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    1. Love Life Cruiser Self Lubricating 3-in-1 Anal Pleasure Kit

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      1. Love Life Cruiser Self Lubricating 3-in-1 Anal Pleasure Kit

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    1. Product Description

      Uninterrupted orgasmic pleasure is yours with the Love Life self lubricating anal vibrator kit. Designed for extended anal play and slippery satisfaction with 3 changeable heads, 9 settings and a lube capsule to lubricate at the touch of a button.

      As any experienced anal explorer will tell you, the key to anal pleasure is lube, lube and, more lube. What they might not tell you is how annoying it can be to pause play for re-lubrication purposes. Thankfully, the experts over at Love Life have solved this issue by creating the world's first self lubricating anal tool kit.

      To use, simply choose the attachment that best suits your experience level. There are 3 flared silicone heads to pick from; a slender anal probe, a curved prostate massager and a large butt plug, each with a small hole in the top to dispense lube from. Once you've pieced together your perfect pleasure tool, explore a total of 9 vibrating settings to set the intensity for toe-curling satisfaction.

      Attachment Vital Stats:

      Tapered anal training attachment: 4.8 inch insertable length, 4.6 inch circumference

      Butt plug attachment: 5.1 inch insertable length, 6.4 inch circumference

      Prostate plug attachment: 5.5 inch insertable length, 5 inch circumference

      To top it all off, cleaning couldn't be easier. Just detach the silicone head and wash with warm soapy water after use, and make sure it fully air dries before reattaching to the battery compartment.

      Although this toy self lubricates (even when inserted), we recommend keeping a bottle of water-based anal lube handy for initial insertion.

      Key Features:

      • Rechargeable self lubricating anal vibrator with 3 attachments
      • Features 9 vibrating modes (3 patterns at 3 intensity levels) and a travel-lock for worry-free storage and transport
      • Tapered anal training attachment: 4.8 inch insertable length, 4.6 inch circumference
      • Butt plug attachment: 5.1 inch insertable length, 6.4 inch circumference
      • Prostate plug attachment: 5.5 inch insertable length, 5 inch circumference
      • Includes magnetic USB charger, 2 x 22ml lube cartridges, warranty card and instructions

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    1. Customer Reviews

      Love Life Cruiser Self Lubricating 3-in-1 Anal Pleasure Kit 2 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5

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      1. Love Life Cruiser Self Lubricating 3-in-1 Anal Pleasure Kit
      2. Love Life Cruiser Self Lubricating 3-in-1 Anal Pleasure Kit

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    1. Not just for the guys

      Reviewed: 02 May 2015 by Wildcherry

      I am not a beginner when it comes to anal toys and my toy collection has slowly but surely started growing lately. From glass to Electra-Stim, I kind of thought I had exhausted everything “butt wise” until I found out about the Cruiser self-lubricating anal tools kit.


      The Cruiser is something that is specifically designed for the male in mind and so the packaging is very masculine. On the outside is a clear plastic sleeve. This is pictured with the Cruiser Anal Kit contents and topped with clean white writing and the Cruiser winged emblem, and to the reverse of this is imagery of a bike and a little product information.

      Sliding the sleeve off is yet another see-through plastic type cover that covers a fairly large leather effect lidded box that is embossed (in silver this time) with the same winged emblem. Finally the bottom half of the box is again covered with more of the bike images.

      What can I say? It is extremely classy, a lot of thought has gone into the packaging of this product and it is very well put together. Not only this, but it just screams of the old cruiser style bikes like Harley D.

      I’d go as far to say that I’d be happy to give this as a gift to my partner or to actually receive it.

      First Impressions:

      Lifting the lid, you are greeted by the Cruiser unit and its accessories snuggled in their foam bed inside. There is just so much to say about this kit (so bear with me).

      All together there are 3 silicone interchangeable accessories, the first of which (and the one that instantly caught my eye) was the more than generous butt plug attachment. With a firm centre and a rounded soft tapered tip for easy insertion, it is more than princely with its girth (6.5 inches at its widest point) and is not for the faint of heart as it certainly made my eyes water!

      Secondly, my favourite (I might be boring but this choice is for good reason), the Tapered Anal training attachment. Like the butt plug, it too is also smooth in texture and a generous size of around 4.5 insert-able inches that’s comfortable to use and makes even anal for beginners a breeze, especially if used in addition before anal sex.

      Last but not least, the third attachment, which is the Prostate plug. Designed to stimulate and pleasure you to p-spot heaven, this too is super squishy and made of the same silky silicone. Like the other two attachments, this features the small exit hole to the tip for exit of the lube and is just the right size in girth and length for an amazing experience.

      Further to this is the Cruiser Unit itself, with the central “lube” button and either side the “power” button and “pulse” buttons which set the 7 powerful settings that deliver spine-tingling (or butt tingling in this case) patterns and pulses.

      Finally (I promise), the little additions that make this kit all the more perfect, these include an authenticity card (that you can register online), a USB charger and magnetic adapter and two fairly generous cartridges of lube.

      Use of the Love Life Cruiser USB Rechargeable Self Lubricating Anal Tools Kit:

      This has one of those charging methods that really irritate me, meaning I have to plug it into my laptop (okay that part isn’t so bad) but the magnetic part that connects to the cruiser pin points is. Every slight movement disconnects the magnet. It’s not a great design and could have benefited with more of a “port” type socket. Getting over this the Cruiser takes a mammoth 6 hours to charge (we’ll get into this in a bit)! With 4 hours’ worth of use you are ready to play.

      It’s worth mentioning that there’s a travel lock. This is brilliant and so if you have no need to worry about this thing turning on in a suitcase, as holding the pulse and then power button until the unit flashes blue unlocks or relocks so you are safe to go.

      Ok so question, why am I using a toy that is designed for a male? Well I have a butt too! And couldn’t see any reason why I couldn’t use it.

      With a long press of the power button the console glows blue, in this mode you can use the “lube function” with a long press for a continuous amount of lube. However, pressing the power button again, the device buzzes into action and from here (with a quick press this time) you can set the 3 speeds (using the opposite “pulse” button to set your desired pattern).

      Getting to use the Tapered attachment was the best part about this toy, as this can be doubled up to be used vaginally or anally (more the better for us ladies) and it just feels so damn good. Even on the lowest setting I can still feel the rumbly good vibrations, and its length was fairly satisfying, especially when thrusting and set on the second pulse pattern.

      Even the prostate attachment was a pleasure to use anally, as unlike the tapered its lovely curved bulbous head pushed against my vaginal wall, giving me that “full” feeling and delivering deep satisfying anal orgasms like I haven’t had in a very long time. This also has the bonus that if used during sex you both could benefit from the vibrations, as they are that strong and tingly.

      Finally the big one... and that is the Butt plug. This wasn’t something I was prepared to use (6.5 inches at widest point.. just no) or at least not yet, but my partner was prepared to give it a whirl. It has a firm but soft tapered tip that makes insertion just that little bit easier and if you’re not use to something of this girth it is recommended you take full advantage of the lube function and go slow and steady, but once fully inserted this feels incredible. Giving the much anticipated “full” feeling paired with vibrations, he came to a quick and hard climax. However, he did have to crank it up to full speed to feel the full benefit of the vibrations (personally I think he is just power hungry).

      When it came to a finished session, cleaning was simple as detaching the attachment of choice and running them inside and out with hot water and toy cleaner to put them back in their box. My only niggle about this was with my anal toys I like to use condoms, and if you want to use the lube function you can’t do that, so this leaves me a bit squirmy with use and sharing.


      There are so many things to say about this toy, but it’s most certainly not just for the guys! From its variety of deep tingly vibrations and speeds to its travel locking addition and the excellent (what is boasted to be) the world’s first self-lubricating feature, you really are spoilt for choice.

      If I had to pick between the three, the tapered attachment is my favourite by far and makes easing into anal a bit of a breeze and a total pleasure (not only this, but it feels pretty damn good when used vaginally). I really couldn’t say a bad word about the prostate one either. Sadly it isn’t designed for my body type, but it still was a unique sensation with the vibrations pressed against the vaginal wall.

      We’re not forgetting my husband’s use as this is designed for males after all, and although the butt plug was a little dull in sensation for him on the lowest setting (that’s either a lot of plug to fill with vibration or he’s just power hungry), he had to set it to max to reap its full benefits. However, the the prostate attachment is a totally different story, with the variation of speeds and patterns it is something that is totally different to any of his toys that he owns, as the bulbous head is perfect for hitting the sweet spots. Not to mention something that we can use (or I can use on him) during foreplay together.

      There were, however, one or two niggles that I encountered. Firstly the is the charger. Taking a massive 6 hours to fully charge, I think it got to the point over 3 days where I wrote out a message to LH as I thought I had a dud. I ended up finding a spare plug to charge via a wall socket, and bingo. Carrying on with the charging theme, the actual magnetic adapter reminds me a bit of the old style We-vibe Tango adapter, as one little movement connection is lost which is highly annoying.

      Last but not least, the cleaning. As previously mentioned, I like to put condoms on my anal toys (especially if I am sharing), but with the lube function this makes things a bit difficult. Keeping a toy clean and hygienic is top of my priorities so it’s either scrubbing and boiling this thing to death in hot water or just going without the benefit of the lube function and using condoms.

      By all means the negatives do not outweigh the positives of this toy. It is wonderful to use and one of the few anal toys I have that actually produces a good vibration setting on a low. It’s also something that got me either very close to or having anal orgasms, which is something I haven’t experienced from a toy in a very long time.

      I’m also not forgetting how brilliant this is for the male. My partner does have simple tastes in toys but this brings something different to the table for him, and a little more variety to anal play, as he is a little bit of a beginner.

      Either way this kit is something a beginner or someone a little more advanced in anal play can enjoy. I really am looking forward to exploring the Cruiser range for females now.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Variety in speeds, patterns and excellent lube function.
      The charger and charging time.
      Bottom line
      Amazingly versatile and pleasurable for both sexes.
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    1. The only kit a discerning anal connoisseur needs

      Reviewed: 22 May 2015 by DavidB1986, a Gay Married Male

      I have been following the development of this product for a little while on Twitter and was very curious as to what exactly a self-lubricating toy can really offer. So when Lovehoney got in touch and asked me if I would review it for them, I was only too happy to oblige - I only apologise it’s taken so long - there was a lot to cover!

      First Impressions:

      First of all, anyone who’s read any of my other reviews know that I love some good packaging and this is probably one of the nicest products I have ever seen. Once you remove the outer plastic shell and outer cardboard sleeve (which is tastefully decorated with a simple shot of the toy on one side, and a motor bike on the other), you are greeted by a box with a soft leather lid, with the Cruiser logo emblazoned on the top. Honestly, I was so blown away by how great it looked.

      Lifting up the lid, you see the Cruiser and the attachments, nestled in their foam bed, covered by another clear plastic lid. You get the base unit, the three silicone attachments, 2 lube cartridges, a manual and a magnetic USB charging cable. You even get a little authenticity card as well. It really does feel incredibly luxurious.

      To get the Cruiser ready to play you need to charge it for approximately 6 hours, which should then give around about 4 hours of play time.

      In Use:

      Once it’s charged, to use you simply need to grab a cartridge, open up lube ‘chute’, insert the cartridge, close, and then you are ready to go. There are three attachments: the anal trainer, a prostate probe and a butt plug. Choose the one you wish to start with and simply slide onto the base unit and twist it to secure.

      There are 3 controls on the unit: the power/vibration speed, lube control and finally ‘patterns’. When you first press the power button, the buttons will change to blue to indicate it is on. A second press of the power button starts the vibrations. Further presses of the button will cycle through the speeds (of which I counted 3). The middle button is the Lube control. When pressed, this will dispense lube out of a hole in the very top of the attachment. One press will administer about a pea size of lube. You can press and hold the button so it can dispense more if required. The pattern button cycles through the patterns, of which I counted 3.

      The vibrations are focused towards the tip of the toy, and are surprisingly rumbly considering how light the Cruiser and its attachments are. I will quickly go through the 3 attachments:

      Anal Trainer:

      This is the smallest of the attachments (in terms of girth) which has a maximum of 4.6 inches in circumference. Whilst it’s a great training tool for newbies, for me it was a great warm-up before I moved onto the larger attachments. With just a couple of clicks, this inserted very easily. The silicone on the attachment is smooth and silky and didn’t require that much lube. I toyed with the idea of using some additional bottled lube to help with additional insertion, but I found I didn’t need to (but if you feel you need it, keep some handy).

      Prostate Probe:

      This is much larger than the anal trainer, and has a curved shape with a bulbous head to provide prostate stimulation. After warming up with the first attachment, this went in just as easily. The wider girth (5 inches) was satisfying, filling and at no point felt uncomfortable. It found my prostate with ease, and once the vibrations were on I was finding myself short of breath.

      Butt Plug:

      The largest of all the attachments (6.4 inches), this is definitely something I needed to work up to. Whilst I have used toys of a similar girth before, it’s not something I can just jump straight into - but a session utilising the other 2 attachments makes this much easier. Once I was able to get it fully inserted, I had to take a few moments as I got used to its size. If you enjoy feeling stretched and stuffed, this is the attachment for you.

      The vibrations are rumbly, although they are not the strongest. There were a few moments when I was laying their using the prostate probe, wishing it was just a bit stronger (I truly have been spoilt by the likes of the Rosa). But after a while it was beginning to work its magic and before long I was in the throes of orgasm.

      Despite all the wonderfulness, I have a few critiques. Firstly, charging. The magnetic charge is VERY delicate. Just a breathing in front of it can knock it off. Imagine my frustration when I left it charging, came back later to find it had been knocked slightly and the connector had fallen off. It’s also advisable to find a USB wall adapter, as trying to charge it through my laptop actually took much longer than 6 hours.

      The lube chute is also a bit fiddly and we had an accident when changing an attachment - the lid came open and the cartridge fell out. When trying to pop it back in, we accidentally squirted lube inside the chamber. And it was incredibly difficult to clean out (so be careful, especially as the base unit is NOT waterproof!).

      Clean-up and Maintenance:

      The attachments are all silicone, so a thorough wash with some warm water and toy cleaner would be sufficient to clean. You can boil them as well to sterilise. Just make sure they are completely dry before putting any of them back on to the base unit.


      Okay, so generally I think this is quite a good tool kit. The lube tubes seemed to last a good while (I got 4/5 sessions out of one tube) and you can extend that if you so wish by using ordinary bottled lube to help you get started. The self-lubrication was great in the sense that at no point did I have messy, slippery, lubey hands, meaning I was able to control the toy properly. Aside from that it doesn’t offer anything different that regular lube doesn’t.

      The vibrations I wish were a bit stronger, but they are strong enough, and focused in the right place that it will still get me off without too much additional effort. You essentially get 3 toys here, so with that in mind I think the prize is reasonable. If you are looking for a decent, luxury anal kit, this is actually a pretty good starting place.

    2. Overall Rating
      8 out of 10 stars
      Good array of attachments, self-lubing means less mess!
      Charging is fiddly, vibrations not as strong as I like.
      Bottom line
      A great luxury anal kit that offers a lot for the price.
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