1. Crazy Girl After Dark Erotic Lip and Nip Tingle Gel

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      1. Crazy Girl After Dark Erotic Lip and Nip Tingle Gel

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    1. Product Description

      Elicit sweet mint tingles on your nipples and lips to enhance arousal and intensify foreplay. Crazy Girl's tingle gel induces thrilling sensations in your most sensitive pleasure points to kindle lust and heighten enjoyment.

      Formulated with a minty oil blend and lip plumping ingredient benzyl nicotinate, the gel stimulates sensitive nerve endings and boosts your bee-stung pout. Slick onto sweet spots with the wand applicator and wait for the playful tickles to grow into a potent tingling.

      Latex-friendly for use with condoms and pH balanced for feminine well-being, keep this gel close to hand to enjoy on-demand arousal.

      Key Features:

      • Lip and nipple arousal gel
      • Fast-acting minty gel cools and tingles
      • Plumping ingredient boosts your lips
      • Sweet flavour for kissing and licking
      • Paraben-free for your peace of mind
      • Latex-friendly formula for use with condoms
      • Not tested on animals

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      Crazy Girl After Dark Erotic Lip and Nip Tingle Gel 2 2 out of 5 stars 2 out of 5

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      1. Crazy Girl After Dark Erotic Lip and Nip Tingle Gel
      2. Crazy Girl After Dark Erotic Lip and Nip Tingle Gel


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    1. Sweet

      Reviewed: 18 February 2015 by delilahxx, a Straight Going Steady Female

      I had high hopes for this tingle gel, thinking how much fun it might be to use. It comes in a small lip gloss type tube, with a fairly boring white label. Although a bit nondescript to look at, it's the perfect size to take anywhere.

      I couldn't wait to use it, so as soon as it arrived I tried it out. It has an applicator just like lip gloss, making it very easy to apply. The flavour is candy rock rush, which is just a sweet taste, no really discernible flavour, but very nice all the same. It smells divine too, which is a bonus, it also has quite a thick consistency, thicker than normal lip gloss, but this means it doesn't all come off at once.

      I put some on my lips and waited. It gave my lips a gorgeous glossy look. It didn't take long for the tingles to start, but very quickly it got too intense and I had to wipe some off. It feel like a million tiny needles digging into my lips.

      With less on, my lips it felt much better, and I tried kissing skin, which was nice, but didn't make the skin tingle. It just left the gloss on the skin, which was then nice to lick off with the sweet taste. I found it fun to kiss then lick along the skin.

      After the tingle gel has been on my lips a while, around 10 minutes or so, it really brings out the colour of my lips. I think the tingles must bring the blood to the surface, and it looks very sexy.

      I tried it next on my nipples. it was easy to apply and the gel made my nipples hard immediately, which was great, but after that not a lot happened. No tingles, they just felt cold, a bit disappointing. You would get the same effect from licking and blowing on the nipples. But, like with the lips, if you leave it on for a while then all the blood rushes to the surface of the nipple, giving them a deeper colour, and making them a bit more sensitive.

      Before this arrived I had high hopes that it would be fun to have this on and kiss everywhere to make it tingle, but sadly it doesn't seem to work quite like that. It was a bit too intense on my lips, so I have to be careful how much I put on, but it is nice to kiss then lick off the flavour, which is very sweet.

      It's not very intense on my nipples which is a great shame. A great idea, but in use it didn't work as well as I expected. But I will use it now and again, and certainly will use it as a lip gloss.

    2. Overall Rating:
      6 out of 10 stars
      Smells and tastes sweet, gives my lips a sexy colour.
      Not very intense.
      Bottom line
      A nice idea, but in practice doesn't work quite as well as it should.
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    1. All lip, no nip

      Reviewed: 27 May 2015 by Shadow Collector

      I'm going to make an assumption here. Most people looking at this product on this site are more interested in the effects it claims to have on the nipples.

      I most certainly was. Am I correct? If I am, I'm sorry, but look elsewhere. This Erotic Lip and Nipple Tingle Gel is not what you're looking for.

      It's packaged in a similar way to lip gloss, with the exact same applicator wand, that makes using it a breeze. This is brilliant, as it means you can transport it easily in your purse or just leave it lying around. Anyone not actively looking won't give it a second glance.

      The flavour, 'Rock Candy Crush' is far from unpleasant, but overpowered by the strength of the gel itself. You won't notice the taste over the thousand tiny spines digging into your lips and tongue. 'Tingle' is too gentle a phrase for it. 'Prickle' is more accurate, but I can understand why the marketing team may have put a pin in it.

      With strength like that on the lips, I was hoping for some serious effect on my nipples. Unfortunately, there was no transfer whatsoever. Might as well have smeared Vaseline on them for all the good it did. It was bitterly disappointing after how excited I got.

      So, in short, this lip/nip tingle has found what, I am sad to say, is probably a permanent place at the bottom of my cupboard. So disappointing.

      P.S. Apologies, but I can't comment on the 'works for him' factor.

    2. Overall Rating:
      2 out of 10 stars
      Flavour (for the millisecond it was discernible!).
      Effects. Too strong on lips, nonexistent on the nipples.
      Bottom line
      Bitterly disappointing,
    3. 2 people found this review helpful. Was this review helpful to you? Yes