1. DOMINIX Deluxe BRAUN Leather Paddle

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      1. DOMINIX Deluxe BRAUN Leather Paddle

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    1. Product Description

      Expertly crafted for the ultimate spanking experience, the DOMINIX Deluxe BRAUN Leather Paddle is both rigid and flexible for ear-bending slaps and spine-tingling sensation. Stroke, tap and slap your partner's sweet spots and watch their excitement grow...

      A 5 inch rigid handle with wrist loop offers seamless control for confident swings, while the 5 inch flexible spanking surface takes some of the blow and spreads sensation across a wide area for to ensure the receiver enjoys maximum pleasure.

      Collect the full DOMINIX deluxe bondage range to add a professional standard to your BDSM sessions.

      Key Features:

      • Professional standard leather spanking paddle for intermediate S&M play
      • Flexible spanking surface provides spine-tingling, audible slaps
      • Rigid handle with wrist loop offers reliable grip
      • Lightweight and travel-friendly
      • Unique brown colourway for an alternative bondage look

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      1. DOMINIX Deluxe BRAUN Leather Paddle
      2. DOMINIX Deluxe BRAUN Leather Paddle


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    1. Spank me, Mister

      Reviewed: 07 May 2015 by Ink and Kink

      I was so happy when I was informed I had been chosen to take this stunning paddle for a test drive in exchange for a review! The paddle came in usual Lovehoney style, basic and unidentifiable to others!

      I won't lie and say I was overjoyed when I opened up and had a look at it, but this paddle is made from a dark brown leather that almost doesn't seem leather. It definitely doesn't smell leather, but that could be due to it been inside packaging? After maybe 10-20 minutes of inspection, I decided that even though this isn't a perfect, top-notch paddle - It is still pretty stunning!

      The handle is 4-5" (I think) and it has a wrist loop attached. This is perfect for hanging it with your kinky collection and for confident spanking! It is quite rigid and is really nice to hold. It is a little weighted, which makes it feel a bit more professional! I do believe that there is padding or material filled out into the handle as there is really quite neat stitching around it for the price.

      With a 5" paddle which is curved/squared there is a lot of paddle to spank with, which allows the pain/pleasure to be spread across a bigger area, rather than restricting you to just a small patch! Like the handle, the main paddle has a little weight too it, which makes the blows being received sting a little bit more. :P

      I honestly could not wait to give this paddle to my OH, so I could have some sweet punishment! And just like me, he was quite impressed after inspection! Just seeing him hold this (quite) professional-looking piece of equipment had me going! And I could tell just by looking at him that he felt incredibly dominant holding it. It weren't the first time my partner had used a paddle. But it was the first time he had used such a professional looking and feeling piece! As quite a extreme masochist, I knew exactly what I wanted and exactly how to show him how to use it properly. He was just as eager to use it on me as I was for it to be used!

      This paddle, definitely lives up to its name! It is definitely deluxe for the price! The first spank was actually quite shocking. I didn't realise how much of a spank it really did have in it. When I got used to the timing in between spanks, and used to the actual spank. It became increasingly enjoyable! Every time OH got the correct flick of the wrist, my whole body caved to the bed, clenching my bottom whilst trying to keep my legs straight as I as bent over the bed.

      And my partner didn't stop until I could take the paddle without flinching and falling to the bed and keeping my legs straight (he was so dominant I was loving it!). I was moaning, groaning and shaking by the time he had done spanking me, my bottom was red raw. You could feel how hard he had hit it as when you put your hand on the area, it was warm! very warm!

      I had such a good experience with this paddle, that I will no doubt recommend to everyone who is interested in BDSM. Although, I will warn you all now: this paddle isn't for the faint-hearted! It does let off a big sting, and one incorrect whack could put any experimentalist off of the pleasure/pain combination for life.

      Be careful! and have fun!

    2. Overall Rating:
      9 out of 10 stars
      The colour and the good stitching.
      Bottom line
      Fabulous, in every single way.
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    1. Brace yourself

      Reviewed: 02 March 2015 by SensualFire

      I was rather pleasantly surprised on being sent this to review by Lovehoney. I will admit to not liking the packaging much - it came in a plastic wrapper/bag. I believe this is down to it being a new line, but truth be told it does not matter, and certainly did not matter when I got it into my eager mitts!

      Material and design: The DOMINIX Deluxe is made from dark brown, stitched leather, which has a plastic feel to it, and it certainly does not smell like leather. I will certainly say that this is not 'top of the range'. It says 'Deluxe' in the item title, but I personally feel this fits the experience it gives rather than the choice of material the paddle is made from.

      It's quite firm and at the same time flexible at the spanking end of the paddle, while the handle is a little more rigid. It feels quite nice when it's in your hand due to there being a little weight in it. You can see that there are at least three layers of material stitched together to make up the main part, however the stitching is a little irregular in places around its edges. Yet for the price you pay, it's nothing to frown at. To possess a professional spanking tool, you'd need to pay at least three times the asking price.

      There is a little weight to the DOMINIX Deluxe, meaning that when it comes to using it there will be a bit of an extra sting/slap. This is certainly a positive thing, making it come over as a good piece of spanking equipment that may last for considerable time in anyone's collection.

      The overall experience: I could not wait to give this a go, or have someone use it on me. What can I say? I like spankings and I enjoy spanking others. This opportunity only assisted me in expanding my experience in domination and submission. So let the spanking commence!

      So my partner got his eager little mitts on it - his face literally lit up when he had it in his hand, which I could not stop having a chuckle at. There is something about having a piece of domination/spanking equipment in your possession that makes you go or believe you're instantly Dom. Well it was quite literally my partner's first time at trying being dominant. With a little guidance from myself he was all for it! Oh goodness - what have I started?

      Regardless of my initial skepticism, the DOMINIX Deluxe lived up to its title, well for me anyway. I do enjoy being spanked, but I am still quite new to this area of kinkiness. The paddle for me packs quite the slap and sting, and because of the weight there is some extra 'kapow!' to it. Making me gasp and clench my bottom, of course, provoked my partner to spank me more, turning my pale cheeks quite red. The paddle can sting, and for beginners I would suggest you use a softer paddle to begin with. As it does truly hurt when used with vigour, teamed with a skilled hand and flick of the wrist.

      I am so strong-minded that in the process of being disciplined I realised I was having an issue with control. Another positive for the toy, not just the hand that wielded it at the time. Because of its flexibility, the paddle does not come over as cruel and unforgiving, however it will create a lot of gasps, cries, moans and groans from your victim - I mean partner.

      I am not a professional in the submission and domination department, I do not possess lots and lots of floggers, crops and paddles, and other sadistic toys of mass pleasure/pain. The DOMINIX Deluxe is not exactly a piece of professional equipment, based upon its overall quality, but as I said earlier it's nothing to frown at, you will get the rewards you want with it, and because I had a positive experience in using it I am quite happy having it in my collection! My partner managed to get me to a state of heightened sensation, surprise and awe, which lead to even more play and eventual orgasm. I will certainly be wanting to have it used on me again, and I will be looking forward to the opportunity to use it on my partner - he is in eager anticipation there I believe.

      Hints and tips: I would suggest using a blindfold and being tied up, to add to the euphoria. It would have helped all the more for me personally, and is something I am sure to put on my Lovehoney wish list!

    2. Overall Rating:
      6 out of 10 stars
      The flexibility - not too firm or unforgiving.
      Irregular stitching.
      Bottom line
      A good paddle for anyone with spanking experience. Not for beginners.
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