1. Bluebella Lingerie Sequin and Marabou Feather Nipple Pasties

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      1. Bluebella Lingerie Sequin and Marabou Feather Nipple Pasties

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    1. Product Description

      Become a burlesque star with Bluebella's alluring feather and sequin nipple pasties. Sparkling black sequins shine with your movement, while the soft marabou feathers gently tickle and tease your skin. Combine with a sexy striptease for exciting results.

      Key Features:

      • Sequin and marabou nipple tassels
      • Sequin adds gorgeous shine and sparkle
      • Soft marabou feathers perfect for teasing
      • Flattering colourway suits all skin types
      • A fun and flirtatious bedroom style

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    1. Customer Reviews

      Bluebella Lingerie Sequin and Marabou Feather Nipple Pasties 3 1.5 out of 5 stars 1.5 out of 5

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      1. Bluebella Lingerie Sequin and Marabou Feather Nipple Pasties
      2. Bluebella Lingerie Sequin and Marabou Feather Nipple Pasties


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    1. I liked the sequins, but

      Reviewed: 06 June 2015 by FlexyBexyXXX, a Bisexual Single Female

      Firstly, I would like to thank Lovehoney for sending me these for free in return for an honest review. This was appreciated and as always, came safely wrapped in nondescript brown packaging.

      I had seen these nipple pasties on the Lovehoney site, and thought that these looked unlike any other pasties I’ve seen so far, with a little cascading bit of fluff that appears to pop out of the centre. Other than clamps, I’d never worn anything on my nipples before this, but was something I had wanted to try for a while.

      These pasties came mounted on a Bluebella branded card, enclosed in a plastic envelope. Each pastie is mounted on the card with double sided foam, which was a real pain to pick off.

      These pasties come with plenty of double sided tape to get started, enough for 3 or 4 wears. As I have sensitive skin, I applied some tape to the crook of my elbow for a few hours and waited 12 hours to see if a rash appeared. It was all clear, so I carried on.

      Applying the tape to the pasties wasn’t too hard, though on first attempt I did manage to mess it up. When I tried putting these on, I found that my nipples didn’t come anywhere near the roof of the cone, and that these pasties only covered half of my areola, so I felt that these pasties were not best suited to my size.

      I did return back to check the listing for these for the size, but there isn’t one stated in the product descriptions. This should be updated. The diameter of these pasties is around 5cm. However, I liked the shiny sequins.

      The back of the pasties are black with a leathery effect, and rather nice to touch. there are also three little sewing lumps where the marabou feathers are attached to the pastie. There is a visible seam on the inside, but when looking at the pastie front on, the seam has been covered by sequins.

      These are branded as nipple tassels, but there isn’t any tassel part to them, just marabou fluff. In comparing the picture on the Lovehoney website, and the pasties I got sent, the only difference is the fluffy bit.

      Whilst in pictures the fluff appears to sprout from the centre and fall downwards like a soft little goatee, my fluff is in a little “U” shape, attached around the bottom of the pastie, and the marabou fluff seems to want to venture outwards instead of down, looking a bit like a crazed beard in dire need of a barber.

      I’ve tried gently brushing it downwards, and tried a little water and a gentle blow-dry to try and convince it to flow down, but sadly this never worked for me, but I didn’t lose much fluff in the process of this.

      The pasties look the same after a wash as they did before. I think that the lovely ladies at Lovehoney TV should make a video for this product, so that the customers can see the pasties better.

      I wore these for my boyfriend and he found them to be a bit odd, and he also quoted possibly his favourite line from the film Hot Fuzz and yelled “A great big bushy beard!” as he pointed at my chest, and we chuckled to our selves.

      Unfortunately, they did nothing for him and they came off soon after. I had been slightly fearing taking them off, but the tape didn’t hurt too much.

      I found that even after removal, the tape was still sticky enough to reapply, if desired. I will credit these pasties on being lightweight when I had worn them. After a while, I realised that I should have made an effort to remove the tape, as some of the fluff got stuck to it.

      I tried a few ways to remove the tape from the pastie, soap and water, sex toy cleaner, just picking at it, etc. I found that the easiest way to remove the tape was to wet some kitchen roll with cheap vodka, and using that to loosen some of the adhesive on a corner of the tape.

      Then, when the tape starts to lift easier, just pull at it and it’s easy to pull off as a whole piece. The vodka didn’t affect the leathery surface in any way. I also learned not to apply tape to the seam on the inside, as the tape pulled off some of the leather effect lining.

      For the sake of testing, I did wear these two further times, one time for around 2 hours just around the house under loose clothes, and the second while I tested the hold of the tape by jumping and dancing for around 15 minutes like I was mad.

      Both times were fairly comfortable, and the tape held the pasties in place. So even though I personally didn’t like their appearance, I will credit their staying power and lightness.

      I have no real desire to wear these again, but I will be looking into other nipple tassels and pasties. I have learnt from this that I will be needing pasties with a bigger area to cover my apparently large areola.

    2. Overall Rating:
      4 out of 10 stars
      I liked the sequins, and they are also comfortable to wear.
      I found these to be too small, diameter is around 5cm.
      Bottom line
      Some might like it, but sadly not for us.
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    1. Just won't stick

      Reviewed: 15 May 2015 by Boogaloo, a Straight Going Steady Female

      I received these feather nipple tassels free with the Bluebella Monaco bra. This is the first time I've tried nipple tassels, and unfortunately I think it will be the last!

      My first impressions were great, as the tassels arrived mounted on an elegantly designed cardboard backing, and were safely sealed in a plastic bag. It immediately looked like a professional product, however I was a bit concerned that there was no storage bag, as even the cheaper Lovehoney tassels come with these.

      These come with a full set of instructions, and a couple of sheets of double-sided tape for application, which you have to cut to size.

      The nipple tassels are much larger than expected, however this isn't a bad thing as it enables them to provide better nipple coverage. The sequins look quite dainty, and the gorgeous feather plumage is super soft and ticklish - perfect for teasing your partner! It's a generally well-made item and the build quality feels sturdy, although they do shed feathers constantly.

      I was so excited to try these on, however to my disappointment they won't adhere to my nipples at all. It seems to me that these are far too cone-shaped and deep inside, so it's very difficult to get them to make contact with my breasts. My breasts are very large and quite rounded, and I don't have particularly pointy nipples, so these are not a good fit for me.

      Aside from that, the double sided tape doesn't do a very good job anyway. I've tried covering the whole underside of the nipple tassels in tape, but with the slightest jiggle they still fall off, making them impossible to wear for longer than a minute or so.

      Overall, these are nicely designed nipple tassels, which I think could add a bit of spice to bedroom teasing or burlesque routines. However, you will need to pick up some better quality adhesive tape for these, and I wouldn't recommend them unless you have pointy-shaped breasts or perkier nipples.

    2. Overall Rating:
      4 out of 10 stars
      Really soft, ticklish feathers. Nice design.
      Don't stick at all, and are too deep inside to make contact with my nipples.
      Bottom line
      Nice idea, but not worth the price for me.
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    1. Hairy boobies

      Reviewed: 18 May 2015 by Never know, a Straight Single Female

      I received these tassels as a tester in exchange for my thoughts. I have never worn nipple tassels before, and have been wanting to try some for a while as I'm not overly confident with my boobs, so wanted to dress them up a little.

      I was excited to receive them, so I took them straight out of their simple, basic, non-offensive packaging and quickly lost a feather. I lightly brushed the feathers with my fingertips to feel how soft they were and I lost another. I then held them up against my nipples and did a little sway across the room and lost another couple.

      Putting the tassels on you need a bit of time and patience for, as well as a pair of scissors. The tassels come with two strips of double-sided sticky tape. I cut the tape in to little squares approximately 1cmx1cm. I used four of these squares on each nipple (one above, one below and one either side) then peel off and stick in place. I don't think my nipples were the best fit as they are not very pointy and the shape of these tassels is quite pointy. But still, with all the sticky I put on they stayed well put and took a bit of gentle tugging to remove.

      I had to laugh when I looked in the mirror as it seriously looks like you have very hairy boobies. If you are going for some kind of sexy ape look, then these are for you. But not a look I want, thank you. I have uploaded a couple of photos so you can see/laugh for yourselves. The sequins are pretty but, sadly, get lost in all the feathers.

      Taking the tassels off saw the loss of even more feathers. The feathers got stuck to the sticky when I took them off and before I could remove the sticky. I lost count at 20 how many feathers got ripped out with the sticky tape. Also, as I removed one of the bits of sticky, it started to pull back the seam a bit, which made me think even more that the build quality is not great.

      I would have liked to have seen them come with a little bag to keep them safe and help protect them as they are so delicate.

      Overall, I'm not impressed and not sure if I'll try nipple tassels again.

    2. Overall Rating:
      2 out of 10 stars
      Although faffy to get on, they stayed put.
      Falling apart and flying away, looks like hairy nipples.
      Bottom line
      Poor. Not impressed.
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