1. Bondage Boutique Wide Leather Riding Crop

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      1. Bondage Boutique Wide Leather Riding Crop

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    1. Product Description

      Bring a rosy glow and a flush of excitement to those peachy cheeks with Bondage Boutique's leather riding crop. The broad tip and lengthy handle offer satisfying thwacks or gentle teases, allowing you to dish out suitable punishment to naughty bottoms.

      For audible spanks you'll both enjoy, nothing creates that kinky, 'Thwack' sound quite like leather. Slip a blindfold around your lover's eyes to heighten anticipation, and watch with delight as their desire and excitement accelerates with every hit.

      Key Features:

      • Luxury bondage whip with leather tip to leave a lasting impression
      • Long and flexible for satisfying thwacks and cracks
      • Wooden handle offers extra grip during play
      • Wrist loop for total control and post-play storage
      • Leather tip helps you achieve a satisfying sting with each hit

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    1. Bondage Boutique Wide Leather Riding Crop Whip Red

      A long crop for strong strokes, Bondage Boutique's red leather-tipped design is a must-have accessory for your pleasure/pain play. Slip the leather loop over your wrist, grasp the handle and graduate from teasing trails to smarting smacks.

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      1. Bondage Boutique Wide Leather Riding Crop
      2. Bondage Boutique Wide Leather Riding Crop


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    1. Long and intermediates but very fun

      Reviewed: 19 November 2016 by Curly79, a Straight Going Steady Female

      I have to say LH never fails. Fast and discreetly packaged.

      Well, how well can you package a Medium sized whip others have commented on. I got this as part of a promo, so I didn't pay for it. To be honest I hadn't considered whips. Got the floggers, paddles and a few other things. But not sure what I actually fear from a crop or whip. It is large so you can't hide it easily like all the other toys.

      My BF face lit up when he saw it and put it to use straight away. Leaves good marks and a sting.

      I wouldn't class this as a beginner as it does sting a little more than I expected, but then as the BF does like to keep me in line maybe he was too keen.

      Excellent quality easy to use and very effective too.

      As it is long it can be a little awkward to use, so have ordered a shorter one as well.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      The sting is good.
      Bottom line
      Very good. Looks far worse than it is.
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    1. Why did I wait so long to be spanked?

      Reviewed: 14 October 2016 by bondagegod, a Straight Married Male

      Our bondage sessions have always involved spankings. Normally it is my wife who is the one that likes to be spanked. Just lately my wife's kinky side has come out to play, the roles have been reversed and I have been the one that has been on the receiving end of a spanking. She has been using the spanking instruments we already own, which are a paddle and ruler. My bum has spent more time getting used to the feel of a smooth whack from the ruler. I was really starting to find out how much I actually like being on the receiving end.

      I have been looking at the spankers in the bondage section on the website, not really knowing what I wanted, just feeling like I needed something with more of a whack. I was putting in a lingerie order for my wife and was looking for an item to make up the cost up to qualify for free postage. I saw the Bondage Boutique wide leather riding crop was reduced in the sale to £12 as it is being discontinued. I thought this was a good price to pay for my first crop.

      Lovehoney orders are delivered by Royal Mail using the tracked 48 service that Lovehoney provide free with orders over £30. With all Lovehoney orders, you have complete discretion as the parcels are delivered in plain sealed packaging. You are kept informed by e-mail of when your order has been dispatched and you are kept informed of the parcel delivery journey via e-mail by Royal Mail.

      I excitedly opened the parcel. The crop was bent round in the box, although it bent back straight when it was removed. It comes in a basic clear packaging, nothing fancy about it but completely suitable for keeping your crop in when it's not in use.

      The crop is a mightly impressive 27 inches in length. The beautifully designed wooden handle adds a timeless look, and it fits perfectly in your palm. There is a leather wrist strap, ideal for securing the crop secure during use. The long black body of the crop has a good amount of flexibility. Last but most not definitely least is the double layered red leather tip. The tip is very flexible, which aids in giving your bum a bloody good whack.

      Later that evening after my wife had returned home, we gave the crop its first go. My wife started with gentle spanks to get me used to it. As much as I wanted to be spanked, I was still slightly nervous how it would feel, but after experiencing my first light feel of the crop I was no longer nervous and I was looking forward to a harder spanking next time.

      So the time was here to give the crop a full work out and to feel its real strength. My wife sat behind me and spanked my bum cheeks with medium sized whacks. This leaves a crop shaped mark on my bum. The strength of the spanking depends on how much force is put into the swing. I feel this is a comfortable level of spanking.

      As the sessions progressed I received harder and more frequent spanks. By now the feeling of the crop as the leather hit my skin was everything I hoped that it would. I was receiving the type of spanking that I felt I needed to feel.

      By now my bum is red all over. When I get to this stage I know that is time to start with a fiercer spanking. My wife now stands up by the side of the bed for a grandstand finish.

      When I go to the mirror to view my bum there is quite a pleasing moment between both of us, as I can see how extremely red my bum cheeks are. There is a look of satisfaction on my wife's face, she knows she has given my bum the spanking that it fully required.

      The crop has been used 2-3 times a week since my first spanking. I have started to notice as were getting into a regular routine during my spankings. They have started to be a bit firmer and I have started to feel it the following day, which is quite exciting by itself.

      I did state in my review that I brought the crop in the sale for £12, which, to be honest, is an outstanding price. The crop is a fantastic piece of leather and has been extremely well made, from the leather wrist strap and the gorgeous wooden handle to the flexible body of the crop. Then, of course, the is the ever so delightful double layer of red leather. The full price of £16.99 is still a great price for this quality crop. I would highly recommend purchasing one before they are gone whether you’re a beginner to spanking or you are experienced in spanking play.

      Overall, all I can think of is why have I waited so long to be spanked as I love everything that being spanked brings. I have very much enjoyed my first riding crop and enjoyed the experience that it has brought to our bedroom bondage sessions. We both have taken to our new roles in the bedroom and are both enjoying how the dynamics have changed. I’m certainly are enjoying our spanking journey we are on as it has added another element to our already fantastic relationship.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      How the leather feels on my bum with each spanking I have been subjected to.
      Bottom line
      Suitable whether you are experienced or a beginner to spanking play.
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    1. I only have one word wow

      Reviewed: 24 July 2015 by Tink_sixes, a Straight Going Steady Female

      When I ordered this I was wondering how it would arrive, but as always it was packaged well and in the standard LH discreet packaging.

      When the box of goodies arrived I couldn't wait to open this, but I managed to contain myself and wait for the OH to get home and we opened it together! When I saw the size of this crop my heart was pumping!

      The handle is sleek and comfortable to hold, the rod has a huge flex to it and the sexy red leather bit was bigger than I thought it would be. When we opened it up the OH let me have a feel of it and then immediately directed me to lower my bottoms and display my bare backside. He just couldn't wait to try it out!

      When he lashed, it was not a very hard one (for him that is), but oh my, it gave a sweet sting! And he loves the size of the mark it leaves! It has already become one of his favourites.

      I would definitely recommend this to any couples into the more kinky side and not afraid to explore pain boundaries.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      The look, the quality, the sting and the mark it leaves,
      It's a bit awkward to store when not in use,
      Bottom line
      Great fun for the kinky couple!
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