bliss. Apply a good serving of water-based sex lube to the length of your penis and the inside of your toy for an extra-slippery play session.

      A thrilling male sex toy for solo play or as an extra pleasurable foreplay accessory, for Valentine's Day celebrations and beyond.

      Please note: This discreet male sex toy is designed for one use. Over-stretching or rough use may cause it to rip but with careful use, cleaning and plenty of lube, your Sexy Pills Male Masturbator should be good for multiple uses.

      Key Features:

      • Soft, stretchy male masturbator with stimulating textures
      • Rows of soft, wavy ribs to stimulate and tease
      • Presented in a discreet, pill shaped case
      • Incredibly stretchy TPE accommodates most men with ease
      • Durable design can be used multiple times with careful use

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      1. Love to Love Sexy Pills Blue Valentine Wavy Male Masturbator
      2. Love to Love Sexy Pills Blue Valentine Wavy Male Masturbator


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    1. Sweet medicine

      Reviewed: 03 March 2015 by Sum Sub, a Straight Married Male

      I was sent the Love to Love Sexy Pills Blue Valentine Wavy Male Masturbator by Lovehoney to test, and I was expecting something along the lines of a Tenga Egg.

      When it arrived in a plain brown Jiffy bag, I thought my expectations were just about spot-on. On opening the Jiffy bag I realised I wasn't exactly right, but more or less!

      The pill is considerably larger than a Tenga Egg, but like a Tenga splits at the middle to reveal your masturbator. A Tenga Egg is encased in peel-off plastic to reassure you that you are the first user, while this pill comes with a sticker which tears upon opening. Now, I'm not entirely certain that it wouldn't be possible to open this without damaging that sticker. However, I trust Lovehoney to deliver me an unused product.

      Inside the shell is your masturbator, which is blue in colour. You also get an instruction leaflet which is in one of those impossible-to-open shrink-wrapped plastic bags, and a whole lot of nothing. Honestly, the instructions are inside the masturbator, which takes up just half of the shell. But hey ho, lets look a little closer at the masturbator.

      Firstly, and perhaps disappointingly, the instructions indicate that this is designed for a single use, secondly, and also perhaps disappointingly, there is no sachet of lube, which you get included with the Tenga Egg.

      The material of the masturbator is super stretchy, just like a Tenga Egg, and I have no doubt that regardless of how horse-like your appendage is this will fit you. The entry hole is a little larger than that of a Tenga Egg, which I suppose makes use easier, but if it does it is only a marginal improvement. On the flipside, I got more squelch from my lube because of this. It is also longer than the Tenga; I find the eggs cover my glans and that's about it without stretching, whereas this also comes down the shaft a little.

      The material is slightly thicker, but I found that the wavy pattens were more pronounced, and hence more noticeable in use than a Tenga Egg. Thicker means it's more difficult to feel any change in pressure from your hand, but the wavy bits being more noticeable mean that it doesn't matter, as the sensations are transferred better.

      So how about the results? Well, it is much like an orgasm with a Tenga Egg - after all, they are virtually identical. For those that haven't used a Tenga Egg, it's like a wank, only slightly better, because, for one, your cum doesn't go everywhere, it stays in the masturbator, and two, it does add more sensation than you can get with just your hand.

      Like a Tenga Egg, although designed for single use, with care you can wash and put away for several uses, and due its slight extra thickness, I'm thinking the Pill might last longer.

      So Tenga v Pill, which to choose?

      Tenga is thinner, and comes with lube, which I prefer. But the Pill gives slightly more sensation than the Tenga.

      If you're at home, toss a coin, but if you're out and about, then go for Tenga - that lube sachet is all important!

    2. Overall Rating:
      7 out of 10 stars
      It adds sensation, and holds your cum!
      It really does fall down on not having a lube sachet.
      Bottom line
      Pill = Tenga Egg without lube really.
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    1. Nice

      Reviewed: 04 April 2015 by Leaf, a Straight Single Male

      We used this during foreplay, my wife used this on me 'squidwank style' (or spiderwank depending where you are from), anyways, because every man and woman knows that no one can wank you like yourself it was a good enhancement to foreplay, I got all 3 types and I liked this one the best because it was more ridged than the others. I had a go by myself and my lovely lady had it right with the squidwank, it wasn't great in normal wank mode sadly but this was the best of the 3 by far. The nipples and dots on the others are also nice but too gentle for me.

      My pro tip: use TENGA real feel lube with them, keep them clean and maybe get some renewing powder and they'll be useable more than once. I used mine loads, sometimes with the lady sometimes alone, but always with a smile.

    2. Overall Rating:
      5 out of 10 stars
      Simple to use, easy to store.
      Sensation was mild.
      Bottom line
      It's nice, not mind-blowing though, always good to mix things up right?
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